FOUR? Scary Weather, Scary Neck, Silly Conversations

I have professed before that I do not watch the news. It just isn’t good for my well being. That being said, I turned on the TV the other night and before I could get to my beloved and safe HGTV, the world news was there trying (and succeeding) to get to my psyche in the first 4 seconds. I heard blah, blah, yada, yada, A FOURTH dose might be needed.


Have ya’ll seen anyone running around with their pants on fire because the elusive dangled carrot on a string keeps being pulled from us.

Like you, I’m tired of it all.


I saw a trio of happy dolphins this weekend, dolphins never lie so they are my favorite.

The Coach and I are still feeling the affects of our exposure. I thought after five days or so that I would be golden. Reality: But we are getting there. I think.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had the most glorious weather. I got in some nice walks and even visited the beach for a few minutes. Vitamin D. Vitamin Sea.

Sunday Morning: Not.So.Golden.

Just like I avoid the world news, apparently I also avoid the local news too because yesterday we woke up to a crazy storm with tornado warnings. Me thinking: What is my phone is going off with a scary siren and the words: SEEK SHELTER!

Me to the Coach: Um, maybe we should close the sliders and windows?

We were fine, but there were several tornado sightings and several did touch down. Sadly, it appears they targeted a trailer park. Can the Trailer Park People get a break?


The Videographer from Lolo and Nathans wedding sent over a Sneak Peak of wedding snippets. I watched it last night and all the good feeling vibes returned. But you know me. I was aghast when I saw a snippet of myself as I was giving my toast and you’ll be happy that I didn’t even notice my hair.

It was my neck!

GOOD LORD, can you NOT take a video or picture from BELOW me? (we were on a stairway landing)

The Coach and I sat at the counter last night having some tomato soup and makeshift grilled cheese (on English muffins) as I didn’t feel like cooking and we had this conversation about the video:

Me: Holy mackerel, did you see my neck? What the hell man? I contemplated it for a moment. I guess it could be worse, I could have NO neck with my head just sitting on my shoulders. Then every time I needed to turn my head, I’d have to turn my entire body like this. And I showed him for reference in case he didn’t get it.

Him: OR, OR you could have NO eyes to even see the state of your neck.

I thought about his idea for a moment.

Me: Nah, I like my idea better; my choice is no neck at all. I’m keeping my eye balls.

Aging isn’t for sissies. But it sure does beat the alternative and I’m not talking about no eyes or neck.

How about you? Nice weekend? Nice weather? Nice neck?


34 thoughts on “FOUR? Scary Weather, Scary Neck, Silly Conversations

  1. I’m just thankful Tara and I had three doses. Who knows how much worse this could have been otherwise! I read today that Moderna is developing an Omicron-specific shot + booster + flu shot. Which is great until the next variant comes along…

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  2. Oh, how I love the beach view and dolphin sightings. Sorry that you are still feeling ‘it’. That stinks. It is crazy how different the symptoms and duration are with people. Coach had a horrible sore throat, as did Reg. Their issues lasted a bit longer. Reg is still dealing with the cold symptoms. He sounds icky. Mini and Curly bounced right back. No sore throat, just tired and feverish.

    I just saw that (was it Fort Meyers?) Florida got hit bad with horrible weather. Glad you mostly dodged it.

    We are all our own best critics, are we not? When I see a photo of myself from like 5 years ago, I do a double take. Why do I look so good there? What’s happening? I work out probably harder now than back then. Oh, yeah. Aging. I do agree though, better than the alternative.

    Our weekend was mostly basketball games and the biggest grocery shopping load I’ve done in a while. I made a few big meals last week, but the leftovers are almost gone. Gotta make dinner today. Darn it.

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    1. Yes, some terrible tornadoes. I really shouldn’t be complaining about my neck, right?
      I’m glad your people are getting better.
      I can’t even imagine your trips to the grocery store; do you have a frequent (flyer) shopper card?


      1. No, but I have been known to call the customer service desk FROM THE LINE when the checkout is like 5 or 6 carts deep and urge them to open another lane. I don’t mind reminding them that no one drops more coin in there than I do. Shopping on a Sunday when they expect crowds, all lanes are open. Still the looks I got. I didn’t wanna go get another cart so I just made it a balancing act. Food was sliding down on all sides of my mountain that I was pushing around in my cart.

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  3. Bijoux

    Sister, I hear you on all accounts. I’m exhausted just thinking about getting another damn shot. We’ve lost our collective minds. Then, we got 18 inches of snow in 12 hours. You should have seen me trying to shovel the new front porch. The beach video made me cry.

    I have a rule about photos now . . . No picture is to be taken of me unless you are at a minimum of 6 feet away.

