We Did This While They Did That And Everyone Enjoyed Themselves

The Coach and I arrived home on Wednesday from Georgia; we had a lovely ten days there. TEN DAYS. Well, I had a lovelier time; the Coach worked most of the time because he feels the need to keep me in the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to.


He knows he’s the one who has created this monster.

He even drove to Nashville for two days to coach a softball tournament while we were away.

This visit might have been the first time I actually relaxed while we were up there and I think it’s because we had no guests this time. Generally we have a houseful and even though all of our family and friends are self-sufficient, it can feel daunting to have people around all the time. I like my Suzanne time.

I finished a puzzle and started another. Read a book. Watched some movies. Walked the ‘hood. Snuggled with Lillie. Enjoyed the views. Spent some time with my Aunt and Uncle. Drank Dog Joint juice. Saw lots of birds and I might have pee’d a little upon seeing a Zebra Swallowtail as I’ve never seen one in person.

It’s the little things ya’ll! Well unless you’re peeing yourself, that’s kind of a big deal.

I didn’t want to bring Callie on this trip because she’s been so wobbly and I thought the stairs and steep driveway might be an issue.

Foreshadowing: The stairs are an issue for me too.

My sweet as heck Mother In Law came to our house and stayed with Callie for the entire ten days. Sue drove two hours, leaving her husband and her dogs to come stay with our dog.

How lucky am I? Very.

Sue had her bestie stay with her and they had a blast and said it was like being at a resort, minus a cabana boy. Now I know what to get her for Mother’s Day! Never mind that we had men working on the pool deck for six of those ten days…it didn’t matter to them at all, they sat under the chickee hut chatting and having drinks while the men worked away. {Will the pool deck ever be done? Who knows?}

Sue and Penny having cocktails by the pool after Coach, Lillie and I arrived home. #BestHouseSittersEver

When they departed on Thursday morning they asked when I might want to ‘get away’ again. Don’t tempt me ladies!

Anyhoo, all is good in my ‘hood.

I had a ‘funny thing Suz did’ post to share today, but since I just shared with you this past Monday that I drank Callies joint juice, I’ve decided to only share ONE stupid thing I did a week on the blog. You know, that way you won’t feel like I’m a danger to myself. Or you.

Raise your hand if you also have an amazing mother in law in your life or if you aspire to be one. Share away!


42 thoughts on “We Did This While They Did That And Everyone Enjoyed Themselves

  1. Wait is only sharing one stupid thing a week on a blog a new rule or just a suggested unwritten unspoken guideline somewhere? Cuz I might have to adjust some things. You slay me.

    So very happy that you had such a relaxing time. It sounds dee-lightful. Is there a sign up schedule for house sitting coverage at your place? Asking for a friend.

    I am battling jetlag, well I also have some ‘stuff’ bothering my over taxed brain, but it feels more sensible to blame jetlag. I’ve been up since 3-ish am, but hoping to go back to bed soon-ish.

    I have a passive aggressive, controlling, judgmental mother in law. Coach defends her with THAT’S HOW SHE TREATS EVERYONE. Well, hi, have we met – I’m not everyone. She has a good heart, she’s sweet, I’ll give her that, but her approach and her head shaking in disapproval, gross.

    He should’ve corrected his folks’ overstepping YEARS ago, but he would never point anything out to them. So, I don’t have much to do with them anymore. It has made me realize, and I don’t think this will be a stretch, that I hope to be a delightful, fun, bounce-ideas-off-of-me-if-you-want, engaging MIL. Helpful, but not bossy or insistent that ‘you’re doing it wrong’ – especially when it comes to one’s faith, as that’s his folks’ biggest overstep. I assure you, that will NOT be a problem. I could never assert myself as someone else’s unsolicited spiritual advisor. Goodness.

    You are one of the lucky ones. Good for you.

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    1. The one dumb thing a week is only for me, I promise.

      Your inlaws sound like a lot of work; they must be exhausted with all of the judging and head shaking.
      Since you’ve seen what bad in-laws look like, you will NOT go that route.

