The Happiest Place On Earth Is Wherever My Friends And I Are

Y’all I had a great weekend with my dear friend!

You might recall my post back in November regarding my girlfriend D who lost her son Kelly.

I’ve known D since she was pregnant with Kelly while I was just a few weeks ahead of D pregnant with Lauren; D and I worked together in Texas. To be clear: I worked there a few weeks before She and I was pregnant a few weeks before her and we also had the same Dr. deliver our babies. Also, our husbands at the time worked for the same company and they share the same first name.

Hmmm….I’m starting to think this might have been a Single White Female scenario.

Oh well, it all turned out fine and no one was murdered which is always a good sign in friendships.

BTW: Did I ever tell you that I (we) basically worked at Dunder Mifflin? I was in the “office supplies sales” Dept and D was the assistant to our office manager.

Wait, did that make her Pam? And was I Jim or Dwight? Please, Lawd, let me be Jim!

Last month when I was slumming it in the Bahamas she texted me saying that she had a work thing in Orlando and if she arrived a few days early, could I come up and ‘play’?


We aren’t ‘theme park’ girls, so we found other sources of entertainment.

Flowers. Butterflies. Plants. Mexican food. Wine. A boat tour. An improv comedy show. We’re easily entertained!

D and I haven’t seen each other in eight years and before that? It was 18 damn years and that particular visit was in the DFW airport as the Coach and I were traveling from Phoenix to Florida and had a layover.

You know how you have those people in your life where you can go years without seeing each other and then boom, pick up like a day hasn’t passed? We have that.

We were wandering through a botanical garden when there was a sign for an Arnold Palmer garden yada yada (I really didn’t pay attention) but I did say: I’d push someone down for an Arnold Palmer right now.

D: You mean….golfing? Isn’t he a golfer?

Me: Yes, he’s a golfer, but have you NOT had an Arnold Palmer before? Its iced tea mixed with lemonade!

MIND BLOWN! My Tea Drinking Texas friend had never had an Arnold Palmer before!

We remedied that at lunch.

Spoiler alert: She loved it.

We had such a lovely weekend together and it won’t be eight years until we see each other again; the Coach and I will be traveling to TX to see them this year.

And you’ll be surprised to know that over the weekend together we spoke about her son Kelly A LOT ; there was much laughter and very few tears. D is a very strong person and she has a very deep faith in God and that has gotten her through her somewhat chaotic life (similar to my childhood) and this big loss. She’s a pretty optimistic and happy camper.

Do you have friends like D and I? Where you can pick up easily?

How about an Arnold Palmer? Do you love them? Would you push someone down for one when you’re hot and thirsty?


40 thoughts on “The Happiest Place On Earth Is Wherever My Friends And I Are

  1. I like Arnold Palmers. They’re my husband’s go-to drink when we’re in restaurants. l have a friend like yours. We pick-up where we left off, regardless of the time in-between. It’s fun. Your adventure looks lovely.

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    1. Those easy lifetime friendships are the best. I was thinking about that yesterday and realized that ALL of my dearest friends are like that though; low maintenance. We rely on each other when we really need each other, then we can just be easy breezy.

      I’m thinking I might need an Arnold Palmer today.

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  2. Friends like that are a True Gift. I have them, too. They’re the best because that’s real friendship, not the duty and obligation sort of relationship. They’re like the welcome bench beside a long path.

    I am not a fan of the Arnold Palmer. Just give me one or the other, tea or lemonade.

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    1. No duty or obligation; that sums it up perfectly.

      I won’t tell Arnold Palmer about your dislike as I’d hate to hurt his feelings.
      Oh, never mind. Arnold is not with us any longer, so he won’t care.


  3. Sounds like a great time together — love that butterfly chair! I’ve never even heard of an Arnold Palmer, much less had one! But a slice of lemon in hot tea goes nicely together, so I think an Arnold Palmer would be tasty too!


  4. So glad that you had a wonderful visit and I’m happy to know that she is doing well, laughing about good memories. It can’t be easy. What a gift to be so strong and have such faith.

    I am able to pick up where I left off with my friend Dee Dee, who I used to babysit for and whose husband was on the Chicago Bears. SHE lives in Dallas too. What’d ya know? We just scheduled a phone call to get caught up last week. At the end of the call she was like LET’S NOT WAIT SO LONG NEXT TIME.

    The early part of this story reminds me of when Coach was in PT school. He had a friend in PT school whose wife was a nanny. I was a nanny. We all got along great. We both ended up being pregnant and due days or weeks apart. It was nuts, and so much fun. They moved back to Nebraska after PT school. I do still send Christmas cards and I’ve tried to reach out on FB. My cards don’t come back, but sadly we haven’t heard from them in years.

    I do not know that I’ve ever had an Arnold Palmer. I don’t like ice tea, so I’d have my Arnold Palmer hold the lemonade style.

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    1. It’s weird how you can’t find your pregnancy time twin. That would boggle my mind.

