I Should Have Asked: Do You Offer A Multi-Visit Discount? And Not Everything Gets Better With Age.

I had my third appointment (since January) with my ENT yesterday. I’ll spare you all the details because who wants to read about someone else’s health issues, but I had been struggling with pressure in my ears, limited hearing and just plain felt like I was underwater.

You know that weird feeling when your ears pop when going to different elevations? Mine do that every time I swallow.

We tried two weeks of steroids which I hated; the face flushing, the hunger, the heart palpitations, the limited patience…it was like I had PMS all over again.

There was only a small amount of improvement, so then I took an anti-inflammatory (2x a day) for a few weeks. Still nothing.

Yesterday I returned to let him know I still felt no improvement. Apparently my sweet Dr. was tired of all my issues and he suggested that a hole should put in my eardrum.


Oh, to relieve the pressure!

He explained in detail how it would go; he numbs a spot in my ear, then takes a prison shank scalpel and makes a tiny hole. He promised me that he does this does it all.the.time and it will not hurt. But the choice was up to me, I could wait and see if things got better on their own.

He further explained that If the ‘hole in the head shenanigans’ don’t work, then I must have something going on in my inner ear and that might require having tubes put in.

He was right, the procedure didn’t hurt, it just felt weird.

When he was escorting me out of the office he commented on how well I did.

Me: Well, you did all the work, I just sat there.

Him: Well, you were brave to let me do that.

Suz’s brain: Wait, didn’t he tell me it would be fine? Now, I’m brave?

The Jury is still out on improvement, but it does feel different. Does that mean it will get better? I dunno. He said it could take a few days to feel improvement and if it works, I’ll get a hole in the other ear.

In my best Oprah Voice: You get a hole, you get a hole, you get a hole!

I go back to see him again in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the hole in my head ear will heal.

My Dad always said I had a hole in my head, so now, finally, he was right about something.

Adding Injury to Insult

A few weeks ago the pollen count started going haywire and I’ve been struggling with allergies, which is uncommon for me.

The allergies on top of my ear issues created a cranky individual.

I had a few days of postnasal drip coughing; I snored so badly one night the coach said he tried to wake me up 30x. That means 10x, I know how he exaggerates, but still, I give him credit for not putting a pillow over my face and putting us both out of our misery.

The next day I had to depart the house, so I grabbed a bag of cough drops out of our medicine cabinet.

I was driving and trying to open a drop with no success, then I tried another—also stuck/melted into the wrapper. I tried another one and thought about throwing the entire bag out the window. Am I still feeling Roid Rage?

I finally looked at the exp date. HOLY VINTAGE COUGH DROPS!

Adding to my list: Clean out the medicine cabinet.

I’m not looking for sympathy, I’ll get better eventually and this isn’t life threatening. Well, getting shanked in the ear is kind of life threatening.

Please share: Are you guilty of holding onto old prescriptions/medicines? Has anyone volunteered to have a hole put in their head?


33 thoughts on “I Should Have Asked: Do You Offer A Multi-Visit Discount? And Not Everything Gets Better With Age.

  1. The Widow Badass

    Oh dear! Hope you feel better soon Suz!
    Yes, guilty of old medications for sure. I tend to get sick rather infrequently so my NeoCitran, cough drops etc., are almost always out of date by the time I need them again. And what with wearing masks and staying apart for the past 2 years, I haven’t been sick at all…not even a sniffle. So guess who is still keeping her mask on when shopping even though she doesn’t have to anymore? This girl, that’s who! At least until cold and flu season dies down…


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  2. Bijoux

    I have never heard of the hole in the ear, but then again, don’t know anyone with the issue you’ve described. I’d have taken the wait and see approach because I hate medical interventions. I prefer to suffer! Yes, I do hold on to RX, especially dermatologist prescribed ones. Even though they are expired, you never know when a weird skin issue will return.

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  3. Jeanette Locascio Gohl

    I hope your ear feels better soon. I have never had a hole put in my eardrum but I can see why it feels weird! It always amazes me when I find something in my medicine cabinet that expired a few years ago! I feel like I just bought it!

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  4. Allergy season has started here too. I am miserable so I relate. As for cough drops, I should go check our stock. I wonder how old they are, but maybe still effective? After all an expiration date is merely a suggestion, right?

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    1. The cough drops might have been effective if I could have pried them out of the wrapper. They wuz stuck. 😳
      Generally I don’t worry too much about expiration dates if they are within a few years…

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  5. I am dying over the doctor calling you brave. I envision him escorting you out while giving you a sideways glance, thinking: I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE LET ME TRY THAT. NO ONE HAS EVER LET ME TRY THAT. Ha. Sheesh, I hope it is the winning remedy.

    I was on a steroid pack for my pinkies to see if it would help. My pinkies felt 80% better, but the roids messed with my sleep. No one, and I mean NO ONE wants me to have messed up sleep. Is it me or do my pinkies hurt a bazillion times more since I stopped that one week pack of steroids? Hmm. I’m starting to think amputation.

    Expired meds happen all the time over here. A few years ago mice were up in my medicine cabinet. Came in through the vent above the stove. Don’t ask. They enjoyed lots of things so I started fresh. By now though, we probably have loads of outdated stuff.

