21 Things That Didn’t Bite in 2021

My blog friend Mark wrote an end of the year post about what was GOOD in 2021. I’ve never wrapped up my year before, but he has inspired me to do so. Plus, I love making lists.

If I were more with it today, the list would be in a better order. I’ll share with you next week how 2022 is starting. Spoiler alert, it’s not that freaking awesome*. (but it will be)

So in no particular order, my good list from that weird year….that second weird year.

  1. LILLIE. Adopting her started our 2021 on a positive note; we adore her!
  2. We had a lovely trip to California where I honed in on my Bee Keeping and learned mastered about Birds Of Prey.
  3. Business is amazing! There is more work that we can keep up with. Although we couldn’t host our much loved company party again this year, the Coach doled out large bonuses and who doesn’t love money?
  4. We enjoyed many visits to our GA house.
  5. Butterflies!
  6. Pool renovation, back of the house/craft room renovation/new deck outdoor area in GA. We don’t shy away from a project.
  7. Healthy family. After I started this list, Linds contracted Covid and was miserable for a few days; she is better now. *I will share more next week.
  8. My Aunt and Uncle found and purchased a home in GA 8 minutes from our house. On that note, we’ve spent more time with them in the past two years than we ever did and that makes me so happy. I know it also makes my Mom happy; I’m assuming she’s reading my blog or attempting to haunt us if she doesn’t have wifi.
  9. We celebrated 30 years of (mostly) marital bliss. The Coach hasn’t wisened up and for that I’m grateful.
  10. My Cuz Patrick was able to spend a week with the Coach and I in GA; and we experienced what the experts called The Brood X Cicada invasion. But I’m still not convinced it wasn’t an alien invasion.
  11. We convinced Lindsay to join the family business and she is doing an amazing job, plus, she’s in a much better mental state than the years prior and THAT is something to be thankful for.
  12. We had an amazing July Fourth week spent with friends.
  13. I’ve been more consistent with my blogging and in turn, you’ve been visiting more often and leaving me sweet notes. I LIVE FOR YOUR COMMENTS. Some of the more fun blog topics this past year had to do with bananas and the coveted box of baby teeth . I can’t believe I’ve not been discovered yet.
  14. We hosted a small and fun surprise Co-Ed Shower for Lolo and Nathan.
  15. The WEDDING!
  16. I have a son and didn’t gain more stretch marks.
  17. Callie has made it another year. In February of 2020, the Vet said she had 2 weeks to 2 months.
  18. I turned 54 this year. I know, for most people that isn’t a big deal, but for me it is. Some people dread getting older, but it is a privilege that not everyone is given and I’m here for it.
  19. We were able to see Live Music again while in California.
  20. I was able to have more phone calls/text messages with fiends this past year because we all had a little bit more time.
  21. No hurricanes in our neck of the woods.

In the midst of all the crap, life is still beautiful.

Share with me ONE thing that was good in your 2021.


Your friend Suz

34 thoughts on “21 Things That Didn’t Bite in 2021

  1. Your list is uplifting and varied which is nice. As for one good thing for us in 2021… well, we didn’t get covid-19 so that’s good. ‘Twas a stay at home, do nothing kind of year for us, while we patiently wait to get back into our lives again.

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      1. We’d always had a houseful of cats until the husband was due to retire. We were going to travel! Then our last kitty died… and Covid killed the retiring and traveling plans. One was all he’d agree to, but Dudley is wonderful blog fodder so it all worked out.

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  2. Christie Hawkes

    Hello Suz. I found your blog through a comment you left on Ally’s The Spectacled Bean. I’m so glad I did. I love your upbeat list of happy things that happened in 2021. Many good things happened for me as well. Two things jump immediately in mind: we adopted our lovable Buddy Dog and we finished our pool and landscaping at our Southern Utah home. Here’s to a beautiful 2022 and the chance to get to know each other better!

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  3. I love this list and the great photos to go with it. It’s a great look back and a reminder that we can probably all find things to remind us that this WAS a good year. Such a GREAT idea. I might copy you or Mark or whoever would like credit for the concept. I can’t believe Lillie was just added in ’21 – seems like she’s always been here.

    My best thing that happened in ’21 is easy . . . Lad came home after 5 or 6 months of struggling with life and lacking direction. Not that everything is roses, but progress. I feared we’d lost him forever. Only knew he was alive by noting that he was using his cash card.

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  4. What a great list! I guess I’m most thankful that my son got into the college he wanted to go to and made it through his first semester!

    Also, this was a great list and your year looks like it was pretty darn good. Best wishes for an even better 2022.

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  5. nicoleboyhouse

    I loved this, all of this! I too think aging is a gift. After all, not everyone gets to do it. Also, damn girl, you look amazing. So happy about your thriving business, your girls being healthy physically and mentally, and everything else. Here’s to 2022!

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  6. 16blessingsmom

    54 is not old, you look fantastic. And shh, I’m even older. We got two baby granddaughters this past summer! Some of the fam got really sick with Covid, I waited until New Year’s….sick but functioning, staying home and trying to enjoy the down time, although I cannot taste or smell a thing…I love your blog, you indeed had a good year!

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  7. So much happiness! I’m happy for you and your lovely family. How wonderful that you welcomed two new members to it in 2021.

    Here’s to 2022–may it bring us all Joys we cannot yet imagine.

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