That Wedding Was Nothing To Laugh About

I’m a Liar.

IT was ALL to laugh about.

We finally have access to all the wedding photos.

Me: Lolo, do you realize there are no photos of just you and your sister where you are NOT laughing?

Lolo: Yes, and I love it.

It takes a village. (to dress that girl!) Have you ever tried to put lipstick on a human other than yourself? It’s harder than it looks; now I know why the makeup ladies at Dillards make the big bucks.

I remember all the years where they couldn’t stand to be in the same room together. All the morning bickering. Ok, morning and evening. *sigh*

I’ll just say it now, so you won’t have to: Lauren was the most beaming and radiant bride ever and Linds is a stunning bridesmaid. {Even with their mouths wide open}

If you look closely, Nathan and Coach are holding (4) hands. What are we supposed to be doing now?

Not one of them can act right. And I love it.

When was the last time you had an entire day of Joy and Laughter? We all deserve it, we’ve earned it.

So those are most of the Laughing photos. Do you want to see some serious and pretty ones too or is the laughter enough? I don’t want to overwhelm ya’ll with my pretty people.


Happy Weekend (before Christmas!)

26 thoughts on “That Wedding Was Nothing To Laugh About

  1. Pat Birnie

    I love these pics – they made me smile! What beautiful girls you have. I hear you on great it is to see kids couldn’t stand each other in their youth become so close! Heart warming

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  2. A true cackle fest. Oh my gosh, the one where they both look like they might fall over backwards from laughing . . . awesome. I can barely put lipstick on my own lips, so that seems impossible – especially if the lips are constantly laughing. This whole post just warms my heart, and makes me giggle for fear of feeling left out. Love it. More pics are welcome, of course. And her dress – so very beautiful. Breath taking, really.

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  3. Melanie Galliano

    So you’re telling me the bickering does stop? That sisters can become…. FRIENDS?? Ummmm…. how long did that take because my patience is wearing thin over here. lol! Beautiful photos. I love their laughing smiling faces!!! They all looks so happy.

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  4. Maddie

    Seeing these photos of your sweet family clearly having a *wonderful* time on such a special day has made *my* day. How did you know I needed a dose of joy? (And quiche, I also need quiche but my husband has that covered! 😉

    Oh my goodness. What a wonderful day and you have the photos to prove it! Lots of Laughter and total giddy over-the-moon happiness… that’s a perfect wedding day right there. Does my heart good. I hope you and your sweet fam have a wonderful Christmas!


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  6. i love the laughing pictures SO MUCH. mostly because laughter is the best, but laughter with your family is even better than the best!
    they are, indeed, stunning, inside & out.
    this was the most special day!!!


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