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    1. I thought his brave comment was funny too.
      Sorry about your pinkies and the continued issues. I think you should try the gin raisins for shits and giggles because amputation is pretty severe.
      Mice in your cabinets? YIKES.


  6. Oh, I’m very sorry about your ear problems. That must be aggravating.
    Have you noticed any improvement?
    Aside from that, those tube things at car dealerships always make me laugh. You’ll be very lucky if they put them in your ears. (I realize that’s not how it works.)

    Have you not needed cough drops since 2015? Or were you just sucking on old cough drops this whole time??

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    1. I just wonder if I get those tubes, can I still wear earrings? or a mask? There is so much to ponder.

      The holey ear feels different. Not sure if I hear better out of it, but it feels different, so that might mean better. It’s hard to tell. I’m gonna give it a few days.

      We do have other cough drops. I just got lucky and grabbed the VINTAGE bag. There was one in there from 2018 and in my opinion that one is FRESH. Maybe too fresh.

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    1. Usually, the pollen doesn’t bother me. So I’m wondering if this underlying thing is just making the allergies present themselves? Either way, I’m over it.


  7. Even with your medical issues, you make us laugh. I know you have not been laughing at all of them though. I need you to write my updates for my family.
    A couple of thoughts – – – can you elevate the head of your bed at all? That will help with sinus drainage and hopefully alleviate your snoring so your husband can sleep – – cuz we know we exist to make their lives better!
    The hole in the ear – – – did he tell you Not to get water in it? That is usually what is recommended. You can get a worse infection if you do – – but that’s another story.
    So sorry you have had to deal with all this. The comfort phrase I give you is what we are supposed to say in the South – – – “Bless your heart.”
    Praying you get all the way better soon!

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    1. We actually have a split king bed and we both elevate our sides a little. I can’t go too high because I sleep on my side and I’ll wake up with a horrible backache.
      You are right, I love FOR him. 😳😜

      Yes, the Dr. said to try and keep it dry for a week.

      Bless YOUR heart for being so funny Lynda.


  8. I’m actually pretty good about getting rid of expired medications (and food). But I felt guilty throwing them in the garbage or washing them down the sink when I read that was not the right way to dispose of them. Then we found out that our local police station has a box where you can drop off unused meds and they will dispose of them properly. Peace of mind, finally.

    Sorry to hear about your ear troubles. I haven’t heard of having tubes put in ears since the 1980s when my kids were growing up and a lot of their friends had it done. I hope it brings you some relief!

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    1. Yes, disposing of old medications in the garbage or toilet/sink is terrible. Luckily we have the same deal here; I take them to a local police station for proper disposal.

      I too remember lots of kids getting tubes put in their ears. Hey, I might get a chance to be a cool kid if I get them too!


  9. nicoleboyhouse

    Whoa, 2015!!!
    Hope the hole in your head helps the ear pressure situation! You made me laugh but I think that must be a dreadful feeling. I hate when I fly and my ears get all plugged up. I am imagining that, but all the time.
    Maybe you ARE getting roid rage!

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  10. Pat Birnie

    That must be an awful feeling. Sure hope the puncture works. Yes steroids are awful – I occasionally have to take for asthma but my worst side effect is insomnia. Said asthma plus allergies also make me a terrible snorer. I get a lot of ‘elbows’ from my husband to turn over! Isn’t it crazy how expired products can get away from you. I’m also amused that lozenges need instructions for use?!?

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    1. I made sure to take the steroids earlier in the day because I have sleep issues as it is.
      I didn’t even notice the lozenge instructions; what is happening to the human race?


  11. Wow! I hope your ear situation improves soon. I had no idea that puncturing an eardrum was a treatment, but it makes sense. Better that it happens under a controlled situation than it ruptures on its own due to infection and all its … attendant products. Ugh.

    Our local Walgreens and CVS stores have medication drop boxes that accept old meds. I take all ours there. I like to keep my record of never having been to a police station intact.

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  12. Maddie

    Aw Suz. I’m sorry the ear thing continues – and now with allergies! Ugh. I don’t want to get advicey but… any chance the two are somehow related? My allergies went nutso a few years ago and let’s just say other things went nuts too (maybe similar to your ear thing). I won’t bore ya with the laundry list of dull things that eventually helped me… but offer this idea in the hopes it helps you somehow. Sending you the good vibes and let’s hope the forking pollen (I’m looking at *you* cedars & oaks!) stops soon!

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    1. There is a slight possibility the two are related, but some of the ear stuff happened right after Christmas when we were in the mountains. No pollen to be found then.

      I *think* the ‘holey’ ear might be better than the ‘non-holey’ ear. So there’s that.


  13. Melanie Galliano

    Oh I hope you are feeling better! I often have that stuffy head feeling with allergies (??I think) and it’s awful. I admit I have cough drops and medicine probably way older than that!!

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  14. bibliomama2

    I will give you sympathy anyway. I have terrible allergies year round, and it is wearying. That is sort of horrifying with the ‘it’s no big deal HOLY SHIT I can’t believe you let me do that!’ – funny if it’s not, you know, your own body. And yes, I have done that with the expired whatever. I swear to god I clean my fridge out every six months, and yet every time I do it there is eight-year-old salad dressing.

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