Some Might Call It An Addiction; I Just Refer To It As Something I Do Consistently. Like, On A Daily Basis.

You’d be surprised to know that I have a vice aside from wine.

Shocking, I know.

Gummy bears.

Sure, it’s kind of weird that a woman of my aptitude and aristocracy would enjoy smooshie candies in the shape of bears, but I’m here to tell you they are my favorite sweet snack.

Honestly, I’m not even tied to one brand. But they have to be either Hairbo or Albanese.

And never gummy worms; those are gross. I know they’re essentially the same thing but bears taste better than worms because cuteness matters.

You might not believe me, but when the serving size says NINE bears. I will only eat NINE bears.

I might eat NINE bears twice a day, but never at the same sitting.

After nine, I get up, move somewhere else, sit and have nine more.

It’s not rocket science people, you too can sit in different places when you eat.

Kidding. I really don’t eat them everyday.

Ok, maybe I have them 6 out of 7 days. That doesn’t mean I’m addicted.

I keep them in my car. My office drawer. A drawer in the kitchen. And maybe some in my purse.


Hold on…

I was getting tired with all this typing and needed some Gummy Bear Power.

Did I tell you they have ZERO cholesterol? I’m basically eating fruit so think of all the vitamin C I’m ingesting. No wonder I hardly ever get sick.

On one of our drives to Georgia last year I was nibbling on some bears when the Coach asked me:

What are they even made of?

Me: JOY and HAPPINESS. But really, I have no idea. Probably gelatin and the breath of angels.

For Christmas this year Lindsay’s best friend gifted me with five pounds of gummy bears.


Can you even imagine my delight?


When was the last time you enjoyed a sweet delicious made from gelatin angels breath gummy bear?

Do you have a not-so-bad addiction that you’re not ashamed to share?


55 thoughts on “Some Might Call It An Addiction; I Just Refer To It As Something I Do Consistently. Like, On A Daily Basis.”

  1. You and my husband both. I’ve bought him the bigass bag, too. Personally, I don’t like them. They wear out my jaw and don’t taste that good. I’ll forever be a Peanut M&M girl, but I know not to keep them in the house. I’m definitely addicted.

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    1. I used to love peanut M & M’s too! As I’m getting older chocolate hurts my teeth. I think I had so many cavities as a kid that it’s finally caught up to me. Now, I will enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate with raspberry filling on occasion. But I have to brush my teeth immediately.


  2. This post made me laugh so hard, so many time! JOY and HAPPINESS! Ha!

    Lately I cannot get enough kind people TV – hopefully with pretty settings and costumes, extra bonus for accents (I’m not picky – any accent will do) – but please just give me TV shows with kind people being kind to each other with guaranteed happy endings.

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  3. My addiction is gobstoppers oh how I love them. I do not get them often because I too will measure out the 9 that are a serving size (no fat!) but I do that about 20 times a day until the box is gone and my stomach hurts.

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  4. I had NO idea. Just when you think you know someone. This is hilarious. Can’t be worms? Made from JOY AND HAPPINESS. Stop it, you’re killing me.

    I am totally addicted to the protein balls that I make. What can I say? I like balls. The bummer is that I have to make them. I feed my family. Buying their food, cooking their food, cleaning up their food. Then I have to make my favorite snack. The unfairness of life never ends. If only I could buy it in a store, because when I run out of my stash I get grouchy until I find time to whip up some more.

    The other bummer, my insides tend not to react with joy and happiness if I overdo it and eat too much of it. Resisting eating extra little containers that I keep in my freezer takes self restraint. Who has time for that? The recipe: almond butter, toasted quinoa, coconut, maple syrup, dark chocolate chips, dried cherries, sunflower seeds. You get the idea. Crunchy and heavenly.

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    1. Your protein balls sound great, but man oh man, too much work to make them!
      Crunch and Heavenly, that’s what you should call them but I know how much you like saying BALLS.


  5. Lol, I have always disliked any gummy candy. If it’s not chocolate, what’s the point? I was suckered into trying champagne gummy bears once, but I was still unimpressed!

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  6. You’re gonna laugh.
    Just last week I developed a craving for….gummy bears.
    You have wonderful children. By the way, where can one find five pounds of gummy bears?
    Asking for a friend…
    Oh, and the Albanese company is only one hour from here.
    I think you should visit this summer, and Ernie, you, and I could go on a field trip together.

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    1. See, I can’t do sour. It doesn’t work for me.
      Wow. HIVES? That’s kind of aggressive of those gummy bears and here I thought they were kind and sweet.

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  7. It used to be chocolate covered almonds or chocolate covered peanuts. However, I now pay the price, digestive wise, after a binge (because I NEVER have just a handful), so those days are mostly behind me. (I do, occasionally, cave into the temptation, but regret it afterwards – maybe I’m still holding out hope that they won’t cause me pain). We could co-habitate just fine, because I despise gummy anything. They would be all yours! -Jenn

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    1. If I ingest too many nuts, they bind up in my belly and I pay the price as well. NOT fun.
      Thanks for not taking up my gummy habit and leaving them all for me.


  8. I’m not a gummy fan, or candy in general… but I’ve been known to rip through a package of Oreos in record time. And please tell your husband, we never ask what our favorite treats are made of. Do I ask what’s in a frozen pomegranate margarita? I do not. I’m hoping there’s pomegranate… but honestly, I don’t even care.

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  9. My vice is candy corn. Not only during Halloween; I tend to buy extra and dole it out all year long. It’s not squishy, but it IS waxy. Which is great, because if the power ever goes out, we’re sure to have emergency backup lighting!

    Provided I haven’t eaten it first…

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  10. I haven’t had a gummy bear in forever, but you’re right, they are pure joy and happiness. I admire your strength, eating nine at a time! I used to make “worms and dirt” cupcakes for the kids, with gummy worms and Oreo crumbs on top, and those were very popular. I am going to stand up for the worms here, Suzanne. THEY CAN’T HELP THAT THEY ARE WORMS. Poor things! They are just as cute, but in a worm-like way.
    You crack me up!

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  11. No food addictions but hopelessly addicted to buying books… I used to love gum drops but my teeth can’t handle them anymore. I imagine it would be the same for gummy bears. How long did it take you to go through 5 pounds of them???

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    1. Believe it or not, I’ve barely put a dent in the five-pound bag….only because I had so many other small bags and I just opened the big one just two weeks ago. 😃

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  12. My weakness is jujubes – a little more chew and less squish than gummy bears. It’s been a lifelong passion which could easily become an addiction. I just don’t keep them in the house. I don’t like any sour candy but will eat in the case of an emergency!

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  13. Long ago when I was in my 20’s I had a job at a drug store and every day I worked I would empty a bag of gummy bears in the pocked of my smock and eat them all day! I loved them! Now I like those candies called Dots. They are kind of like gummy bears but sweeter I think! Of course, I don’t eat a bag a day but it’s a nice treat when I’m reading for watching TV.

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  14. I’m glad to meet a fellow gummy connoisseur! I checked my favorite gummy products, and you are 100% correct, the first two ingredients are joy and happiness (in that order :P). I would ask you to consider trying sour gummy worms. Who knew heaven could be encapsulated in a worm? 😀

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