My Day To Shine, I Just Wish It Wasn’t In My Eyes And Enjoying A Dirty Bird or Three.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. Lolo was scheduled to work, but had sustained a work/training injury which stinks, but she was at least able to join us on Sunday. {She’s on the mend} Lindsay and I had scheduled Saturday afternoon together doing something fun and creative at AR Workshop. I’d never been to one of these workshops before but I’ve seen friends who created wood stuff like this:

Honestly, it wasn’t looking like my vibe. I’m not into painted wood, things with our names on them, the phrase “Live, Laugh, Love” makes me want to shank someone and don’t get me started on lazy Susans; it’s offensive to all Susans and especially someone who is often referred to as Susan.

But they offered a chunky knit blanket class and I’m all about chunky and blankets.

It took us three hours to create these ONE OF A KIND blankets by hand. We had a lot of fun; there were only five of us total in the class and there was much laughter.

When we finished the child lady who owns this particular franchise said: Let’s go outside where there is GOOD light for a photo.

Um, Linds and I can hardly keep our light colored eyes open in NOT GOOD LIGHT; it was much too bright. Linds was able to fight through it for at least one pic, I could not. To quote my daughter: “You look like someone stepped on your foot”. Hence the blurring out of my pained face.

Do you think we could see them for hundreds of dollars since they are ONE OF A KIND? Prolly not.

Afterwards we had a lovely lunch at Olive Garden of Soup, Salad and Breadsticks MINUS olives because gross.

Guess who loves my blanket as much as I do?

On Sunday we met for lunch at our Marina. It’s always a delightful meal with lots of laughter when we’re all together. I appreciated the fact that Lauren and Nathan drove an hour and a half to be there.

Wait. What? Is that an extra human in our family pic?

My girls always make me feel special, but on Mother’s Day, I feel EXTRA special.

I tell them not to buy me prezzies; just your TIME, undying love and a card is all I require. Lolo {ironically} broke the law with this mug and it filled my heart with all sorts of sassy love.

I can’t think of a better way to start my day other than with a mug full of innuendos.

Amiright or amiright?

Have you been to an AR Workshop? When we were there, the creative wood stuff didn’t look nearly as cheesy as it did online. But you’ll never convince me to have “Live, Love, Laugh” written anywhere in my home.


30 thoughts on “My Day To Shine, I Just Wish It Wasn’t In My Eyes And Enjoying A Dirty Bird or Three.

  1. Too funny! And I’m speaking of the fact I blogged about that exact mug a while back. Perhaps we share DNA? Looks like a lovely Mothers Day.. and I’m totally with you in the inspirational phrase signs. They make me want to punch someone.

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  2. I’m with you on the light-coloured eyes and the sun. If it is daylight and I am outside, I have sunglasses on…even on overcast days. Love the blanket! Looks like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I asked for no prezzies too…just a family hike…., and still got a beautiful card and a solar dragonfly mobile (love them both!)


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  3. It sounds like a lovely weekend and those blankets are GORGEOUS. I loved reading your post about being called Susan, which, as you might imagine, is an ordeal I face often as well. The thing about it that baffles me the most is when people ask my name and write it down. They HEAR “Suzanne” and yet write it down as “Susan.” Which would indicate to me that a) they think “Suzanne” is spelled “Susan” and that b) “Susan” is pronounced the SAME WAY as “Suzanne.” And yet when they call my name, “Susan.” Baffling!

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  4. “Live, Love, Laugh” Yep, not my jam either. Nice for others who like it though, but not in this house. The chunky throw is a thing to behold. Not sure how you made it, but good job. Glad you had a lovely day.

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    1. The blanket was made by hand; weird loops, braids, and hoopty de do’s. I’d never be able to recreate it without someone showing me each step again. It was a fun experience.


    1. OMG I cant do those signs either. “This family laughs together” . . . um, sure, but we also rage and get snippy and are very messy. No one wants to hang a reality check sign in their home apparently.

      OMG love the fowl mug. Hilarious. Your girls are clever gift givers.

      I have not been to that class but I LOVE that blanket. Seeing a photo of Lillie reminds me that I must share ANOTHER lookalike toy to Lillie. Thanks to Finn’s handy work.

      Wait, who is the extra human in the pic? Or is that mystery gonna be shared at a later date?


  5. I have a group of friends who love the painted signs. I’ve done it with them twice. The first time I painted something. It looked horrible as I am not artistic. The second time I went, I just watched them paint. I might enjoy making the blanket. I definitely would use it unlike the painted sign. Also, are you about to be planning another wedding????

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  6. Bijoux

    Have you seen the Progressive commercial where the ‘Dr.’ throws the wooden sign in the trash can? Makes me LOL every.single.time! Those blankets look amazingly soft, but also heavy??? I love the mug. Glad you had a fab day.

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    1. I love all the Progressive “don’t be your parent’s” commercials, and that one, in particular, is a hoot!

      The blankets are heavier than they look; super soft, though.


  7. Absolutely LOVE the blankets and would love to figure out how to make one. I’ve been to one Wine & Design thing (wooden things with options to put sayings on, etc.). I’m not a sayings kind of person but I did go with a stencil of the first initial of our last name that came out okay. After that, I’m pretty much done; as I don’t need a bunch of random wood things hanging around the house.

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  8. The way you feel about Lazy Susans is how I feel about the term “mark,” as in, victim of a con. I find that particular definition (“a person who is easily deceived or taken advantage of”) to be pretty offensive if I do say so myself!

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    1. So funny you mentioned the negative connotation with your name. (Which I never think of, by the way.)
      My late brother was Mark. I can remember him complaining to my Mom once something along the lines of ‘why did you name me after a smear or a smudge on the furniture?”
      He was a character and would have found a flaw in any name given to him anyway.


  9. I am laughing so hard at your daughter saying, “you look like someone stepped on your foot.”
    Our families would get along. Well.
    I wouldn’t want to make a Live Laugh Love sign either, but sign me up to make those blankets! You made those in only a few hours??

    It looks like you had a lovely day! I love your adorable family.

    *Also, we enjoy the ssb at Olive Garden WITHOUT the olives. See? Soul mates. 😉

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    1. She is a trip and always makes me laugh.
      It took us THREE hours to make them which I thought was a lonnnnnng time. I was about to get hangry.

      I’ve not been to Olive Garden in so many years. A particular person in my house doesn’t care for it. (“that’s fake Italian food!”) But Linds (and I’m sure Lolo too) love the SSB!
      No olives. Total soul mates!

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  10. I would love to take a class like that! I think my daughter and I would enjoy it! Looks like you had a nice Mother’s Day! Hopefully you will tell us soon about the extra human in your picture!


  11. How come your daughter’s blanket looks way bigger? Was she Teacher’s Pet?

    Love your dirty birdy mug. Too cute.

    It was super sweet of you to work that hard just to make a dog blanket for Lillie. But, I have done the same with months of knitting mitred squares so that Piper could shed bales of hair all over the resulting handmade blanket. Even as I knitted it, in process, in my lap. Sigh. Even our pet children work us.

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    1. Our pet children DO work us.
      Our blankets were the same size. I was just holding mine weird…probably because I couldn’t see what the heck I was doing.


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