The One Where I Fall Down (or up?) Again.

I don’t know that I shared with you (because sharing is caring) that we put in a fenced in doggie area at the mountain house. It’s a smallish area, but just enough for The dogs to feel like they some freedom while we’re here.

Although I still can’t let Lillie go out by herself because there are predators around; namely coyotes and they’ve been seen during the day. So I go out with her to keep her safe. But who is going to keep me safe? Safe from myself?

I might have dropped THREE cuss words in a matter of seconds; that’s pro level!

I tripped going up the stairs and spilled hot coffee on myself and my cell phone.

We put in the cameras to spot wildlife, so far they’re spotting my wild life that’s full of falls.

41 thoughts on “The One Where I Fall Down (or up?) Again.

  1. Raising my hand to the tripping and the cursing. Ever since I blew my knee out I’m a veritable accident walking. It’s a good thing we don’t have a parrot, his vocabulary wouldn’t be fit for polite society.

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    1. You have to be extra careful with the bad knee.
      And yes to the parrot! I learned early on around my toddlers to keep my cuss words inside as they would mimic me.
      Now? I let it all out.

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  2. I bet you picked up that bad Canadian swearing from the Gordon Lightfoot documentary, didn’t you! Incidentally, I learned as a kid (from a superstition point of view) that falling DOWN the stairs is bad luck, but falling UP the stairs is good luck, so you should have some good thing happen in your life quite soon!

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  3. My mother would tell you IT’S THE SHOES.

    No one, however, has ever listened to her. I have tripped up the stairs in my home many, many times, and I do not wear shoes like yours. And I also swear, but I do so for a while. It makes me feel better.

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  4. Better to fall up the stairs than down the stairs, is what I always say. Really, not sure I’ve ever said that, but it seems to make sense as it might be worse to go DOWN.

    Laughing at your watching of Wiley Coyote and deciding that you can take him. Isn’t he the guy that utilizes lots of explosives? Maybe that’s Bugs Bunny. I do talk to Finn, but it is usually more of a begging him not to pull my arm out of socket while I walk him vs true conversation.

    Glad you are OK, and you swear in a practical whisper, apparently, because I couldn’t make out what words you chose. I tend to be a loud cusser. Happy to share some pointers, if you are interested in really getting your frustrations out.

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    1. And not a joke, but people have had their shoulders injured from dogs who are crazy on a leash. I thought Finn was going to get some training? No? Did I dream that?

      Thanks for the offer, but I’m pretty versed in cuss words. My Mom would be proud!


      1. Finn IS trained. He does fine but I he still gets very excited when he sees another dog. I make him sit until the other dog passes, but I don’t really have time for the extra time this takes as my walks are already an hour long. The one time I am thinking of is when it was freaky warm, but still winter. He was crazy excited to be going on such a long walk after the long winter but he dragged me into melted snow and mud in his excitement and wanted to full out run. I think extra training would be a good idea too.


  5. The Widow Badass

    Definitely raising my hand on tripping going up the stairs. Probably used the same amount of curse words too…LOL! Hope the hot coffee didn’t do too much damage!


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  6. Bijoux

    You do know I had to watch that a few times to see if I could hear the swearing?? LOL, it was faint, but there!

    So, coyotes could jump the fence? People here are also fearful of coyotes killing their small dogs and children. I’ve only seen 2 or 3 in the past 34 years living in this area and I could barely distinguish them from dogs.

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    1. I need to start cussing louder.

      Yes, I believe the coyotes could jump the fence if they want to catch something. I’ve only seen a few in person and they do resemble scruffy dogs.


  7. I laughed anytime someone falls. (Yes, apparently I am a 12-year-old with no self control.) We always watch America’s Funniest Videos and the falling down or up the stairs videos are always my favorite! Thanks to doorbell and security cameras, there are no shortage of them!

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  8. That is a really nice fenced in area. Man, those camera’s really catch everything and a really clear picture – of the fall! I’ve gone through stages where I seem to fall or almost fall. Right now, my balance is kind of screwy if I try to bend over.

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  9. Raising my hand because I did laugh, especially at the eff and A! That is my go to in extreme wtf moments! I have been known to trip going up the stairs, once going up cement stairs and putting a nice scrape on my shin!

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  10. Melanie Galliano

    We have coyotes here too. They used to be in the woods in the back of our neighborhood. There’s a walking trail not far from me and people see them watching. I can only imagine how many people’s small pets disappear. I’m pretty sure I have tripped standing still on stairs! lol With all the trouble with my foot stairs aren’t my friend.


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