Birthday Wishes-Hashtag 26

I know the hashtags have been around for a while, but I just.can’t.get.on.board. I’m a REBEL.

Happy 26th birthday to my youngest amazing daughter.

She is almost me in every way:

Our laugh. (as she pointed out to me last night) LOUD.

Our silly and sarcastic sense of humor.

Our extreme intelligence. (ok, that is ALL her)

Our Love for family, friends, critters and all humans in general. And cold hard cash.


Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim sent her 26 fresh printed bills.

Linds was the easiest baby and toddler; sweet, quiet and she entertained herself as I was chasing her oh-so-active sister around. 😉

I made her from scratch.

Happy birthday to my Oh, So, Special Lindsay. Without she and her Sister, what would I have to talk about?

Happiest birthday to our very special Lindsay!

She reads my blog, so leave her some sage advice for her 26th year. Heck, even some advice without herbs is welcome.


19 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes-Hashtag 26

  1. Maddie

    Happy Birthday Lindsay! Love your v funny cash photo. Also love that you read your mom’s blog! Not much advice here except to say – keep reading your mom’s blog. 🙂 She’s a smart cookie. Enjoy 26. It is a great age and I hope this year is filled with wonderful and magical things for you!


  2. Happy birthday to your mini-you. I laughed at I MADE HER FROM SCRATCH.

    My advice: Don’t take life to seriously and follow your dreams. I also like the advice to read your mom’s blog. Always fun. And if you feel like sleeping in a basket again, go for it.


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