Omi-Crap; Beware The Breeze

Well, it finally happened. Covid hit our house(s). It started with Linds on NYE She had watched a girlfriends’ baby the Tuesday prior and found out the next day that the baby had Covid. Babies can’t be trusted.

On Monday as the Coach and I were packing up ourselves, preparing to drive from GA to FL we both felt a bit achey and he was complaining of post nasal drip that was causing a bit of an irritated cough. That night, as I tried to sleep, my skin felt like it was on fire and I ached. No fever, just a hot body. Finally A hot body and I didn’t feel well enough to flaunt it, go figure.

The next morning we tested ourselves; I was positive (within 4 minutes of the 15 minute test) and the Coach was negative, but he was having all the symptoms, so we assumed it was a false negative as he’d been in the truck for for 10 hours with my hot body.

We tried our darndest to figure out where we might have got this, but came up blank. For real. My friend Dawn suggested that we might have caught it in a breeze because this version is that contagious.

Tuesday I texted Lolo to see what they were up to and she said: ‘I just went and tested myself for Covid. I feel like garbage.” Actually, she said she felt like Garbo, and I asked if she meant Greta Garbo? She confirmed. She said that 5 people on her shift have been positive in the last week.

I did have some flowers arrive this week, so there’s that.

We’ve had 10 employees out with it and none of them are picking it up at work, it’s all happening outside of work. (weekends, holidays)


Our water guy (yes, I had to call again this week!) was out with Covid. My electrician was just getting over it. EVERYONE HAS IT.

The Coach was feeling achey for several days, and had more upper respiratory, sinus issues than I did. I feel like I have a really bad head cold after the initial achey day, with headaches and occasionally, I’m just plain exhausted.

In a health competition, I’m actually winning right now.

We were lucky enough to get appointments for the Monoclonal Antibody treatment. It’s free and was advised to us by our family Dr. (Our Dr. also advised, rest, fluids, Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D)

We had an appointment on Sunday morning. The treatment consisted of four different injections; one in each arm and two in my semi-hot, but fat belly. I was expecting a miracle and that we would sprint out of the office afterwards feeling like a million bucks; it didn’t happen, so that was disappointing.

I think just getting myself ready to leave the house for the injections must have proved to be too much because after we arrived home I was pooped. I thought, I’ll just lay on the couch and take a 20 minute power nap.

Two hours later I woke up not knowing what planet I was living on.

So yay, it worked. 😳

Bandaids for my scrapbook. When I was around 16, I was hanging with a particular group of friends, some of them called me Tweety Bird. Must have been because I was small, thin, had blonde hair and I ate seeds. 😜

Anyhoo. We are getting through it and the worst of it certainly is over. I picked up groceries curbside and other than that we’ve been hunkered down on the property compound. We do consider ourselves very lucky that this was a mild variant and that we were able to take the time to BEE home and away from others while we recovered.

How about you? Has this hit your home, ‘hood, office?

Bee careful out there and stay inside if the wind is blowing.


30 thoughts on “Omi-Crap; Beware The Breeze

  1. Christie Hawkes

    Sorry to hear you and the hubby are sick. So far we’ve managed to avoid it in our immediate household, but it is all around us, so it may be a matter of time. My office has sent us all home to work remotely for the next two weeks, so that may help, but as you say, if it is blowing in the wind, that may not be enough. Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon. I’ll continue to do what I can and keep my fingers crossed…in addition to vaccines, masks, and hand washing.

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  2. So sorry the plague found you. We’ve had 4 friends and 1 family member catch it in the last month. Thankfully we weren’t exposed and have (so far!) remained safe. Here’s hoping both your cases are mild and you kick it to the curb soon.

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  3. Yes, omicron is EVERYWHERE these days. I don’t know if it’s truly a “milder” variant or if the symptoms are lessened by being vaccinated (I suspect the latter). In any event, sorry to hear you caught it and are feeling crappy. Get better soon!

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  4. Oh no. That is the pits, but of course you made me laugh while describing it. The hot body, too funny. Babies can’t be trusted, so true.

    Reg tested positive Wed. Started with the post nasal drip thing like your Coach. Still in isolation – he felt worse than the other kids when they had it. Yesterday was his not-so-sweet 16th birthday. Curly woke with a headache on Friday. Felt lousy and has a cough. Tested negative, but like babies – we aren’t thinking we can trust the antigen test. Waiting for the PCR results this morning. There was a stomach bug that Lad had Wednesday into Thursday and most of the babies had that. He wasn’t even near the babies. Coach had a stomach ache and chills but never puked. His antigen test was negative. Then he ended up testing positive, so now he thinks he DID have it. Lad insists that his stomach bug was JUST a stomach bug. His at home test was negative.

