Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I know you’re thinking, why does Suz get to have all the fun? Because I demand it, damnit.

After three years of postponement we finally got back to one of our favorite places with one of our favorite groups ; it was originally canceled not because of Covid, but because they were still regrouping after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Abaco chain of islands. The islands are not the same thanks to Dorian, but boy are they working hard to rebuild. Their perseverance and Bahamian spirit are admirable.

To get to our beloved Elbow Cay, it was just a plane hop, a taxi skip, and a boat ferry jump to Paradise. The Coach and I left our house at 7:15 am and were at the rental house on the island around 10:30 am.

Oh, lets back up that covid bus.

To even get here you had to jump through many covid testing/protocol hoops. Proof of negative tests prior to travel, testing after arrival and testing before departure back home. We might have had a vacation, but our sinus passages did not. I’d say the Bahamian government is one of the most crooked, but they are at least trying to keep their islands healthy. If you are caught unmasked where you are supposed to be masked, it’s a $1,000 fine and possible BAHAMIAN JAIL. I’m not a fan of jail in general, but I def didn’t want to see the inside of a Bahamian jail.

The Gang’s back together; us and Don & Kelly.


Ya’ll, I ate and drank my way around the island; I was in shrimp heaven, the Coach was in conch heaven. See the smallish crab claw? How’d you like to meet up with that guy in the wild?

Do you think they serve grilled shrimp in the Bahamian jail?


We rented an amazing house for the week with lots of space for ourselves inside and out. There were many rain storms, but we didn’t really care. One sunny afternoon the Coach, Kelly and I sat by the pool for a few hours contemplating selling everything we own and starting over as Bahamians.

I ate. I Drank. I had zero exercise unless you consider a little walking and opening a bottle of wine a workout for a week.

I also had naps or at least a rest, daily around 3pm. I was like a happily fed and well rested toddler.

We had great music nightly with our beloved songwriter friends after the sunsets on our deck.

After getting home and unpacking I gave my scale a sideways look, then pushed it with my big toe under the bed for now. Time for detox.

There is one aspect of this trip that makes me happier than even the food and wine, and I’ll share that in my next post.

Did you miss me? Did you keep your promise of not having fun while I was away?


25 thoughts on “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

  1. I’m green with envy. It’s been so long since we travelled I think I’ve forgotten what it feels like. Looks like a lovely getaway, $29 club sammy aside. But please, let’s talk about that smiling fish on your plate. Why is he so happy?

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  2. Ernie

    Oh my. This looks and sounds simply amazing. My kind of vacation. I think I wanna erase my ‘where should we travel’ post for today and RETHINK. Looks so relaxing. I guess I’d be packing my own food though, because I will have 3 kids in college next year and I don’t think I can afford the yum-yums there. I mean with celiac, I usually pack most of my food anyway, so I’d manage. And you got to enjoy it with friends. Lucky duck.

    The sinuses not getting a vacation cracked me up, but also – made me cringe. So glad you got to get back to a favorite destination.

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    1. You would’ve loved all the sun (baking) opportunities. I honestly try to hide from the sun, so it’s kind of wasted on me.
      The food was mostly crazy but we did end up finding a little hole in the wall place, no menu, no prices, but the food was excellent and way more reasonable when the check came.


  3. Looks absolutely perfect for a nice getaway. It would be a dream come true for me as I look out on snowpack that’s been here for about 50 days now. SOB!

    Like you, I’d eat almost nothing but shrimp (and crab) the entire time I was there. Never fried, though–there’s a limit to how much Guilt I can bear. LOL.

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  4. Bijoux

    Aaahhh, vacation. It’s been two years for us, almost to the day when we were last seen on an airplane. Hopefully, soon! The food looks yummy and there’s nothing like a gorgeous sunrise or sunset over the water. I prefer sunrises over the Atlantic and sunsets over the Pacific, but that’s just me. Welcome back!

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  5. The Widow Badass

    Thank you for taking us on vacation with you, Suz! Normally I would be responding from my lounge chair on the beach in Barbados at this time of year, but alas my beach buddy and I decided to put it off FOR ANOTHER DAMN YEAR…errrr…where was I? Oh yeah, enjoying your post! 😉 Ahhhh, next year! Meanwhile I will live vicariously through you.


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  6. You went on vacation! A goof-off elsewhere vacation that allowed you to leave your home? Oh, I’m not jealous. Going on three years now of staying home, but I dream of doing what you did sometime in the next year. Glad you had fun.

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  7. Maddie

    I’m here! Late as always. 🙂 I left a comment on your more recent post but I had to comment on this post too because it is such a *good* post (yes it is!) and I wanted it to know it! Honestly I just want to live in this post’s photos. How does the water even look like that? And those sunsets? And you are all glowing with happiness! So glad you and your friends had this wonderful time together. Thank you for sharing the happiness Suz!

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