How Many Accessories Is Too Many?

I’ve got to share with you about our insanely busy past weekend, but I must gather my thoughts AND my wits. How do I share something that is all my husbands doing, that stressed me out to no end, but was a very kind deed and wonderful in the end?

While I work on that…

This video popped up in my memories from one year ago last week; the day of Lolo’s swearing-in ceremony.

How does a human walk, run, sit, pee or even think whilst wearing SO much apparatus?

Who knows, but she is the cutest!

Some days I wish I could have her back as that overactive chubby toddler that on occasion made me lose my mind.

Cork board in our mudroom: note the Texas Ranger pin that she got as a toddler when we lived in TX. Maybe she’s in this field because Coach and I gave our toddler sharp objects like pins? Nahh

Happy Tuesday my friends! Have you seen a cuter Po-Po?

Anyone have it in them to still accessorize when they go out? I’ve been pretty lazy about it lately…


30 thoughts on “How Many Accessories Is Too Many?

  1. Rick and I were just having that talk about When Was Parenting Easier: Then Or Now? (Our sons are well into their 30s, so it was Very Philosophical.)

    And accessories? I peaked in that category while I was a career woman. Now, I’m still trying to figure out how to give up my purse. Having to wear a Batman Belt like your daughter would make me nuts.

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  2. Bijoux

    I mean, there’s the bulkiness of all that, but the weight of it would about do me in!
    Back in my working days, my shoes, belt and purse always matched! When I go out now, I put on my ‘nice’ tennis shoes . . . LOL!

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  3. Wow, she is loaded down there. I wonder if she feels the way I used to after taking off roller skates or ice skates. Weird? Free? Light? How does she keep track of what she is grabbing, especially when it is on the back of the belt? I noticed the Texas Ranger pin in the photo right away. Foreshadow much?

    I am not one to accessorize. At all. When I told a friend that at one of those jewelry parties years ago that I really don’t accessorize, she froze, put down the jewelry magazine she was paging through and said WHAT? DO YOU TAKE MEDICATION FOR THAT? Hee hee.

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    1. Laughing at your friend’s comment about medication.
      I have plenty of jewelry, I think I’m just getting lazy. But I’m going to make it a point to start wearing more. Maybe I’ll wear it ALL at once one day soon.


  4. I freely admit I have not been accessorizing during the past couple of years. Now that I’m (reluctantly) heading into the office a couple of days a week, I’m trying. But still keeping it pretty minimal. And basically keeping it to long sleeve t-shirts and jeans, if I’m honest. I’d forgotten how cold they keep it in there! No point in even trying to wear any cute spring/summer outfits; I’d end up with hypothermia!

    Inquiring minds DO wonder…how does she go to the bathroom with all that gear? And even more – how does she remember what is where?

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  5. She looks lovely, and her smile is a delight! And I agree with YOU: I was just ruminating in my last post about how the bathroom-going happens in a jumpsuit… This belt creates the same (or more) conundrum. Whoever designed it had one specific body part/type in mind, one thinks… I actually wonder how their arms’ posture has to change as well given the bulk around their body. I’m curious: does she feel all the gear is necessary?

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    1. Thank you, she is lovely.
      Yes, you are correct, you can’t walk/run with your arms by your side as a civilian does.
      I have a feeling that all the ‘tools’ are necessary considering all the different types of situations she could come upon during a twelve-hour shift. But I will inquire personally when I see her.

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  6. Have never seen a cuter Po-Po! 😊 I think I would lose my balance and fall over if I had to carry so many things on my person. Since coming out of quarantine I keep forgetting to wear earrings when I go out of the house. 🙃 Then suddenly I feel naked in the grocery store…

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  7. I’ve adopted the three point principle of accessories that I learned from Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs Darcy blog. It is simply wear three accessories and call it done. Any more and you look showy, any fewer and you look shabby.

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  8. My grandson wanted to be a cop for the longest time. When he was finally old enough to enroll in police school, he decided not to do it. I was kind of glad and kind of sad. I just let him fly his own way – like a butterfly – hither and yon

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    1. Hither and Yon. 🙂
      It’s not a profession that everyone can do and honestly, when she said she was going into law enforcement, our jaws hit the ground. We never saw that coming.


  9. Melanie Galliano

    Nah, no accessories here. I might put on earrings but that’s about it. My hands hurt too much to wear my wedding band, but I do have a silicone one to put on when I think about it.


  10. scuzzybiatch

    I just did a post on how bad I am at this. I wish I could effortlessly or even with much effort accessorise and look fabulous but either I forget to do it altogether or it is just a little off


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