After All, It’s A Small World

Last weekend the Coach and I, along with our friend Stacy and one of her lifetime friends went to see a (smallish) country concert. Our friend Ben Allen was opening up the show, then, Runaway June (loved them!) Cole Swindell (awesome!) and Thomas Rhett (fabulous!)

It was so much fun to see live music again and of course to see my friend Stacy enjoying herself, even for a few hours since losing her husband in July.

I got a message from Lolo while we were there: “A woman named Claudia said to tell you hi?! She recognized me while I was directing traffic.


Why are YOU directing traffic? That sounds dangerous, I swear I told both girls to stay out of traffic and here you are….

Also, I thought she was off this weekend? I’d spoke to her early that morning and she told me she was off this weekend, but she had made the 45 minute trek to her work area early that morning to volunteer for Shop With A Cop, which she absolutely loved.

She further explained that she signed up to help direct traffic for the annual Christmas boat parade; this was a paying $$ gig.

I only know one Claudia, and guess how I met her?


**Cue the annoying tune that makes you want to catch the next space shuttle off this planet to a place where they don’t allow that specific tune to be played**

My ONE Claudia lives in the Tampa area, two and half hours north of me.

A minute after Lolo’s text I got a FB message from Claudia:

What are the chances?

I’ve actually met Claudia in person several years ago for lunch when she was in our ‘hood. Prior to that she tried to help me with a feral cat situation {Sasha Fierce} in 2012, but it was not meant to be at that time.

I love that she referred to seeing my Shining Daughter as a Star Sighting!

Have you run into any *Stars* recently?

XOXO Your friend Suz, Mother Of All the stars.

23 thoughts on “After All, It’s A Small World

  1. Maddie

    I love this story. I’d be just the same (only way less cool). When Small World coincidences like this happen it feels like a Warm Hug from the Universe. Sorta perfect that it happened during a Christmas Boat Parade. If this scene shows up in a Netflix Christmas movie we’ll all know where it originally came from! 🙂

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  2. Well, that is funny and yes I love that she used ‘star sighting’ – so sweet.

    I haven’t had any run ins or seen anyone that I was surprised to see lately. Um, with the mask thing, sometimes I see someone and I don’t know if it is really the person I think it might be. Then I wonder – wait do they know this is me? If I wave will they be confused?

    At Reg’s game last night, a girl kept waving in my direction but I didn’t recognize her. I didn’t want to wave back if she was waving at someone behind me. That’d be embarrassing, intercepting someone else’s ‘HEY THERE’. Oh, plus my contact lenses don’t give me the sharpest distance vision anymore. My girlfriend texted me a bit later and said her kid kept waving at me and I was ignoring her. Oops.

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  3. The Widow Badass

    Actually a couple of weeks ago (very early in the morning – it was still dark out) I ran into a YouTuber (VanCity VanLife) I have been watching for years, on the sidewalk. I completely fan-girled out at him (and his cute little bulldog), blurting out “HEY, I KNOW YOU!” when I recognized him. (Of course, I saw Cruz the bulldog first and he ran right up to me for some adoration. Only then did I recognize his owner.). Chrome took it very well, even saying to me “People wonder why I am always in such a good mood and it’s because of encounters like these.”
    That was my most recent “star” sighting!

    That is very cool that your daughter was recognized! Of course you are the Mother of All the Stars!


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  4. Melanie Galliano

    How sweet that she recognized your daughter. I’ve never met any bloggers in person. I have met some online friends in person …. and married one of them. hahaha!

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