I’m Feeling Like A Salty Rock Star.

Ya’ll! I’ve been working my biscuits off for the past few weeks on our upper deck/lanai area. I was an eager beaver to get it going after all the pool/deck work was done and before Florida turns into hellfire; 6we are on the cusp of that already with temps in the mid 90’s. The beds were there from before, but had to be updated because the area was trashed from all the work.

I had (40) 30lb bags of Mexican Beach Rocks delivered. (I still need 15 more). I lugged the bags of rocks in my little girl wheelbarrow which can only fit four at a time, from the driveway around the back of the house UPHILL and to the deck.

*Doing the math: 120lbs each load x 10 trips. It’s as hard as it sounds, no wonder I’ve been exhausted.

I’ve also manipulated and updated all my drip irrigation lines in the rock beds to my potted plants and in-ground plants.

*Adds Irrigation Specialist to resume.

It was hell getting the pool and deck finished. We realized early on that our pool contractors were possessed by satan. *sigh* I’ll forever loathe those people.


This is a little video clip I found on my phone of the pool area on a rainy day from a few years ago. BEFORE

I tried to place the videos side by side but WordPress said NO effing way lady.


Our lanai is naked; as in no screen/cage. I’m not a fan because mosquitoes love to dine on my blood, but we’ll see how long I can hold out.


Behold the beauty of my rock beds…even the area that is waiting for more rocks looks pretty to me.

We’ve still got to install the stone spa spillover and Coach is finally able to start his outdoor kitchen. I’m SUPER excited about him having a grill again; my butt is tired of preparing the protein for every meal.

*wipes sweat from my brow*

I had no idea I had such a thing for Frogs; I found three that had been in here and I have a few more out in the butterfly garden. RIBBIT

I have an affinity for garden decor. The inside of the house is clutter free, but in my gardens, I love tchotchkes. Frogs. Bee’s. Mushrooms. Gnomes. Driftwood. I’m surprised I don’t have an old toilet out there with flowers popping out of it.

Wait, I just had a great idea…


Anyhoo. I’m almost at the end of my project and I’m happy about that. I’m also happy that the pool is there because I’ve had to dunk myself many times to cool off; it’s been a lifesaver. We went with a salt system this time in lieu of just chlorine and I’m loving it. It’s weird to explain, but the water feels softer, less harsh, with no smell and it doesn’t burn my eyeballs.

Of course, I’m having to carry a salt shaker with me every time I walk out there to refill it, but what else do I have to do? 😳😜

Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you mother humans, pets, plants, that weird guy who works at the grocery store or your best friend.

Where would be be without mothers?

We’d all be dead in a ditch wearing dirty underwear, that’s where!

We started the pool and deck work in September—to say I’m sick and tired of having workers out my back door for that long is an understatement.
Anyone else excited to be FINISHED with a labor intensive project?


32 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Like A Salty Rock Star.

  1. Lugging rocks is not for the faint of heart! You’ve done great, the results are stunning. Your pool also looks inviting to these winter weary eyes. I like planning, then living with, landscape projects but the actual doing is something else indeed.

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  2. That meditative frog holding his knees is my fave. What a face! I’d put him in my yard, and I’m not one for yard tchotchkes.

    Despite your satanic pool crew, the remodel really is transformative. What a gorgeous setting!

    I’m impressed by your hard labour. Moving that much rock is no joke. Just ask the inmates at Leavenworth (LOL). Seriously, though, kudos.

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    1. I love all of the Frogs’ expressions.
      Thank you for your kind words and for acknowledging all of my labor; that’s all I needed to move forward and finish the project next week when my last batch of rocks arrive.


  3. Pat Birnie

    What a beautiful transformation! And lugging those Rick’s is no small feat (Ernie). I’m interested to see how you do without the screening.

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  4. Wow. You HAVE been busy. It looks amazing. That is a long project. The wheelbarrow pushing alone in the Florida heat would put me over the edge, well – the edge of the pool at least. I’d have taken hop-in-the-pool breaks every 15 minutes. I love your frog collection, especially because you didn’t even realize you were collecting frogs.

    I’m working on a project -TRYING to take our old hi8 videos from ’98-’10 and transferring them to digital format. I used an old camcorder yesterday, but there were no images showing. I’m praying that the camera isn’t working. *The guy I bought it from insists it works, which makes me ill.* My fear is that the video tapes (the small ones like 8 mm) are ALL bad. Maybe storing them in my closet over the garage made them too hot? I have around 40 two hour videos and I’m afraid they’re all bad. I took them to a camera shop yesterday to see if they can transfer them. Fingers crossed.

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    1. I do take a lot of pool breaks. If not, I’d probably pass out…..I can’t do as much as I used to. Not sure what is happening. AGE?

      Hmmmm.. Hopefully they are NOT ruined from heat and it is the camera This sounds like a BIG undertaking. Good luck!


  5. Bijoux

    It looks so resort like! I’m all about an open air concept. The only salt water pool I’ve been was at an Indigenous resort in Arizona. Our master bath is now 5 weeks behind schedule, but usable. We haven’t moved into it yet.

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    1. Wow, Your bathroom is taking some time, isn’t it? I know it will be beautiful when it is all said and done. It’s hard to be patient, though. I get that.


  6. Ha ha! Funny we both used the word “tchotchkes” in our posts! Your pool area is gorgeous! Is it not fashionable to have a cage on your Lenai anymore! I though you needed them to keep alligators out along with mosquitos and other bugs! But what does this northern girl know? LOL

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    1. Most people DO have the cages, and we planned on putting one back on, but the Coach is loving the way this looks for now. We will see. I don’t think the screen would keep a gator out though, so it’s really for the bugs.


  7. nicoleboyhouse

    DEAD IN A DITCH! That’s what my mom always said to me if I didn’t call, that she thought I was dead in a ditch.

    I love your yard, I love your garden decor, and I’m going to move in, I am sure you have a spare room.

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  8. It looks PHENOMENAL! It really does.
    Mosquitoes sound like a great concern for sure. They love me, too.
    How much harder is it going to be to keep it clean?
    I LOVE that you got the salt water system. You are correct that the water feels softer. I have a great sensitivity to chlorine so can’t swim in chlorine pools anymore.

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    1. I live in fear of mosquitos as they wreak havoc on my person.
      I purchased a few Dynatraps and placed them around the house; I’ll give a full review once we’re really in mosquito season and let you know how well they work.


  9. Your pool and deck area looks fantastic! Well done hauling all those heavy rocks! Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. The saltwater pool sounds ideal. Swimming in chlorine pools burns my eyes, too, and I can’t stand the smell of bleach.

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    1. Thank you-it’s a lovely area and I’m fortunate to call it home.

      I love the idea of dropping off a toilet at our pool contractors, but I could think of something else to put in it besides flowers. 💩

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