Traveling Again, No Lack Of Southern Food & Not Appreciating My Lack Of Stars

This past weekend the Coach and I had a fun trip with our two good friends, Steve and Amy. In my last post we (mostly me) were talking about our Colorado/Wyoming trip; exactly four days after arriving home from that adventure, we headed to the East Coast for a long weekend charity event spearheaded by the Coach (I’m working on that amazing post) and then less than two weeks later we were off to Charleston, SC.

Needless to say it’s been a whirlwind.

The Coach is a planner and loves to travel…I’m just trying to keep up.

In our family, we call this A Path Of Ankle Snapping.

I Had Dreams Of Being A Big Star

Since we were flying to SC, the Coach looked into renting a car; it was over $1700 for the weekend. We opted to uber everywhere, which was perfectly fine.

I’ve been using uber since 2016 and while in Charleston I was surprised to see that MY uber rating was a 4.88 out of five stars.

WTH? I’m a great ride, I swear!

This perplexed me to no end. I went through all my past trips and I had five stars across the board EXCEPT for a few rides where the driver didn’t give ANY rating and most of those were in New Zealand; thanks Kiwis! I’m thinking of traveling back to New Zealand, hunting down the lackey Uber drivers and shanking them. Anyhoo, my 4.88 self was trying my best to up my rating by calling all the Ubers when we needed them, but then also scolding my friends so they’d act right and not screw up my rating further. Amy and Steve, they had perfect Fives. This irritated me to no end…

Nine rides later and I’m still a 4.88

All the food, all the time.

I feel like all we did was eat because mostly we just ate. {in air conditioned establishments} It was really hot and I’m from Florida, so you can believe it when I say it was hawwwt. We did a self walking tour via an app one day and I quit after a mile and half, and found solace in Bitty And Beaus where I sucked down an iced tea and enjoyed the A/C as if my life depended on it. If you ever get a chance to visit one of their (24!) locations, you should.

I made reservations for both lunch and dinner each day because everything fills up quickly and when on vacation, you don’t want to scramble or have to wait for feedings. Surprisingly, I only had Shrimp And Grits once whereas the last few times I visited I had it several times.

In case you are planning a trip to Charleston here are the places we ate:

82 Queen Dinner-Very good low country offerings, great service.

Slightly North Of Broad (SNOB)Lunch-Amazing low country food.

The Establishment Dinner—it was hands down the favorite for the four of us. Amazing low country food, service and atmosphere.

Anson Dinner. Again, low country food and service.

Are you sensing a pattern?

Tempest Lunch. Good food, a bit overpriced for what you get.

I found this adorable butterfly dining chair…now I just need nine more.

For my Bravo loving, Southern Charm friends: We saw Patricia’s historic mansion, but I didn’t spot Patricia, her butler or her caftans.

You Can Stay Here

Looking into hotel rooms while planning this trip was also a bit scary: THEY BE ‘SPENSIVE. So we opted for a VRBO and I found a really cute place that had two bedrooms with king beds; lawd forbid we slum down to a Queen size for a weekend.

This was in a great location and I think the cost was appropriate and more reasonable than two hotel rooms and we were able to prepare our own breakfasts. Plus, it was really cute with all the exposed brick and ancient wood floors. Bonus: even though it was a really old building that was completely remodeled, I didn’t sense ONE GHOST while I was there and you know, I know about The Spirits.

It was Amy and Steve’s 23rd anniversary; they’re practically newlyweds.

Have you been to Charleston before?

Do you know what your Uber rating is and do you feel differently about me knowing I’m less than perfect?


Signed, your forever 4.88 friend Suz.

32 thoughts on “Traveling Again, No Lack Of Southern Food & Not Appreciating My Lack Of Stars

  1. Bijoux

    So, no Craig sightings? Did you go to his pillow store!???

