Cheerios And Your Nose…

don’t go together….

I’ve been enjoying greek yogurt in the mornings and I generally toss in a handful of cheerios because FUN FACT: I love crunchy food.

Every time I open the box of Cheerios, I have flashbacks to when my girls were toddlers and Cheerios were most often the snack of choice. I carried them everywhere in little ziplock bags. The cheerios, not my kids. Cheerios were great to appease a peckish toddler.

ONE of my delightful offspring MIGHT have gotten a Cheerio stuck IN her nostril. I won’t tell you which one, but she currently wears a lot of weapons on her person while working.

There’s probably cheerios in those nostrils couch cushions.

I’ve mentioned it more times than I should that I have a cholesterol problem. I noticed that RIGHT on the BOX of Cheerios it states that eating Cheerios will lower your cholesterol. So not only am I getting some crunch, I’m maybe, kinda, sorta lowering my cholesterol.

Recently I had an epiphany. At first I thought I might have been having a stroke because it was so strong, but nope, it was in fact an Epiphany:

Toddlers ingest a lot of cheerios and you never hear about toddlers having elevated cholesterol so eating Cheerios on a regular basis really is good for you!

Another fun fact: Have you walked down the cereal aisle lately? Not only are there a bazillion different brands of cereal, Cheerios are no longer just the original cardboard flavor which I do enjoy.

When we were kids you could only get the original cardboard flavor but now they have nineteen varieties. NINETEEN. What a time to be alive!

By the way Merriam Webster also states that Cheerio is a term used in British society; usually used as a farewell and sometimes as a greeting or toast. I don’t want to brag, but I already knew that from watching British shows. See, watching TV is educational.

It would be perfectly ok to say Cheerio to the Cheerio as you insert it into your nose mouth.


When is the last time you ate Cheerios and were you compelled to stick them in your other face hole?

30 thoughts on “Cheerios And Your Nose…

  1. I used to carry a little ziplock bag full of Cheerios for my granddaughter whenever we picked her and her mom up at the airport. I loved the plain Cheerios until I had to go on a grain-free diet but I do miss them. Once my kids and husband discovered Honey Nut Cheerios they wouldn’t touch the original ones. I was shocked to hear there are now 19 varieties! Will have to take a stroll down the cereal aisle next time I go shopping. Nobody in this family ever put one in their noses, at least not that I know of.

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  2. My oldest got a Kix cereal stuck in his nose and I freaked the freak out before realizing I could just hold the other nostril and tell him to blow. Out it flew! I still love Kix cereal, way better than cheerios 🙂

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  3. I’m trying to recall if we ever were into the Cheerio Thing. We were not cold cereal eaters, as a rule. I just grab a small fistful of regular rolled oats and toss them into my Greek yoghurt. I AM SO HARDCORE.

    My kids were into raisins (UGH) and those zwieback toasts. Then as they got older, there were pouches of fruit snacks and those fruit rollup thingies. Thankfully, nothing in the nose.

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    1. You are hardcore!
      My girls like raisins too…thinking about those sticky/gooey things now makes my teeth hurt.
      I forgot about fruit roll ups; also not good for our teeth so probably invented by dentists. 😟


  4. I can only eat yogurt if I put something in it….pecans,granola, fruit etc. I have never gotten anything Stickney my nose but I did have a friend in elementary school who shoved a dried bean up her nose and forgot about. Days (maybe weeks) later her parents took her to the doctor because she stunk and they couldn’t figure out why. The doctor discovered and removed the rotten bean!!

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  5. Bijoux

    I remain unconvinced that they lower cholesterol, but I guess they aren’t unhealthy, if just eating the plain ones. My kids did eat them but I haven’t bought them since. We never had any nostril episodes, but my middle one did ingest a Lite Brite peg once, by accident. What a nightmare.

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  6. I detest Cheerios and their atrocious cardboard taste. You won’t find them in my cabinet, or up my nose. Blech!
    Interesting fact – when my husband had triple bypass a few years ago his cholesterol was very high. Turns out high triglycerides go hand in hand with diabetes. His cardiologist was the number one man in Maine and told us the absolute worst thing you can eat for breakfast is cereal. Too much carb which raises blood sugar which raises triglycerides which leads to heart disease. He banned it in his home and advised my husband to throw them all out.
    Food for thought, so to speak.

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  7. OMG I love Cheerios. I, too, am a purist. I don’t eat them anymore because they brag about being GF but they aren’t ‘certified GF’. I can’t have them. Dang it. Growing up and all through college, I ate Cheerios for breakfast. My college friends used to mock me, because I had this habit of dunking them in milk constantly while eating a bowl. I was not even aware I was doing that, till they made it very clear.

    My kids rebelled recently and demanded I buy Honey Nut variety. They practically called the authorities on me for withholding this delightful version from them for all these years. Hey, I’m an original and I like my Cheerios that way too, original. I wonder if my cholesterol is too high because I don’t eat them anymore.

    None of my kids put things up their noses, thank goodness. They were always so hungry, they preferred to stuff every morsel offered in their pie holes. Love that pic by the way. Looks like the girls could’ve stored some spare Cheerios in their cute cheeks.

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    1. Weird about the GF certification. I had no idea.
      You had to dunk the cheerios because they float to the top. DUH.
      We never had a shortage of chipmunk cheeks in our house.


  8. I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten a Cheerio…much less stuck one in my nose. When Man-Child was tiny he would get them. It was hilarious to watch his tiny, pudgy hands trying to pick them up. Usually Goldfish was the item carried about in my purse in the event of a hungry child.

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  9. You made me laugh. Carrying your kids around in little Ziploc bags…ha.

    My kids also loved Cheerios. Oddly, I never cared for them. Honey nut was the only exception. I’ve always been a Rick Krispies guy myself.

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  10. nicoleboyhouse

    It’s insane how many varieties of cereal there are now! When I was a kid, I remember Honey Nut Cheerios being introduced AND IT MADE WAVES IN THE CEREAL WORLD. Then, when I was a teenager, they came up with Multi Grain Cheerios and again, mind-blowing. Now there are just so many different kinds of every kind of cereal. I haven’t had Cheerios in years but I used to like the plain ones.

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  11. I love Honey Nut Cheerios but rarely eat cereal anymore! I have noticed the different kinds though! How do you choose?? I carried around cheerios for my kids all the time too! They were great finger foods! My daughter gave her kids something called Puffs. They were little finger foods but dissolved a lot quicker than Cheerios.

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  12. Melanie Galliano

    I haven’t eaten cereal in years and usually don’t buy any at all! But strangely enough, earlier this year I had a craving for it and was eating cereal for supper on the days I didn’t cook. I like the sugary sweet Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the strawberry frosted wheaties best. Valerie has never liked cereal. Veronica ate it for breakfast before school for about a year and suddenly quit.

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