      I should have mentioned that I actually (thanks to the beauty of divorce) have two mother in laws. Judy is closer in my age, but she and I get along beautifully as well. I’m doubly lucky!


  2. I’m so glad you got Suzanne time in. I feel you on that. I’ve been craving some Kari time lately. Can I join you next time? I promise to read my book quietly.

    Your mother-in-law and her best friend are adorable! It looks like they had a vacation of their own at your home!

    One “stupid” thing a week? Well, I’m out…

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  3. I have not been lucky in the mother-in-law department. Before I entered into another serious relationship (after my divorce), I made a New Man list. One of the criteria was “dead mother”. My second husband’s mom died one month after we started dating. And I don’t even feel guilty about that one, just relieved.
    Since I have had such a role model (as to how NOT to be), I aspire to be a great mother-in-law. So far, so good….


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    1. Where are all of these terrible MILs coming from? I have two that are lovely, my Mom was lovely to the Coach (she might have liked him more than me at times) and I’m very sweet to my son-in-law.
      I know you are going to do a bang-up job as a MIL!


  4. Bijoux

    My MIL is in a memory care unit and has no clue who any of us are. We never had much of a relationship so it’s not made a difference in my life. I could actually write a book about my in-laws, as some of it is unreal. Your pool looks like a resort. Love, love, love.

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    1. I’m so sorry that you didn’t have a great relationship with your husband’s parents. To me, that seems like such a loss of what could have been an amazing extended family on both ends.

      The pool is lovely, I agree. Now if it could all be finished so I could put on my fat suit to enjoy it without five men banging stuff around out there…


  5. Pat Birnie

    I always enjoy your posts so much! Laughed aloud at “drank dog joint juice”. I love your MIL & her friend. They sound amazing. I’ve had a couple of MIL’s nothing negative but they weren’t geographically close either. I am doing my best to be a good one and so far I have very good relationships and lots of fun with the lovely girls my boys chose. Ps I looked up the zebra dragon tail – wow! so beautiful. I also would have pee’d a little. In January I saw a Blue Morpho and a Many-Banded Daggerwing while in Panama. Plus some amazing dragonflies. So cool!

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    1. First of all, I’m thrilled that you enjoy my silliness. I too enjoy your visits, so we’re even.

      Lucky for me, I met my MIL when I was a mere child: Seventeen. So I’ve basically grown up with her and even in the years that we moved away from Florida, we always visited and spoke on the phone.
      I love that you have good relationships with your DIL’s; getting along makes family life so much better. Right?

      I know about the Blue Morpho and I could perhaps shat my pants upon seeing one. I had to look up the Many-Banded Daggerwing and HOLY MACKERAL. That is a lovely sight to see. I’d never heard of them and now I have a new goal in life. thanks for sharing.


    1. I’m not sure what is going on with my commenting lately; I went and adjusted something in the settings so hopefully, that will help. Please let me know if it’s better next time. Thanks!


  6. Jeanette

    Always a good thing to get some “me” time! I love my time alone! your mother in law sounds like a gem and I’m so glad she got such a nice vacation! It’s so nice to be able to relax and know that things at home are taken care of!

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  7. nicoleboyhouse

    OH MY GOD IS THAT YOUR POOL? I will drive down to stay with your dog, just ask!

    I aspire to be a mother-in-law like that – now, I think my boys need to get a girlfriend first, but whenever that happens!

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  8. Your time in GA is exactly why you have that house. Perfect. And now your FL house is that for your MIL. So great how it all works out.

    My cats would never, ever be in a puzzle club. They would be ON a puzzle, and the puzzle would likely end up, piece by piece, ON the floor. Sigh.

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  9. I love that the place you ‘got away’ from was the place your mother-in-law ‘got away’ to. Sounds like everyone got a refreshing change of scenery. I am a mother-in-law and hope that my kids’ spouses think as well of me as you think of yours. 🙂


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