A Dry Christmas, A Wet New Year And Factoring In Windshields

The Monday before Christmas I shared my day from hell with you and part of that day from hell was because we had no running water. Luckily it was repaired that day and life went on.

Sadly, around the time Santa made his way to Florida Christmas Eve (four am) we had a real water issue. Something on the system/tank/reverse osmosis, broke and all our nice, clean water was spewing out onto the house and lawn. I’m sure you’re saying to yourself: Of course you had water issues on Christmas.

The Coach told me not to, but I called our water people at 10 am on Christmas morning; they do have an emergency number. Our water guy contacted me and arrived at our house around 2 pm. He repaired the issue and I gave him a newly printed $100 bill for his trouble.

At 3:45, the part he repaired blew out and we were in the same predicament, minus $100. He returned and this time replaced the pump. We were good to go. You never realize how many times you use the faucet or flush the toilet until you can’t.

Photos of happy people who had water flowing whenever they needed before our blow-out:

Lolo and Nathan making rosettes out of the dinner napkins. Lauren’s shirt says: “I cry a lot.” She said it’s a true statement (she does not care for her job) and I said I need that shirt for myself, although I like my current position.
Miss Lillie Clause

We lugged Orange Home Depot 5 gallon buckets, filled from the pool (that water still wasn’t clean enough to go in) and used those to fill the toilet tanks so you can flush.

Merry Christmas-Shitters full!

Just kidding, our septic tank is working properly. *crossing all my fingers*

Another interesting day of Christmas: I gave Lolo a haircut. In the driveway.

It’s as though I want the neighbors to talk crap about us.


After we celebrated Lindsay’s birthday, The Coach and I drove to GA to ring in the New Year.

I think the sun poked out for about 2 hours in 7 days. We basically left sunshine for rain and fog because we’re ass backwards.

Alas, on Monday we had a ThunderSnow storm in the middle of the night. I’m sure some of you felt it as well. I could not sleep; the wind was howling, things were hitting the deck and the side of the house, I was awake more than I was asleep. Always chipper in the morning, Coach asked me at 7:00 am if I wanted to get up and see the snow and ice before it melted.

ME feeling less than chipper: NO, I didn’t get to sleep until 3:45 am.

At 8 am I could hear chainsaws clearing fallen trees from the road, so I finally get my tired butt get up; the snow/ice is still here with intentions of lingering. It took a lot of finagling to get Callie to leave the comfort of her bed. (was 30* but felt like 19* with the windchill)

Fun fact: 40MPH winds and the Hanging Chad Branch IS still there.

Another FUN fact: last year I learned that a dear friend of mine thought the phrase Windchill Factor was actually Windshield Factor. As in HOW COLD IS THE WINDSHIElD? She’s so pretty.

Ladi, we stay wher ar bones r warm

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, because we still had a great Christmas and New Year; we were together and we were all healthy. (one of us, not so much now, but is on the mend) Oh, and I only fell once on this trip to GA! There’s that.

I’m going to focus on counting ALL of my blessings this year and that includes all of YOU.

Signed, Your friend Suz who will try to see the glass (and water reservoir) as always half full! How’s your Windshield Factor?

Happy 2022


34 thoughts on “A Dry Christmas, A Wet New Year And Factoring In Windshields

  1. Maddie

    Okay so first – Happy New Year! I’m excited to have a new Suz post to read! I missed you!

    Second – Oh jeez. Water problems are the worst. I’m sorry you had to deal with that on Christmas!

    I laughed *hard* when I read “ It’s as though I want the neighbors to talk crap about us.” Thank you for that. I have had those moments. I’m totally stealing your brilliant words.

    The snow/wind/rain storm! Omg! Totally nuts weather. After the terrifying bit was past… I think I embraced my inner child bc I was *giddy* over the “blizzard” that arrived once the lights went on outside. We had the most marvelous fat snowflakes + blustery wind. Way to be overly dramatic Weather!

    I’m glad you had a good Christmas and New Year’s in spite of all the excitement. Here’s to a new year with blessings like toilets that flush normal-like and trees that stay upright! (Also I’m so proud of Hanging Chad for making it thru 40mph winds! Can a dead tree branch be a source of inspiration?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re the best!!
      This was my first experience with Thunder snow and honestly I thought the weather guy was just being overly dramatic too! But it’s a real thing and I can add it to list of things I’ve experienced. ( and survived)

      Hanging Chad!! What will it take for him/it to give up? I wish I had that type of determination!

      Happy 2022!


  2. Bijoux

    Windshield Factor here is cloud covered for next 3-4 months, because winter in Cleveland is so fun! We are still unable to wash our hands after using the potty in our half bath, so there’s that! Fingers crossed the countertop installer AND plumber both show up tomorrow and don’t have Covid!

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  3. Our windshield factor got into the minuses (degrees C) over the holidays. We stayed in for the most part and ate my daughter’s favourite: vampire apples. (That is how she misheard empire apples when she was a little girl and now I can’t think of them any other way. She’s so pretty too.) 😉


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  4. I’ve no idea what our windshield factor (loved that!) is but I do know that the weather here in NC is giving me whiplash. Sunday (and the preceding week) the highs were about 70 degrees (which was lovely; particularly in December) and Monday morning we woke up to snow. Most of the snow melted but it’s still cold and I don’t think I’m happy about it. Quit teasing me, Mother Nature! Either it’s Spring Time or it’s Winter Time…

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  5. Oh, I hate when I miss a post when it is hot off the presses. My morning was epic busy, new baby started in the daycare. But here I am to say that I checked for the hanging chad in the first rainy picture before you even mentioned it. I was like – STILL THERE? I don’t think I’ve experienced snow thunder. I don’t know what our windshield is. (I too love that your friend has pretty going for her). It’s cold though. Cold enough that I’m not walking or running outside unless we get a freaky 40 degree day. I can still make it in and out of the grocery store without feeling like I need to wear my gloves or my fingers might fall off, so not crazy cold yet. It’ll happen though.

    Oh.My.Goodness. Flushing toilets with pool water? On Christmas? Yikes. That made for an interesting day. Then the water followed you to your happy place. Could the dog photos here be any cuter? Love Lillie’s Santa outfit.

    I think I need that same t-shirt, but it should say I SWEAR A LOT. Crying is probably more socially acceptable and probably attract hugs. I do SO hope she can make a job change soon. Is that in the cards?

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  6. Illinois cold is nothing to sneeze at. You’d not catch me running (not even in good weather) or walking in your cold weather. NOPE.

    My dogs can’t be any cuter. NOPE. 😉

    Crossing my fingers that a career change will be in the cards.


  7. You had snow! None for us, just southern FL temps on Christmas Day and torrential rain on New Year’s Day. I’m almost jealous, although thunder snowstorms kind of freak me out. On a different note, may I join you in counting my blessings this year? Seems like a sensible plan.

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    1. Today we have a high of 75* and sunny. This is what we wait for all year!
      There are so many people flocking to Florida this year, some for the weather, but mostly because of taxes/politics, etc…
      My real estate friends are busier than ever.

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  8. nicoleboyhouse

    Lolololol windshield factor! I can tell she’s not Canadian. Let’s see…right now our windchill factor is…minus 39. That’s kind of cold. I’m teaching my first class of the year this morning too, at the TOTALLY COLD COMMUNITY CENTRE. This should be fun. I wonder if I can wear my snowsuit.

    Water issues are a HUGE problem, and I’m sorry you had to go through that, on Christmas Day of all things. Reminds me of the year my mom’s oven broke on Christmas Eve and then they had a problem with their pipes and everything backed up out of the dishwasher. Good times!

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