Weird Tan Lines and Perhaps An Intervention Is In My Future.

Me standing in front of the entire World Wide Web:

My Name is Suzanne and I’m addicted to Vionic Flip Flops.

That entire top row is the same shoe, just a different color. I also have a pair in my car. A few pairs at our rental condo and about 7 pairs in GA. I believe I am solely responsible for Vionic being in business.

I know there are people on the planet who loathe flip flops. That might be you. But if it is you, then you don’t live in Florida and you don’t suffer with arch issues or plantar fasciitis.

I lived with terrible hip, knee and ankle pain thinking I was going to die, until a Dr. (the fourth one) in 1995 stated that I had ‘fallen arches’.

My Arches after Suz gaining of 50lbs with pregnancy:


That particular Dr. prescribed a pair of custom made orthotics and they SAVED MY LIFE. I still have them today (26 yrs) and wear them in my athletic shoes.

It wasn’t until many, many years later that Vionic (and a few other brands) started making shoes with arch support and I could again wear cute shoes without pain.

So what did I do? I supported the entire &^%$#@+ industry, that’s what I did.

I LOVE my Vionic Tide flip flops. I put them on as soon as I fall roll out of bed; you’ll never catch me barefoot. Walking barefoot is painful.

People say: They’re so expensive!

I know. I agree.

But you know what else is expensive? Having my feet transplanted. That is super expensive and I believe unheard of.


It was all fun and games until Vionic came out with this new super cute sandal that I just needed to add to my collection. I was SO excited to have something comfortable and different in my arsenal.

The only issue?

My tan lines don’t match up.

Do I need to start wearing sunscreen on my feet? Or start a self tanning foot regiment?

I’m perplexed.

I would give my left middle finger (the effed up one) to be able to wear flat shoes or *hold me from fainting* stylish high heels without wanting to jump off a bridge, but that part of my life was over in my late 20’s.

*Vionic has come out with a few pair of cute heels that are doable for a short time. I wore a pair to Lolo’s wedding, but when the dancing commenced, you bet your sweet azz I was wearing my flip flops!*

Do you have issues with your feet? Or should I hate you for the fact that you can wear anything OR go barefoot?


35 thoughts on “Weird Tan Lines and Perhaps An Intervention Is In My Future.

  1. Yes, I wear custom orthotics for plantar fasciitis too, so I know your pain! However, because I’m also diabetic, I can’t wear sandals or flip flops or any shoe that is not completely enclosed (due to the danger of cuts or other small foot injuries that could become infected.) Good to know that such arch-supportive flip flops exist though! As for the tan lines, perhaps you could use that fake tan stuff to hide them?

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  2. Those look like my kind of flip flops! Just a little bit of a heel. I do well with Sketchers at least! i don’t have any problems with my feet thank goodness, I never walk in flat shoes or barefoot anyway because it makes my back hurt after a while.

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  3. Thanks for this information. I have troubles with my knees and hips, so like you I never go barefoot. My go-to is Birkenstocks, but I’m all about new sandals. Will look into the ones you suggest.

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    1. Birkenstocks have a big following, and they’re cute hippie-dippie shoes. Sadly, for me, they don’t have enough arch support.
      One thing that is great about Vionics is that you can wear them for 30 days and if they don’t work, you get a full refund. I have found that the sizing is tricky In sneakers I wear an 8.5; in the vionic flips I wear a 6.

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  4. Oh, god. This post was…I simply cannot stand feet. Period. It’s a Thing with me. Baby feet, toddler feet, yes. After that, Ugh. I wish all shoes exposing feet would be banned in public. I wrote about it over at my place a long while ago, here.

    Anyway, my sympathies to your Fallen Arches and Mismatched Tan Lines. It’s all very alien and Floridian to me, the two being synonymous for this NEO person (who does not own a pair of flipflops). I do, however, admire anyone who amasses any collection of shoes as impressive as yours.

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    1. YOU! It was YOU who couldn’t stand seeing feet.
      Funny, but there are other body parts that I don’t ever want to see…😳

      I do have lots of other cute Vionic sandals, but the flips are my go-to most days.


  5. I’m green with envy over your shoe storage. What did I do the instant I read of your recommendation? I raced over to my fav department store’s website. Von Maur has these shoes, but I don’t see any on sale. If they don’t go on sale much, I wouldn’t cross paths with them.

    I’m not sure if my arches have fallen and can’t get up, or what – but I was fitted with orthotics when I was pregnant with one of the last three kids. Oh how my back hurts if I’m on my feet for long without good support. I wear my orthotics in my running shoes. My shoes of choice are actually more pricey than the Vionic ones. Shh – don’t tell Coach. I wear Mephisto, Fly London, Naot, Donald Pliner. All offer me so much support. Even though I only buy them when they are on sale, they are still CRAZY pricey. The lengths I have gone to in order to own a marked down pair . . . well it is a post I keep meaning to write.