    I’m still trying to dodge it. I had a booster, so maybe? But we know so many boosted folks who still get it. Hope you are feeling 100% soon.

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    1. The stomach bug thrown in the mix is just terrible. Like isn’t covid bad enough? Now we have puking?
      We haven’t had our booster yet so maybe that would have lessened the symptoms. Lindsay’s roommate had the booster, was positive, and had easier symptoms than Linds.
      We are on the other side of this, so for that, I am thankful.
      Stay well!


  5. Ella has it and she homeschools. IT IS EVERYWHERE.
    She’s actually on her last day of isolation, which is good because it’s her birthday tomorrow.

    I’m glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery. At this point, I said we almost want to get it and have it over with so we can have immunity even though we are vaccinated, because IT IS EVERYWHERE.

    Sending you love and hugs. But only from afar, because IT IS EVERYWHERE. 😉

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    1. Poor Ella. But luckily she will be FREE on her birthday.

      The only upside for us having this is YES, I’m hoping it will keep us well for quite a while with having all the antibodies in my body.


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  6. Oh, Suz. Welcome to the Club. Rest and hydrate. That’s really the only prescription. Thank heavens for the vaxx + booster.

    (I’ve never eaten so much soup in such a small span of time in my life.)

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  7. The Widow Badass

    Get well soon, Suz…and hopefully you and your family don’t have any lingering effects! So far, so good here on the island but I think it is only a matter of time….


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    1. Deb, thanks so much. If I can give you any advice it would be STAY ON YOUR ISLAND.
      It’s safe there.
      My only positive spin on this is that perhaps we will have the antibodies for whatever comes at us next. *fingers crossed.


  8. Bijoux

    I am not surprised because everyone I know or their spouse has had it in the last month. Somehow, we’ve avoided it, but I only go to the grocery store and wear a mask. My husband has been working from home for past few weeks and the library my daughter works at went to curbside service only again. We all got boosters first week of December.

    I read some previous comments and oddly enough, my other daughter and her kids had all the symptoms plus stomach issues and still tested negative. My son also got a stomach bug in Europe and tested negative. So, I guess there’s just a lot of crap going around! Ha!

    Feel better!

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    1. I hope you guys can maintain your health; you’re doing great!
      I think I’d rather have the covid we’ve just been through than a stomach bug. Puking is my least favorite part of any sickness. 😦


  9. Melanie Galliano

    Feel better soon. I started feeling bad January 1st. Tested positive January 2. I got to sleep in and watch movies for a few days and that was about it. No idea where I caught it because we are homebodies. Weird thing is that I’m the only one in our house who got sick.

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  10. To my knowledge, COVID has not hit our family yet. My son in New Hampshire had it and his girlfriend had it but my husband and I, my daughter and her family have been safe so far! I got my booster on Friday and it has kicked my butt ever since! I have been trying to get home tests but the stores around here are fresh out! I’m glad you are feeling better now.

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  11. Sorry to hear it’s hit you and yours. I agree, out of everything, puking is the worst!! Were you sick with your pregnancies? I threw up so much with my first, I think that’s why just the thought of it is horrible! Hope you feel better soon! -Jenn

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  12. I’m sorry to read this. Covid-19 stinks. We have stayed to ourselves, going nowhere, seeing no one in person. ‘Tis a bit lonely but thus far no virus for us. Whether our approach is an over abundance of caution or wise, I cannot say for sure. Stay safe, be well.

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  13. nicoleboyhouse

    So sorry you had it – it seems like it is EVERYWHERE. Every time I turn around someone else seems to go down. Our house has avoided it so far, but it kind of feels inevitable at this point.

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  14. Maddie

    Oh wow. So glad you are feeling better but oh wow. You weren’t kidding when you said it was everywhere! Keep chugging those vitamins and feel better!
    P.S. You totally cracked me up with the line: babies can’t be trusted. Even when you’re sick you are hysterical!

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  15. bibliomama2

    Oh, ugh. Weird that your whole family got it separately. No one in our social circle had had it (except my son in 2020 at college in NY) until November, but then Eve’s bff’s mom got it, then her dad and brother (but not her, weirdly, even though she was home from university and living with them). Angus had an exposure when he was home for Christmas but didn’t catch it. We are all boosted and hoping to hunker down for a few weeks until the worst of this wave is over.


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