    I visited Charleston in 2005 and it was just lovely. I tried to talk my family into a carriage ride through the historic district, but my husband really wanted to do the boat ride to Fort Sumter. We were mostly there for my daughter’s softball tournament in one of the suburbs, but we did visit Isle of Palms, a plantation and the aquarium, which was really nice. Your trip and food sounds wonderful. I have no idea what my Uber rating is. I haven’t used it since 2019.

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    1. We did not see Craig…I’m not really a fan of his, so I don’t consider that a loss. 🙂
      Amy and I did walk into this cute pillow/t-shirt place when it dawned on me: Is this Craig’s biz? After a quick google, indeed it was. I didn’t love anything enough to make a purchase.

      Aside from the heat, we had a lovely time!


  2. I’ve only been to Charleston once and it wasn’t nearly long enough. Such a beautiful city, but you couldn’t pay me to go in the summer. Do they even make portable air conditioners?
    As fur Uber I’m ashamed to say I’ve never used it. Not once. To be honest it’s not very big up here in rural Maine. Things are so far apart you’d have to mortgage your house to pay the fare. $1,700 for a weekend rental car? Damn! We didn’t pay that for two weeks in 2019 and we had the biggest SUV available.

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  3. I’ve never been to Charleston, but I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, so I feel as if I have. LOL.

    You may have to hire a personal chef when you get home; you’re getting spoiled by all this restaurant eating/no cooking.

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    1. If you read that book, then you’ve essentially been there. 😳

      When I had to make my own lunch yesterday it was painful, and I ended up giving myself a low Yelp rating.

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  4. I LOVE Charleston and have been many times. Dan and I are heading back there in September for a couple of nights and even then it will be HOT! Sounds like you guys had a lovely trip and it makes me even more excited for our weekend there. And can you believe I have NEVER Ubered? I feel like such an old lady saying that. I guess I just don’t really travel that much and when we do we have our car. Maybe one day….

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  5. It’s been many years since I’ve been to Charleston but I loved it! Unfortunately with young kids we didn’t do much! Also, I’ve never used a Uber. The price for a car rental for the weekend is ridiculous so I can’t blame you for Ubering!

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  6. You have been quite the traveler. Ankle snapping – no kidding, hope there were sidewalks that were clear of parked cars.

    I am envisioning you giving your group a little pep talk on manners, volume control, and such before getting into your Uber. So funny. I have only Uber a few times. I leave that chore to Coach after I experienced an Uber fail when I was desperate to arrive somewhere: I needed to get to the court house for my court appearance when trying to get my license back after having an excess of speeding tickets. The Uber didn’t show up. I was home alone. Coach was at work, and I was not allowed to drive. Finally I got an Uber and I arrived on time, but I was in severe panic mode.

    Just when you think you know someone. Been working on getting my driving record to be above a ‘speed racer’ rating every since. 😉

    We haven’t been to Charleston, but Coach really wants to get there.

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    1. There were sidewalks without cars, but not without trepidation. It’s an old city and having smooth pavement isn’t a priority; one must watch where they are walking at all times.

      Your Uber fail sounds like a panic moment for sure. How did I not know you were Speedy Gonzales?

      You’d love Charleston. I’d advise you not to go in the dead of summer if you can help it; but we still had a great time.


  7. Living vicariously through you and your travels again. I’ve been to Charleston, SC, and loved it. The food, the people, the vibe. Of course now that travel is so expensive who knows when we’ll get back.

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  8. M

    You certainly have been busy-bee, flying all over! 🙂 I have never been to SC. My girlfriends and I talk about taking a few long weekends and visit some spots on the opposite coast — but we have yet to do that.

    We lived in TX for over 10yrs and I don’t think I’ve ever tasted grits! I was introduced to “chicken fried steak” that was expecting was chicken…and fried okra (yum), and some other southern foods — but I don’t know why not grits?

    So it’s your husband who loves to travel, and you get to tag along? I’m a homebody (and an introvert) — I love being home too much….but I like to travel every so often. But traveling/going somewhere nonstop would make me quite unhappy, I think.