    Lately, my feet hurt a ton. Like a different kind of hurt. I wonder if it’s similar to what’s happening to my pinkies. After sitting when I get up to walk, I look like I’m about to celebrate my 80th. Sadly, I don’t think any pricey shoe brand will fix it.

    Wow, you are SO tan. I say you rotate the new cute sandals into the rotation to fill in the tan lines. Maybe buy more of the latest style to give you more rotation options. Look at me, recommending buying MORE shoes. Difficult situations call for shopping. Obviously.

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    1. They occasionally will have a sale on specific styles/colors.

      Many years ago, I wore Mephisto; sadly, they never offered enough arch support for me, so they weren’t my shoe of choice. Pricey? Absolutely. Your secret is safe with me.

      I spend a lot of time outside in the gardens or with the dogs. I apply sunscreen liberally to my face/neck/arms, but I’m guilty of letting my legs and feet catch the bad rays.


  6. You don’t want me to start talking about feet and all the beautiful (sinfully expensive!) shoes I can no longer wear. My issue is bunions. They started when I was 40, and it wasn’t any fun having the feet of a 95 year old woman. Flip flops are da bomb! I live in them as long as I can, though Maine winters force me to put something a bit more substantial over my toes in winter. I have 3 pairs of Vionics and I don’t care how much they cost… they’re fabulous. Now get out there and redo that tan line.

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    1. My Aunt Trisha had bunion surgery on both of her feet many years ago because they caused her so many issues. Sadly I think they came back. I have much sympathy for you.

      I’m gonna work on my new tan lines this weekend. 😆

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  7. Today, I hurt my foot getting into our new daybed on the patio. It’s a long story that I’ll tell on my blog. But it’s almost as if you can read minds or something.

    I love those tan sandals (that don’t match up to the tan lines.) Are those Vionics as well?

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  8. I’ve never heard of Vionics. I’ll have to check them out. I love Birkenstocks…I wear them year-round (summers outside, and I have a pair that I wear year-round inside). I found a pair of Teva sandals that I just love for summer hiking. My sneaker brand is Asics…like strapping pillows to your feet…heaven! I’ll go barefoot when I can (outside) but never in the house. Too tiring and a reminder that I need to vacuum 😂.


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  9. Bijoux

    I’ve never even heard of them, but I don’t do flip flops (thongs, as we called them back in the day) because the toe thing would give me a blister. I have lots of feet problems. I basically can only wear tennis shoes unless I’m only walking from car to a chair. Any prolonged walking gives me blisters. I wear orthotics for a bunion on my right foot. Impossible to find shoes, since I need a wide for one foot and medium for normal foot. Then, last week I had Moh’s surgery on my 4th toe of left foot. My feet are a mess! Total empathy here!

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  10. I have suffered for years with plantar fasciitis. Last spring I discovered Oofos flip flops and finally am free of foot pain. They are hideously ugly but have been lifesavers. I might need to invest in a pair of Vionics because they are much cuter. And I’m just like you. I never go barefoot. I even put on those orthopedic flip flops to go to the bathroom.

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  11. I have no problem with flip-flops, but I prefer going barefoot. Only difference: that is NOT a year-round option out here!

    I will say though, if you embraced barefootedness (I know that’s not a word, whatever!), you wouldn’t have to worry about uneven tan lines.

    BTW, you are really tan! You guys get a lot of sun down there or what??

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    1. I can’t do barefootness because of my arch issues; it’s painful. Yes, that IS a word. 😆

      I spend a lot of time outside either working in the gardens or with the dogs, and I am faithful with my sunscreen on my face, neck and shoulders, but my legs and feet are a free-for-all with the sun.

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  12. nicoleboyhouse

    I don’t like flip flops because I can’t stand having something between my toes. Like, when they would put toe separators on me while getting a pedicure…I could die. I could die just thinking about it! But I do support your need to have many of the same shoes in different colours. I have cute little Skecher flats in slightly different styles, all black. So, I feel you!

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  13. I never wear open-toed shoes because I am forever stubbing my toes! It was interesting learning about your Vionic ones with arch support. (Do they come in wide sizes? That’s my foot problem.) In the past, the only time I ever wore flip flops was for the walk from the car to the beach.

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  14. scuzzybiatch

    I am a total shoe whore. I would sell my body for shoes. I mean they can change your life. I don’t have foot problems but I do have shoe problems. I have hundreds of pairs, a lot of heels. We now live in Spain and the streets are not paved with anything smooth so I can no longer wear my heels. I am in the process of changing to a wedge for evenings and flip flops for daily wear when not driving. we have to wear a closed in shoe or risk a hefty fine.

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