The Sky, The Moon(t)And You

A few weeks ago I looked through the front doors and captured this lovely sunset; no editing because why would I want to, plus I don’t know how.

We are blessed with amazing sunsets from our front door more times than not.

The next afternoon I got an alert on my phone that lighting was in the area and to seek shelter, so like a normal person I went outside to see for myself.

I was kind of happy to see these dark clouds as we’ve not had rain in forever; the grass is as dry as my personality. Wouldn’t you know it thundered, rumbled and just looked ominous, but not one drop of water fell from the sky. NOT ONE.

(Since I started this post weeks ago, we had a huge downpour that flooded out lots of the mulch I just laid and had the pool as full as it could get)


Remember last month when I spent the weekend with my girlfriend D? Of course you do, what else do you have to think about? Anyhoo, she told me that her son Kelly (who passed away) called the moon: Moont when he was little. When he was an adult and traveling around the country, he would often stop what he was doing call his Mom and say:

Go outside and look at the moont while I’m looking at the moont.

I just thought that was the sweetest thing.

So now when I see the moon, I think of the two of them. Last week I sent her a picture of my moont and she went out and took a pic of her moont.

I just love that wherever we are on this planet, we can look at the same moont.

When you see the moont tonight, I want you to think about me.

Well, unless it’s this kind of moon.

I had a very busy weekend with various things that I will be posting about soon.

Luckily, we only fed 14 people on Easter Sunday and not 120; so that was a piece of kale cake. I got to spend TWO days with my delightful offspring and part of my weekend involved meeting up with One Of You.

If it wasn’t you, could you guess who it was?


25 thoughts on “The Sky, The Moon(t)And You

  1. Oh, that moont story, so touching. The gif though, well it reminds me of driving to Florida for spring break in college. It was a large group of girls, in two different cars. A carvan of sorts. One girl in our car mooned the girls in the other car. Ah, youth. That was before cell phones, so a different kind of distraction while driving.

    “So like a normal person, I went out to see for myself.” Hilarious. The pool looks amazing, BTW.

    14 people for Easter sounds reasonable. This year it was just 6 of us. Tank stayed in Omaha and went to a friend’s house where he told the kid’s grandma that he hated her. Um, she started it, but leave it to Tank to play along. His friends almost died laughing. Ed is still in Budapest. My family didn’t gather, well the special people did. My brothers were traveling. Coach’s two nearby siblings did stuff with the opposite sides. ‘Just us’ was nice and quiet, which was just right. 😉

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    1. I think it was a law that Spring Break in Florida requires a certain amount of Mooning.

      The pool is ALMOST done. Thank you-we do love it too.

      Are you allowed to hate Grandma’s? I’m sure there was some sort of joke there knowing Tank.


  2. Pat Birnie

    Such a sweet story about the moont. And such a good friend you are. By the way I had an Arnold Palmer while here in South Carolina (on your recommendation I think?). It was yummy. I asked for a spiked one, because, well….I’m on vacation. They had one with a peach rum; it was good. I think today I’ll try one with vodka!

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    1. Yay for an Arnold Palmer; my fave! I’ve never had one with added alcohol, way to go enjoying your vacation to the max! Peach rum sounds like the perfect additive. Enjoy.


  3. I’m not a normal person either, because I am always outside during thunderstorms. It’s not wise, I know, and yet…lightning fascinates me.

    I need to get better at being fascinated inside the living room during storms.

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    1. A few years back we were in Las Vegas in the summer, and with no warning it started to hail. And not just hail, but marble-to-ping ping sized hail. We sought shelter… quickly! I guess when the skies want you under cover, they let you know 😁

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    2. I know you love a good storm too-you are able to capture the BEST photos of them. Hopefully, you’ll always be safe doing so. But if we suddenly stop hearing from you…well, we’ll have an inkling as to what happened.


  4. Bijoux

    I do not know many of your readers to guess. But I do love that moon story and I love that you both took a photo of the moon. Isn’t it interesting how different it looks?

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    1. Yes, they both looked very different. Also, it’s hard to capture a good photo of the moon. I mean, professionals do it all the time, but you know, us Cell Phone Photographers aren’t that great.


  5. Those are all great photos and one funny gif! About 25 years ago, I was sitting in a restaurant having lunch at a front window table when a double-decker bus went by. Everyone on the upper deck was mooning out the windows. I don’t know what the hell kind of tour group that was, but clearly they were all “in high spirits” by noon!

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  6. Gorgeous photo! And even though I don’t care for tropical climates, there’s something about palm trees and sunsets. 💕
    The moon story is very touching, and bittersweet for your friend I’m sure. As for thinking of you… I’m going to wait for the second kind of moon.

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  7. I’m so glad that you can be Moont Friends with Kelly’s mom. That’s the sort of Love Language that should go on and on and on.

    Our front porch at home faces north, and we love to sit out and watch the big thunderstorms roll in over Lake Erie in the summertime. The skies get so deeply purple and dark grey, and sometimes the line of demarcation in the clouds over the horizon is like something you see on a storm chaser documentary. When the lightning starts, we can see it way off in the distance safely. We have lots of dry storms, too, but they bring an incredible drop in temperature that’s immediate. (And often welcome.)

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    1. I agree with that sort of Love Language; it should go on forever in his memory.

      Your front porch storm watching sounds so lovely. I too love to watch a good storm roll in or roll by, of course, from the comfort of my home. It’s dreadful if you are driving.


  8. A sweet memory of the moont. I’ll think of that always now, you know. I remember how quickly the weather could change in SW FL– and how beautiful it was. Sounds like you had a fun Easter weekend. ‘Twas all that and a bag of jelly beans? 😉

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  9. …”so like a normal person I went outside to see for myself.” …the way I cackled.

    Not me, coming to the comment section one hour into a gummy (and not the ones from Albanese) to the find the lucky SOB (again, gummy) who got to meet you. Am I too high or who was it??

    I love the moont story! I think maybe we all need to take pictures of our moonts and send to each other. Interpret that any way you’d like. 😉

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