Why Do I Do Stupid Things? Look Who Is Still Hanging Around.

The Coach and I took a little trip up to GA last week; this time we only brought Lillie with us as Callie is very unbalanced and with all the hills/stairs here that might prove disastrous.

As I was putting groceries into the fridge I noticed this jar from home; I remembered bringing it up with us on our last trip in December, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was.

Was it iced Tea? Yeah, it must be tea.

I smelled it and there appeared to be NO smell.

Hmmm…iced tea? Maybe apple juice?

I can’t tell you why, but I was inquisitive about this mysterious jar of liquid. So like any abnormal person I took a sip even though I wasn’t in the mood for iced tea or apple juice.



It was disgusting.


I spit it out, but couldn’t get the flavor out of my mouth as I gagged and gagged.

My stomach wanted me to vomit, but there wasn’t enough of the disgusting liquid for that so I continued to dry heave over the sink for about a minute before the Coach came into the kitchen asking:

Are you throwing up?


My memory finally came around and I remembered what was in the jar.

Callie’s Joint Juice.


Dogs might love it, but this girl certainly doesn’t.

There is good news though; my knees are pain-free and I could probably run walk a marathon mile.

The Hanging Chad is STILL hanging in there. *sigh* It’s been holding on since September of 2020. It’s been outrageously windy here lately and yet, it persistently hangs on.

You know that if for some reason we wanted that darn branch to hang on for dear life, it would have fallen a year ago.

Anyone else ingest something meant for your furry friends? I still can’t say exactly what possessed me to even drink something I was unsure of…maybe it’s that hole in my head?

By the way, my ear pressure issue has not improved. *sigh* I’m gonna give it some more time, then I’m going to visit my veterinarian.


28 thoughts on “Why Do I Do Stupid Things? Look Who Is Still Hanging Around.

  1. I’ve been having so much knee pain lately I’d be tempted to try the joint juice, on purpose. But yes, a label might be the way to go next time.
    As for the branch, I’m thinking you should buy a sling shot and have a competition.

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  2. We have a couple of those hanging chad branches in the trees on our property. They fascinate me, how do they manage to stay where they are? They seem to be impervious to wind gusts. I have not ingested anything meant for furry friends, so I cannot speak to your experience. 🤢

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    1. A few months ago I accidentally put a tiny piece of Callie’s antibiotic in my mouth thinking it was a little piece of popcorn that had fallen onto the counter. I’m not making the best food choices lately.

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  3. Jeanette Locascio Gohl

    I gagged over the sink once when I accidently ate a little bit of cat food (don’t ask!) So disgusting! That hanging branch is persistent!! I agree with Rivergirl. You should have a “knock the chad down” party and supply them with sling shots or basketballs or something!

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  4. That branch is going to be there for a few years yet. It’s probably held on by more than just bark on the top side. Learn to love it.

    You’re braver than I am, and not for drinking a sip of that liquid. I’m talking about not labeling the stuff in the first place. I already know I won’t remember stuff, so I am a compulsive labeler. I even leave notes to myself. “The Christmas Candles are on the shelf in the basement” is one such note in the decoration box in the attic, where it’s too hot to store candles. I’m a fan of the black Sharpie marker for instant labeling. I write right on the bottles and jars and bags. So far, so good.

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    1. I know that I should KNOW better than to not label something; when will I learn? I do leave myself notes for long-term storage stuff like you did for your Christmas candles.


  5. We had a 15 min break during our 3 hour walking tour of Prague today. I read this while sitting down hoping my legs would agree to get up again (we’d already walked about 7 mikes BEFORE the walking tour. Ugh). But I could not till I got back to our airbnb. Omg I was cackling.

    Never. NEVER drink the thing that you cannot identify. If you shared a fridge with my people, you would already know this.

    I have not eaten anything of Finn’s. I will say that I am on high alert about ingesting ANYTHING (I know the topic was pet food but it may as well be pet food because I can NOT eat most of what they offer) over here in Europe. Let’s just say I had ice cream 2x today. If not for ice cream and my protein bars and oatmeal brought from home, I might be starving.

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  6. Being overly suspicious by nature I’ve never put anything of unknown origin in my mouth and am amazed that you did that! Does your hanging chad leaf out in the spring and summer? Hope you get some relief from your ear pressure problem soon.

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