Vacation Part Tres: Archery, Fly Fishing, And Axe Throwing Wins and Fails

I mentioned before that the Coach and I visited Three Forks Ranch back in 2015 for his 50th birthday. I knew we had to recreate my favorite photo, wearing my favorite outfit: WADERS. They’re the newest 6thing in fashion. Who doesn’t want roomy pants that make you look like an Oompa Loompa?

We’re almost 7 years older, a bit ‘fluffier’ and still as happy as two silly people can be.

Catching Flies

Fly Fishing for the rest of you. I’m not really into fishing, but I am into spending time with my people and this is actually more fun that it looks.

I have to give a huge shoutout to our Lindsay. A lot of this trip was outside of her comfort zone; I mean, she loves nature, but not so much fishing. Or archery. Or tossing axes in any direction Or mountain biking, but she NAILED it on every adventure and we were so happy she enjoyed it all. She actually caught the first trout and I think that qualifies for some some sort of award.

Did I just tell you all of the other activities? That’s me, giving it all away too soon!

No worries you Fish Huggers, this is ALL catch and release. I mean, I think the fish would rather skip the catching part, but you know, when in Rome.

We all caught a few, but Nathan had to catch the BIGGEST one because that is how he rolls.

  • My hat says: Sassy Since Birth
  • Lolo wasn’t afraid to hold her fish, but her guide apparently wanted to hold it more.


Archery is so much fun. Our two female guides (one was the same as our last visit) took us on a woody trail that had fake animal targets along the way; such a great time and we were all pretty proficient at this. I’m trying to think of a way to incorporate this into my daily life. Archery in Target? Archery to get the attention of the Deli Dude at Publix? Archery to kill aphids on my milkweed? Maybe not…but if an apocalypse breaks out, we are READY.


This was my first foray into throwing axes. I know. I was surprised too, but it’s just never come up before. That possible apocalypse? Please don’t count on me to save myself or anyone else with an axe. Lauren, Nathan and the Coach? They were really good at this. Linds and Halie got it after a few tries. Me? I threw six axes. Five went over/under the target and one hit the very tippy top, surely by accident.

I did get a little video of Lolo; I think she got six out of six.

I think I failed to mention that a few weeks before our trip, she was doing Police Bike Training, (which she loved) but she fell off her bike, landed on her right elbow and sustained a slight fracture. We were concerned she might not be able to participate, but it turned out that tossing the bean bags for corn hole was more uncomfortable than axes. She is healing just fine and I’m thinking she needs to add an Axe to her utility work belt. I can see the headlines now: Florida Police Officer Takes Down Catalytic Converter Thief With An Axe!

Have you done any of these activities? Did you enjoy them? I’m so happy that we had a Vacation Outside Of The Box because how often does that happen?


26 thoughts on “Vacation Part Tres: Archery, Fly Fishing, And Axe Throwing Wins and Fails

  1. You certainly made the most of the coordinated activity list. I can honestly say I’ve never thrown an axe, but damn I can certainly think of a few walking talking targets I’d like to practice on.
    P.S. you still rock the waders.

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  2. Bijoux

    I love a photo re-creation! I’ve been fishing (not fly) three times and thought it was just ok. I did archery at camp as a kid and I think it was also a part of PE in high school. I’ve never thrown axes, but it’s a popular thing around here to go to axe throwing bars. I’m unsure of the safety of combining beer and axes for me.

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    1. I’ve heard of ax throwing places too, but was under the impression you could not mix alcohol while doing so. But who knows? Are there any rules anymore?


      1. Axe throwing + drinking is a very popular thing! I’ve done it, but did realize how dangerous it could be. The place near us is BYOB so maybe that’s how they get away with the liabilities that might ensue? P.S. Lolo is wonderwoman!!

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    1. LOL. I suppose you’d have to add some ‘force’ behind the ax to get it to stick? I wasn’t even close to the target…
      We had a great time!


  3. Those trout are beautiful! I do like to fish, but I’ve never been fly fishing.

    Axe throwing is actually an available activity around here in several places. I’d never do it because I would find a way to flip it into myself.

    I like the idea of you wearing a bow and quiver on your back to run errands all over town.

