I’m Back, But That Doesn’t Always Mean I Know Where I Am And Building My Case For The Future.

We departed our home once again; this time to Georgia for nine days. NINE. Can you even keep up with me? Do you even want to? I’m finding it difficult. In between our trip to Charleston and Georgia, we spent a long weekend at our rental condo since it was now empty.

I swear, I wake up in the middle of the night and a lot of the time, I’m perplexed by my surroundings. Am I at a hotel? Home? Where the Eff am I?

Anyhoo, whenever we go away, I think to myself: I’ll be able to post here and there. I’ll be able to keep up with some of you.

Lies. All lies. Some of you have a lot to say it’s hard to keep up. You know who you are.

We are home again and now I’ll spend the next 47 days trying to catch up.

It’s getting wet in here

Just before we left, on a rainy Sunday we experienced something new in our kitchen. It was a full fledged Water Feature via our stove exhaust. I’m not talking about drips, it was a waterfall.

I just shook my head as I’ve kind of had it up to-HERE- with this house and the maintenance. (We had a complete new roof in 2019)

This was after a bit of drying/cleaning up.

The roofers wouldn’t be able to get to us until Wednesday; on Monday I noticed this approaching from the east and feared the worst.


All is well after a temporary patch job but this just adds to the Case I’m Building in regards to downsizing. There’s been a few discussions on who is moving and it doesn’t appear to be the both of us.



Lolo and Linds, don’t call me, I promise we’re NOT splitting.

But if we did, who would you want to live with?

Oh, wait, you don’t even live here. But I know you would choose ME because I’m the fun one!

Did I miss anything big? Like, were you lucky enough to install a waterfall into the middle of your kitchen?


23 thoughts on “I’m Back, But That Doesn’t Always Mean I Know Where I Am And Building My Case For The Future.

    1. I’m guessing the roofers didn’t do the area justice as it took a few years to break down that area for the leak. We get rain ALL summer, every summer.


  1. Bijoux

    Ugh! So sorry about the roof issue. We have two corners where ice dams have caused damage in the winter and we’ve been ignoring the issue. Happened at our old house and we don’t think the problem was ever really resolved, despite numerous fixes by roofers. I hope it’s an easy fix! And welcome home!

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    1. I agree that leaving roofing issues at bay could be disastrous; we are having some MAJOR rains daily now and I hope the patch holds until it can be fully fixed.


  2. Did you see me waving to you from over here in Georgia? Still here. Another day and a half and then we drive home. Lots of basketball. Like, LOTS.

    I’ve done the same thing before – woken up and wondered where in the world am I. You have many excuses though, Miss Travel-So-Much.

    I do know who I am, the long winded type. I HAVE written a few shorter posts of late. I think. Sometimes I think they are short, and then my ‘wrap up’ is long-ish. It’s a thing in real life too, just ask Delilah . . . we have trouble hanging up our phone calls. Or maybe that’s on me.

    Yikes, sorry about the roof and the subsequent waterfall feature I don’t think downsizing is happening for awhile though, hello – new pool, new floors, new laundry room, right? Bit is downsizing is on the radar . . . Chicago is less hot in the summer, I mean I know we have that winter thing to contend with, but then you can buy cozy sweaters. I did chuckle at your small print.

    That’s a beautiful photo, of the pool with the clouds moving in, not the bucket.

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    1. You don’t write too much, I promise. I’m sure Delilah would say it’s not the ‘writing part’ that is an issue. 😜
      Chicago. Are you experiencing a fever?
      Kidding. I’m not a city girl, and I’m certainly not a winter girl. But I like the way you think.


  3. Ugh! Nothing more annoying and terrifying than a waterfall coming into your house! I hope it gets fixed soon for you! I remember when we had our roof done and 6 months later we had an ice build up that caused the shingles to lift and leak and we had water coming down our cupboards in the kitchen! That was terrible but luckily it didn’t happen again!

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  4. nicoleboyhouse

    OMG Suz, you are so funny. I have actually HAD a water feature in my kitchen, but through a light fixture, so that’s alarming. It’s one of those things that “puzzles” the repair guys. I think it comes through a vent or something. A rare occurrence but one that is troubling, for sure.

    You get STORMS out there! We have had crazy weather here too, but my garden has been thankfully spared of hail. It’s really, really wet though.

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    1. Water + Electricity = Alarming for sure!

      We do have intense summer thunderstorms, which I don’t mind…if I’m home and not out running around.


  5. M

    Oh, man…that’s not good! I worry at the thought of water dripping on the ceiling like that, wondering what all was damaged! Hope your patch holds and the rains let up a bit so they can do a proper fix.

    You’ve been a busybee traveling, that’s for sure! I can totally understand not knowing where you are upon waking because I have done it myself, even with less traveling than you are doing.

    Ha ha ha!! I had to laugh out loud on your note to your daughters! Too funny! I’d bet they’d choose whoever is staying. 🙂

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    1. Lately, I’ve been living up to my name!

      Hopefully, we don’t have much damage in the attic space….kind of afraid to get up there and access the damage. Maybe it will just heal itself magically.


  6. Suz,

    I’m glad you made it home and you get a break from being on the go. But, oh my gosh! I’m glad they were able to patch this, hopefully, before those storm clouds rolled in? They looked pretty ominous! You know what? At this point where I live, we’re into double-digit days of triple-degree heat (14 or 15 at this point) with no end in sight and no rain in our foreseeable future! Send your rain (and cooler air) to the suburbs of Dallas if you’re tired of it for a while! We’ll take it!

    We, too, had a waterfall of sorts, just not in our kitchen (fingers crossed, spitting and throwing salt everywhere!) It was with MY Ford Explorer (all of this is on my latest post), which decided to fall apart at the place we were supposed to watch fireworks. *sigh* It made dreadful noises, a gush of water came from its undersides (the waterfall) and drenched the concrete below…and now it’s dead at the car repair place. We thought it would just need a new hose or two. Nope. The repair shop says it needs a new engine which is cost prohibitive and that’s not going to happen. Now, I have no transportation. It was a great vehicle up until. May it RIP. Mona

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    1. I’d love to send you some rain…we are getting doused daily. I’ve no cooler air for you, but I suppose 91* is cooler than your over 100*. Hoping you get some relief soon.

      Terrible news that your car needs a new engine. That stinks! I hope some good news finds its way to you soon.

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  7. Yikes. No one needs that. I’d have gotten in the car and driven back to GA with The Quickness.

    If Rick and I split up and our (30-something out-on-their-own) sons had to choose who to live with, they’d likely each take one of us for six months and then switch. They’d be convinced that I need to be taken care of for lifting heavy things and stuff, but I can cook. Rick can do Everything, but he can’t feed himself except for meat on the grill (which he will NOT shop for).

    We’re both Fun. Rick just stays up later. LOL

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    1. LOL! Yes, I could have fled to GA but surely I’d have to return eventually. Duty calls.

      Six months on and six months off sounds like a perfect plan. 😜


  8. First thing I thought was, I hope RiverGirl knows who she is. 🙂

    Then I remembered that I just posted not one, not two, but THREE blog posts detailing my trip to Wisconsin. Guess that whole saying about people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones might also apply to me.

    Sorry about the waterfall, but you’ve got a very nice stove if that helps!

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