Where The Weekend Went; Sunny With A Chance Of Cold & One Year Of Cuteness.

We had a blustery weekend.

The wind. The temperatures. The wind. Oh my.

Ok. I won’t complain about the temps. But we did have a FREEZE warning for Sunday morning. It doesn’t happen often, maybe once a winter? Or every other year? I can’t be expected to keep up.

Anyhoo, we covered some of our staghorn ferns as best as we could and I brought in all the orchids that I could get to. I also did a search and rescue of monarch caterpillars and tucked them nicely into my office. I set our thermostat for the heat come on if the house got to 63 degrees; the heater *kicked on at some point in the night. It’s been a long time since we’ve even used the heater. Two years? Three? I can’t be expected to keep up.

When I woke up, it was chilly in our room and I realized I could have used a blanket on top of the sheet and summer coverlet. Do I even have a king sized blanket? No because I took them to the GA house.

I made a pot of white bean chicken chili along with a batch of corn bread; we don’t always get to enjoy warm weather comfort food this far south.

We made our way through the first part of the fourth season of Ozark. I’ve never met a more dysfunctional family. I take it back, I did watch most of Shameless and Ray Donovan, and I grew up with my Father.

The pups enjoying the sun on a cool Sunday morning.

Max is here for a long weekend as his parents made a little trek to a sweet spot in Georgia and he wasn’t invited.

The newlyweds sent us this photo of them enjoying a COLD weekend in the mountains. Nathan looks a bit like the un-ibomber which is ironic since he’s on the Bomb Squad. That reminds me, isn’t it absurd when firemen become arsonists?

Note, that my law abiding daughter said she’s gonna steal my butterfly beanie.

This week marks Lillie’s one year anniversary/ Gotcha Day. I can’t imagine NOT having this face in my life. This is the face I generally see first thing in the morning.

My Lillie burger. Snickerdoodle. Love bug. Lillie of the Valley. Lillie Belle.

Don’t call PETA but she’s so delicious that it’s a struggle to refrain myself from eating her.

HELLS BELLS. Maybe that’s what happened to her missing ear?

* we realized later in the morning that although the heater sounded like it was working; in actuality it was NOT blowing warm air; like a politician, it was just blowing. Truth be told, maybe that happened the last time we turned it on? I can’t be expected to remember such things.

EDITED TO ADD: This morning (Monday) there was actual frost on the lawn; was the weather person a day off?

I suppose he/she can’t be expected to keep up either.

Did my friends have a good weekend? I hope all of you living in the cold tundra, you know, north of Florida stayed warm.


25 thoughts on “Where The Weekend Went; Sunny With A Chance Of Cold & One Year Of Cuteness.

  1. Love your search and rescue efforts. I would’ve frozen if my house got down to 63 and the heat ‘kicked on’ but didn’t actually warm up the house. Burrr. It got into the 30s here yesterday, so I considered sunbathing. Instead we did lots of basketball game watching and reject prom dress returning. I thought Lolo owned her own butterfly beanie – that it was a family devotion. It is a cute hat, and her husband resembling the uni-bomber made me laugh. It is going to be in the 30s today and 40 tomorrow, so I’m taking my littles to the zoo today, and MAYBE the aquarium tomorrow. If I can scrape up a second set of hands, because I am outnumbered on Tuesdays.

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    1. You are accustomed to the cold weather; even if you don’t like it.
      Linds got the butterfly beanie for me this Christmas and I love, love, love it. I could have used it this morning when I was out with the doggies.
      The zoo in the 30’s or 40’s? You are my hero.


      1. I forgot to say HAPPY 1 YEAR to LIllie the toothy wonder. So funny and I died about your explanation of the missing ear. Love that you found her and she’s found happiness with her new people.

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  2. I thought of you immediately when the national news showed temps in Tampa. Pretty brutal for you sunbunnies.

    Lillie’s toothy grin is just Too Much. I’d probably make her bacon every single morning.

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  3. Bijoux

    I love white chicken chili, esp with avocado! I don’t love the cold weather and I’d be pretty dang mad if I was visiting you right now! Dysfunctional families; it’s good that we can laugh about it!

    Your daughter is adorable in that hat. Happy Gotcha Day to your sweet doggie.

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  4. My friend that lives in Florida posted a picture on FB of the frost on her lawn this morning. Us northerners just kind of roll our eyes! But hey, you’re not used to that so I get it! Happy gotcha anniversary to Lillie!

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  5. This weather we’ve been having totally sucks. We keep our heat set on seventy, I don’t even own extra blankets! At least all the pups are staying nice and warm basking in the indoor sunshine. Your little Lillie is the cutest ever!

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  6. nicoleboyhouse

    Oooh I hope all your butterflies survive the freeze!
    “I grew up with my father” – lolololol Suz! I watched some of Ozark then had to quit. Somehow I’ve been watching Succession and hoo boy, that’s pretty dysfunctional as well!

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    1. I love succession; yes on the dysfunction!!

      Sadly, I’ve not seen a butterfly in days and that’s not a good thing. However, I do have caterpillars moving into chrysalis, so there is hope for the future.


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