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    1. I found Fly Fishing to be much more fun than the saltwater fishing I have done in my life. You’re constantly throwing the rod/line out moving as a bug/fly would.

      I was a tad nervous throwing the ax too; knowing there could be a chance I could hurt myself while trying to hit a target.

      You know someone will start making Designer Bow and Arrows if that happens…


  4. I have not thrown an axe and I’m sure if I tried the people in the near vicinity would fear for their lives. I love the recreated photo. So fun.

    I did do an archery rotation in gym class in high school. I have been fishing before, because my dad took my brothers on father’s day once. My brother’s buddy was supposed to go but cancelled at the last minute. The boat made me SO seasick that I don’t think I participated in the fishing much.

    Hooray for Lindsay for trying stuff outside her comfort zone. I’m glad Lauren’s injury didn’t interfere with her fun. I laughed at the image of her packing an axe on her already weighty utility belt.

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    1. Fishing from a boat isn’t for everyone, that is for sure.

      I was so proud of both of my girls; they were there for the fun and new experiences.


  5. M

    I laughed throughout this post — you’re too funny! Yes, archery to catch the attention of the deli guy seems like it’d be apt sometimes! And Lolo taking down the catalytic converter thieves with an axe! LOL!!!

    Love the photo re-do! You guys rock!

    I have never heard of axe throwing; I didn’t realize it was a thing! And with alcohol to boot, in these places? I can’t even!! But yes, I’d be just like you; I can’t throw anything properly to save my life…so I always said my son’s pitching skillzzz were not from me!

    I have never done any of those activities. I’ve been fishing a few times — from my in-laws’ boat on Table Rock Lake in MO and behind their lakehouse. But for something different to do, we went on one of those sea fishing tours when we were in Delray Beach (I think we had to drive north, maybe to West Palm Beach?) and of the 3 of us (husband and son), I was the only one who caught a fish! It was probably also the biggest of all caught on that boat; too bad I didn’t join the pool (there was a betting pool for the biggest fish) so I could’ve won big bucks!! LOL

    Anyway, this comment is already very long but I wanted to take the opportunity here to say that I have been reading more of your archives and I kept thinking to myself, “Oh, man….I wish I had read this before so I could comment!” Many, many posts I enjoyed: Awed at your recent remodel; you have a gorgeous home! Your incredible vacations!!
    Your then-Lolo’s BF’s (now her husband) Husky — we have a Husky now and yes, the hair!!! But he’s such a beautiful dog, full of personality so we overlook the tumblehair (ha!) rolling all around us.

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    1. You saying that I made you laugh is a huge compliment in my book; thank you for that.

      Axe throwing is a big deal in most major cities…well, from what I’ve seen. Places are popping up here and there.

      Coach and I both grew up in West Palm Beach. I went fishing off of piers and at parks with my Dad. Coach’s stepdad was a commercial fisherman for many years, so fishing is in his blood. Lately, he needs MORE time to do it. I know of those big fishing boats that take the tourists out for a half-day; congratulations on catching the biggest one!

      Lolo’s Husky is a hawt mess. They are so in love with him…he wears me out in no time! The energy. The hair! HA.


      1. M

        I asked my husband if he knew anything about ax throwing being a nowadays, and he said he knew, and I did a quick Google search — and yes, another confirmation I live under a rock.

        Our Husky is 10.5yrs old but acts like he’s 5. We’ll take it — those puppy years were nuts with the energy level; I was tempted to pay someone a penny to take him away! LOL He’s my son’s dog, a silver-gray with blue (not bright blue but more of icy blue) eyes and on the small side, but with a extra-large personality.

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  6. I love all of this! I love that Lindsay did something that was outside her comfort zone. And again, I love how much your family sounds like mine. This looks like so much fun. A few months ago, I saw a similar ranch on Instagram and told Mike that I would love to do something like this with the girls someday. ❤️

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  7. I have truly enjoyed reading about your adventures! Not only was it an excellent vacation but you got to have your family there with you!
    You had some great activities on your daily agendas for sure. Plus you got to enjoy those beautiful dogs as well as the unbelievably gorgeous beyond words scenery.
    In news back at home, I sure hope they caught the thieves who took the catalytic converters.

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