How Easy Going Am I? And The Services I Offer Are Pretty Special.

I had my annual eye appointment last week; I had put it off for two years and couldn’t any longer. I filled out all my paperwork online, but when I arrived, they had this additional survey for me; the scale on the bottom made me giggle.

Where would you be on the scale? Closer to easy going, or near perfectionist?

FYI, my eyesight is still 20/20. Thank you laser vision surgery. Now, if only I had actual Laser Vision, I could rule the world.

BTW: I chose closer to easy going. If the Coach reads this, he’s laughing his azz off. But I think it’s true. Maybe. Kinda. Actually, I think I was just caught off guard as I was pondering taking up Shooting/Hunting as a hobby for myself.


I found a milkweed plant in one area of my garden that was DECIMATED; Stripped down to a bare stalk with not a leaf to its name.

And then I found the culprits.

The natives monarch caterpillars were getting restless looking for food. Luckily, I had a full, healthy milkweed plant on the other side of the yard, so I did what any normal EASY GOING person would do: I transported them to the full plant.

Hello, my name is Suzanne, and today I’ll be your travel agent and chef.

Hay, ladi, coud u pease put me were da fud is?

Thank goodness that survey didn’t ask anything about my trying to control nature.

The feet! The filaments! I think they are the damn cutest things ever. I have to hold back on hugging them tightly because, you know, squishing.

So, would you classify yourself as Easy Going? More importantly why would my Eye Dr. Care? It’s not like we’re going to date or anything.


26 thoughts on “How Easy Going Am I? And The Services I Offer Are Pretty Special.

  1. Hmmm – – – maybe they want to know your personality type before they enter the room to know what they are going to deal with upon entering? My GP might use it as an excuse for any of our ailments? From what I read, you seem pretty balanced. You like things done well which is what anyone should strive for – – do our best. However when your schedule doesn’t go as planned or a “monkey wrench is thrown in the mix”, you adapt, make the most of the new plan, and then write about it with humor! I think you assessed yourself well.
    I am more impressed that you handle insects. That definitely is not my personality! I got cured of that forty years ago when I accidentally sat on some sort of spiney caterpillar like bug and got stung.

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    1. Like, if I’m a perfectionist I would only accept a 20/20 vision rating. 😳

      Back in the day, when I suffered from horrible PMS, I was way less easygoing; like uptight and angry several days a month. Thank goodness that is behind me.

      Sitting on a spiney and unfriendly caterpillar would NOT be ideal.


  2. My eye doctor is a personal friend, so I cannot even try to lie. I am way, way over on the right of that scale. I’m a terrible perfectionist. Just ask my driveway and, consequently, my back and wrists. I have scraped, hacked, chipped, and shovelled that thing down to bare concrete yet again after eight inches of snow and packed ice. WHY? WHY!?


    I like your Caterpillar Shuttle Service. I think you should craft up a little Caterpillar Cart or ‘Pillar Pram and make it a Really Big Deal. Add music to the resulting video and maybe the whole Internet would love it. Do you have a fairy godmother costume? THIS COULD BE BIG.

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    1. I had a feeling you would be more towards the right side of the scale. Your poor back. Can you close the curtains/blinds/shades so you don’t see the offending driveway?

      A Pillar Pram. YOU ARE GIVING ME IDEAS!


  3. I think of myself as very easy going. Until I am not. The men I used to work with called me The Fist In The Velvet Glove, if that gives you any indication. Underestimate me at your peril…bwahahaha! 😉

    Love the monarch caterpillars. I would be their travel agent too, if given the chance. Even Mother Nature needs a leg up once in a while.


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    1. Funny about the fist in the velvet glove comment; I like it!

      My husband loves to say to people: “I’d rather grab king kong by the balls than to tell Suzanne no.” I do think he’s exaggerating though; you know how they are!

      I’m all about assisting Mother Nature where I can.

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  4. I’ve never had a doctor ask me those kinds of questions before. I like that.
    For many years, I was a bit of a perfectionist. I’m presently in the middle, which is a nice place to be.

    Oh Suz, you butterfly whisperer you. (Said in my best Mary Stuart Masterson as Rose in Fried Green Tomatoes voice)

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    1. It’s much easier being in the middle than being a perfectionist….when I think of all the energy I wasted for so many years. *shakes fists in the air*
      What can I say, I love my squishy little caterpillars.

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  5. I’m glad that you moved the caterpillars so that they can feast where they belong. My eye doc has never, ever asked about any hobbies. I suddenly feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth from our visits.

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  6. I just saw a rheumatologist last week (my 3rd one) and his forms asked what I like to do for fun, and what my hubby and I do together, etc. I assumed it was so that the doc could try to keep people active despite diseases that make them struggle to move, etc. Regardless, I was SO surprised. Then I met the doctor and I love him, because he seemed to really want to know me. They did NOT ask if I was a perfectionist or easy going though.

    I think I am mostly in the middle, right now. I’ve been in that perfectionist zone, or the EVERYTHING MAKES ME MAD mode in the past. I stand with you in shaking my fist at the air. Solidarity. My current vibe – I think I tend to be more easy going. It is hard to live with my crowd and be uptight, like kind of a deal breaker. There are SOME things that I like a certain way, but I survive fine if it doesn’t GO that way.

    Mother Nature must appreciate you so much. How nice that you cater to your little creatures. I wouldn’t even be able to identify a milkweed plant.

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    1. A rheumatologist? WHAT? I’m happy to hear that you do like your Dr. though, that is important.

      Being a perfectionist is so exhausting and that ship has sailed for me. Thank goodness.

      Girl, I know my weed. ☺️


      1. Dying at that last line. Well played, friend.

        The doc visit will probably solve nothing. My pinkies. Swollen knuckles that always hurt. Can barely bend them. Celiac disease can mess with joints. It’s been a few years now. Hoping the pinkies are the only ones that will be impacted, since the others have been fine thus far. The tots occasionally grab my pinky while we play. OWWWW.

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  7. Bijoux

    That is a bizarre question on a medical form. I’m easy going about some things and a perfectionist about other things. I never measure anything when I follow a recipe, but I’m always straightening crooked pictures. I guess I’d just score it in the middle.

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  8. nicoleboyhouse

    I love your new career as travel agent.

    In some ways I am super easy going, in others I am…the opposite. I think I’m probably MORE the opposite than not, now that I’m thinking about it!

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  9. bibliomama2

    I wouldn’t be able to put myself on a scale that goes from easygoing to perfectionist. I am neither. I need a scale that goes from easygoing to incredibly uptight and prone to overthinking, without any pretensions to thinking this gets me near perfect.
    I love that you served as transportation for monarch caterpillars.

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