    I have not used Uber since 2018, I think; I don’t even remember my password. I was a bad Uber-rider; I didn’t leave stars for many of my drivers. Is that why no one would take my request for a ride sometimes??? 🙂 But anyway….my husband, who grew up in a suburb of Las Vegas, wants to go to his hometown for the 4th of July parade. Small town, everyone knew each other growing up — so it’s always fun for him to go and reminisce with his friends. I kept urging him to book his flight but he wanted to go with someone — either me or my son. My son isn’t interested so I get to be it! I finally told him last weekend that I will go with him but that he needed to book the flight now before it gets too expensive and we’d end up driving, “and I won’t speak to youthe whole time driving to and from!” LOL We will probably use Uber once or twice; definitely to go to the airport to return home. I have been to Las Vegas twice already this year, once driving with him and once flying by myself (he was my ride to/from the airport)…and all I know is that I want to go back to flying to go there like we used to do before COVID. It’s a 6-hr drive but that 45-min flight is soooo much better, specially in the summer.

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    1. Charleston was full of girl groups; probably bachelorette’s or bridal shower weekends. I had no idea it’s one of the top destinations for a wedding.

      I enjoy Las Vegas and the suburbs are lovely. July 4th? Sounds damn hot! LOL

      You might need to just start over with a new uber account as those bad ratings will follow you around forever…you know, like that assessment test you took in 10th grade! 😳

      I hope you get the flights and your honey doesn’t have a six-hour silent drive. *giggle giggle*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. M

        Too funny about my Uber rating following me just like my 105h grade assessment test rating! That made me LOL!

        Yes, he did book the flights an hour after I told him that. After 31yrs of marriage, you’d think he’d want some peace and quiet sometimes — but I guess not? 😉

        Sigh….it will definitely be hot and I don’t do hot well….why can’t we postpone the 4th of July parade until November???

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  9. nicoleboyhouse

    Oh, that looks fun. You know, I feel the same way about king beds. I do NOT want to size down on vacation.
    This is weird but I have never ONCE taken an Uber! I know! It’s like I’m on another planet.
    I’ve never been to Charleston but I’d love to go. Of course, I should probably not go in the summer, my delicate Canadian self probably would melt in the heat!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Pat

    I have never been to Charleston but I’m sure I’ll get there soon. I also use Uber when traveling, but never at home. Your post inspire me to look at my rating & it’s 4.83!!! I am shocked – I am always polite & friendly, always tip well (In Mexico where Uber is super-cheap, we often tip 100% of the cost of the ride). I don’t however care enough to figure out why it’s that low. We will be using it next month in Portugal so will try to boost my rating while there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A 4.83? I too am always polite, on time and I always overtip.
      Thanks for making me feel better about my lower rating. 😳

      I hope your Portugal trip is amazing; it sounds like you also never let the moss grow under your feet.


  11. I’ve never Ubered (did I spell that right?), and I’ve never been to Charleston or either of the Carolinas. *sigh* One of these days! So if you’ve never taken an Uber, do you start out with five stars and then go down from there? Start out with no stars and slowly work your way up? Hey, I just recently (last weekend) learned that they make handheld electric flyswatters! Who knew! I feel so…behind the times.That cobblestoned street though! Wow! Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I believe you start out with five stars; so if I wanted to start all over with a new email address, I could do that. Seems like too much work though because it could just happen all over again and then, THEN I’D BE MAD. 😜

      I’m OBSESSED with my electric fly swatters….hornets be damned!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Suz,
        That makes sense about the Uber. I’d be mad, too, if I’d been a stellar Uber rider and my rating had come down. I wonder if you can appeal this?

        So you have multiple electric fly swatters?!!!!

        I have a feeling that several of us will be getting them as Christmas gifts this year after the fun we had with the one over Father’s Day. I was pranked…BIG TIME!

        Soooo….have hornets been known to survive these? Asking for a friend.

        😉 Mona

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I raise butterflies and have lots of caterpillars in my garden. Hornets and yellow jackets like to eat my caterpillars and I’m not having it…yes, my electric bug racket kills them and I’m a happy girl when I murder them.

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