      I love lemonade AND tea. Sometimes I really just need the caffeine of the tea, that is if it’s before 2 pm. That’s my caffeine cut-off time.


  5. Bijoux

    I’m fortunate to have a number of childhood friends that I very rarely get to see, but we always click. I was thrilled when they were all able to come to my daughter’s wedding. They are family to me. Losing a child, no matter the circumstances, is the most brutal thing a human can go through. I’m glad you were able to be there for D. Your activities looked perfect!

    I’m sure I’d love an Arnold Palmer, but I don’t drink anything with added sugar in it and haven’t for 18 years. But I’ll have a beer or wine with you!

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  6. Pat Birnie

    I have never had an Arnold Palmer but we are heading to South Carolina next month for some golf so I think that will be the perfect opportunity to try one! I’m not surprised that you talked about her son a lot. My husband lost a son 15 years ago and one of his greatest sadnesses is that people avoid talking about him. It’s ok, even if there are a few tears. I have a close friend from high school who moved to England when we were in our early 20’s (40 years ago). Sometimes it can be 10 or more years between visits and we pick up like we saw each other yesterday. It is just the best.

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    1. You understand those types of friendships—they are the best!
      Sad that no one wants to talk about his son; I think sharing stories keeps their spirit alive within us.
      Please, please please have an Arnold Palmer and get back to me!
      The last time we went to South Carolina (Charleston) I think I ate shrimp and grits at every dinner; it’s my favorite. And every place we ate had a different spin on it and I loved them all.


  7. Classic Scrubs scene: J.D. and Dr. Cox are discussing Arnold Palmers.

    J.D.: I’ve taken your best qualities and my best qualities and I’ve combined them into something even better. Much the way that iced tea and lemonade were joined to become an Arnold Palmer. Incidentally, has anyone ever done less to become famous? I mean, yea for me, I mixed two drinks together.

    Dr. Cox: Arnold Palmer is a golfer.

    J.D.: I’m sure he has lots of hobbies, Perry. The man’s a drink mogul.

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    1. OH, MY LAWD! I love this so much.
      My girls used to watch that show all.the.time. So through osmosis, I watched it.all.the.time too. Sadly, I don’t remember as much of it even though it certainly was cleverly written.
      Thanks for the giggle.

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  8. I’m actually getting together with my three closest girlfriends this Saturday, for the first time since the dreaded plague started. I can’t wait. But yes, we just pick up right along where we left off.

    I’m glad you got a chance to meet up with your friend.

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  9. I love these photos! It looks like it was such a lovely time. Rainbows, butterflies, flowers, and Arnold Palmer (I feel like he was with you two). That is the best kind of healing. I have friends like that as well.
    I can feel the love in these pictures. These types of posts are my favorite. 🙂

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  10. I’m so very fortunate to have multiple friends like that. I call very few true friends – but as I tell them – be sure you want to do this because with me, friendship is a life sentence. 😁
    I have heard of Arnold Palmers but haven’t tried one yet. I must drink one next time I get the chance!


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  11. I can think of at least two friends where we pick up right where we left off – no matter how long it has been. These are the two that I could call in ANY emergency and they’d help me bury the body. Love them.

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  12. One friend like that is worth more than 100 acquaintances, you are, indeed, fortunate to have one of those and wise to have kept it through the years (even the ones you haven’t seen each other 🙂 ).

    Important question: were the ice cubes in the Arnold Palmer made of water or… lemonade? 🙂

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    1. Fortunate indeed.

      No. Dang it on the special ice cubes.
      Many years ago we enjoyed a brunch at the Four Seasons restaurant and they always gave you iced tea-ice cubes in your tea; it blew my mind. SO FANCY.

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  13. Maddie

    Omg yes! Those friends you just instantly click with no matter the time lapse or distance. With the old jokes and shared memories. The big talks and simple, plain ole silliness. My fav.

    I’m so glad you guys had such a great time together. (Love the post title too!)

    Your garden visit choice reminded me of all the great friend and family outings I’ve had strolling around gardens (and then eating like crazy – after all that exercise of course! – at the overpriced garden cafes lol). Gardens + happy times go hand in hand I think. Thanks for sparking happy memories with your lovely post!

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    1. It’s funny that my nearest and dearest friends and I always enjoy flowers, birds, butterflies: all things nature in general!
      And yes, strolling through a garden is exercise and should always be followed up with a nice, hearty lunch.


  14. nicoleboyhouse

    Oh, I love this! I JUST had a walk with a friend who I don’t see that often even though we live in the same city. We just always pick up where we left off. This looks like a lovely time! I love the photo of you with the butterfly wings.

    It’s always great when no one gets murdered 🙂

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  15. Yes, I have a friend like yours. We reunited in 2014 (after 39 years!) and then started video calling during the pandemic, still catching up with all that happened in our lives. I’ve always loved Arnold Palmers but never knew they had a name. It was my staple summer drink for many years.

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