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  4. Thank you for posting the beach video; I needed that. I think you should include beach videos in your posts for the rest of winter. K’thanks.

    I haven’t watched the news since last November, and it has served me well. I like my little bubble. It’s nice and warm and squishy.

    I can’t even bear the thought of how bad my neck looks. I’m still trying to shed the 25 pounds of weight that I’ve gained as a result of the pandemic.

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    1. I love my warm and squishy bubble too. (like my thighs!)
      I DO need to be gentler on myself as Lindsay always tells me. It’s just sometimes a shock to see it on video or a photo.
      I do remember Nora Ephron wrote a book while in her midlife, something titled along the lines of:
      “I Hate My Neck”. and then she constantly wore little scarves. She had a good idea.

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  5. While I love taking pictures, I’ve despised people taking them of me for the past 10 years. I have a mental image of what I look like … then I see the picture and think it was taken with a fun house mirror. Ugh.
    As for Covid, I imagine there will be another booster, possibly a yearly dose. Which thrills me not since I have such a bad reaction to them.

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  6. 16blessingsmom

    Now that beach video was quite nice! We’ve gotten hammered with snow here in NY, it’s lovely, but…not lovely like that beach! The wedding pics are so nice, your daughter looks so much like you. We are our own worst critics, your hair looked fine, you look so classy, so trim, so pretty, with a neck AND eyes. We just got over the dreaded “vid” too….you’re smart to avoid the news, it’s so doom and gloom, I’d rather enjoy life more! Glad you’re feeling better…

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I know how you enjoy the beach; especially if it means leaving the snow for a few days!
      I’ll go ahead and keep both my neck and my eyes as I’ve grown quite attached to them. 😉


  7. bibliomama2

    Oh no, did you have Covid? (I’m reading backwards). Wedding! Eek! No, my neck isn’t nice. I’ve gained some weight over the past few years, and when I’m reading I sometimes feel like I have to lift my chin to give my neck some air. And we just got 17 inches of snow and the city basically shut down, so the weather sucks too!

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  8. nicoleboyhouse

    One of my friends, who lives on Marco Island, ran her first half marathon on the weekend, and after she finished a tornado touched down ON THE RACE ROUTE. I’m glad she wasn’t slower or she might have been Dorothy-ed away.

    Sorry you’re still feeling crappy. Your feeling about the news is my feeling about the news. I haven’t looked at so much as a headline in weeks and I feel blissfully uninformed.

    My neck looks like a gnarled old tree trunk when I smile, so I get what you’re saying.

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    1. My Aunt and Uncle are ‘wintering’ on Marco and we were supposed to go visit them on Sunday. Aside from both of us not feeling great, the weather was horrendous too.
      I’m glad your friend didn’t pull a Dorothy!


  9. I never used to even consider my neck until stupid Nora Ephron wrote and went on publicity tours for “I Feel Bad about My Neck.” I hate to speak ill of the dead, but she really added JUST ONE MORE THING for me to obsess about.

    I’ll take as many vaccines as They suggest to avoid serious illness. I get a flu shot every year, so no big deal. I don’t know why people get so goofy about this one.

    The worst thing to ever happen to News is the Internet and 24-hour newsgathering/televising. There’s so much competition now that the News is all about sensation, shock, and awe. It’s tough to maintain your Zen and be informed at the same time. Sometimes, you have to pick. I respect that.

    I’m glad you can recover in good weather. It looks warm and wonderful. We have 6 inches of snow and temps in the 20s. STAY WHERE YOU ARE.

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    1. I remember when Nora wrote that book and went on Oprah. Of course, I had no idea what she was talking about at the time, because I had a youthful neck. Youthful everything.
      Now? I understand 100%.
      But, this is part of being able to live. Right?

      For me, the reason I’m goofy about all the shots is that we were told FLAT OUT to get the vaccine and then this would ALL be over.
      I trust science. But we’ve got a lot of scientists who’ve turned into politicians and politicians who have turned into scientists. Politicians aren’t to be trusted.


  10. My ob-gyn predicts that eventually we’ll be getting a yearly flu shot + Covid booster. He’s often right about such things. I remember Nora’s book and how she alerted me to aging issues to come. Sadly, she was right about necks.

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    1. I wouldn’t have any issue with the yearly booster mixed in with our flu shot, but please, can someone in charge LET us know what/where/when something will happen?
      Nora was 100% accurate. Sadly.

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  11. Paula

    I am with you on the news. I don’t watch it. Enough with the hate. I am worn down on the Covid situation. It think it is time to move forward. It is a flu virus that if you are elderly and/or have health conditions, get your shot. Thanks for sharing beach video. Here it’s below zero!

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