What Day Is It?

The lovely house that we rented in the Bahamas had this Day clock hanging in the family room. I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame and I thought something like this would be great at our Georgia home.

From what I read, this might be targeted towards someone with dementia, or a newly retired person. But also, it works for Suzanne who often forgets what day it is.

Sadly, I could only day clocks I found had a nautical vibe.

Nautical is not the vibe I’m going for in the mountains, so I will continue my search; but isn’t it fun?

Now that I really think about it, I might need a Month clock too; as those are just flying by and I have a hard time keeping up.

Would you benefit from a Day Clock?


29 thoughts on “What Day Is It?

  1. Maddie

    Omg yes. Totally need that! How disappointing it only comes in Nautical. (Also not my vibe.)

    Lately I run into that problem a lot – discover a need, find a solution but then it has some deal-breaker problem. Happens with everything from pants (what the heck has happened to pants?) to furniture to TV shows. I swear this did not happen when I was younger! Pants just did their job! Furniture was awesome and often free! TV shows were rad. But no longer & now I huff n puff and think: I *make* the ideal pants, furniture, TV show…. If only I, you know, *knew* how to sew, build, direct/write/act/produce/film. This is the beginning of Old Age, isn’t it?

    (*okay, some TV shows are still rad’ but I’m *pickier* in my old age! 🙂

    Also my husband would totally see your need for a non-nautical day clock as a reason to buy every woodworking tool known to man (and also a forge) and attempt to construct the ideal day clock. 🙂

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    1. I prefer to not wear pants any longer. Is that bad? 😳

      Please have your husband buy all the tools and create TWO ‘non-nautical’ day clocks. Pretty please!


  2. I’ve never seen nor heard of such a thing. I wonder why they’d be nautical. I guess people who have vacation homes on the water lose track of the days…? How precious.

    I pretty much know what day it is, but the date? I rarely get that right, and I’m almost always surprised. LOL

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    1. I look at my apple watch at least 3x a day to see the date; time is just passing so quickly.

      Yes, I’m guessing the nautical theme is mainly for vacation homes on the water. One can dream!


  3. That is a cute idea. I’ve never seen one before. I don’t yet need a days clock, because when I babysit I get different kids depending on the day. It keeps me on my toes, in more ways than one. When I am no longer babysitting – I might need that clock. I’m thinking three more years of sitting. Unless I get a few more nutter-butter people.

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  4. Since I retired, I have joked with people that I need one of those whiteboards like they put in a hospital room: Today is _____; Your nurse is ______.
    I think a day of the week clock is genius and I must search for one!
    Funny, when I was working I would often forget what month I was in. Time passing could be a bit of a blur. Now my problem is the day of the week – picture me as Downton Abbey’s dowager asking “What IS a weekend?” 🤣


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  5. I love that – – – especially for vacation because who needs a schedule by the hour?!!! It’s just another reminder that you can relax and have fun and not worry about tomorrow – – unless it’s the day you are scheduled to go home.

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  6. Ever since the beginning of this damn pandemic (it’s especially worse now that The Husband has retired); I only figure out what day of the week it is by looking at the morning newspaper. I will now be on the hunt for a day clock (that is NOT nautical-themed) for all of us. I’ll report back if I achieve success.

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  7. That is a delightful clock in the sense that it brings a smile when you see it 🙂 I once saw a clock that had two hands, but the labels were scattered all over so you could essentially choose one yourself and were things like “nap”, “lunch”, “golf”, “breakfast”, “tv”, “dinner”, and the best one was “who cares” 😀

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  8. When I retired, I was often clueless about the day. Now, I have my pill caddy to tell me each morning with my coffee the name of the day. But for a vacation or a retiree, I think that is the perfect clock.


  9. bibliomama2

    I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve said “time’s lost all meaning” in the last couple of years. I could also use a clock that tells me which month it is. Yesterday we found out that our daughter’s passport expires in November, and I had to think really hard if November is close or far away to the current month (March, I’m told). Oh, here’s a post about that time I almost tried to fly to New York a week early:http://bibliomama2.blogspot.com/2012/07/what-day-is-it-extreme-edition.html

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