The One Where I Tell You What I’ve Been Watching Round Two. Plus Some Oldies

A while ago I shared some of the shows we/I watched on the boob tube. Since then I’ve seen some new things and some I forgot to share before.

*It appears that I WATCH TV 24/7. I don’t. When I’m at home I have music playing on our Sonos system from the moment I wake up until after dinner. However, I watch my iPad while I’m showering and/or performing miracles my skin care routine and again while I’m using my exercise bike.

*I started this post two months ago, so some of these are not *new* and I’ve watched more since but this is long enough.

Generally I don’t love ‘competition type shows’ but this one on HGTV is fun to watch as I get all sorts of decor inspiration. Rock the block. I probably shouldn’t watch it because I compels me to want to redecorate my entire house. The four groups start with the same shell of a house and room by room decorate/design and it’s so cool to see their different takes on each space. LOVE

The thing about Pam We watched it on HULU, but I think it’s other places as well. I had listened to the Podcast of the same name on one of my solo road trips to GA and I couldn’t believe what a horrible person Pam was. I mean, for real, bad. When I saw that Rene Zellweger was playing Pam in the series, I roped the coach into watching it with me; it was like watching a train wreck, we couldn’t stop once we started. What a zany character!

Inventing Anna on Netflix based on a true story. I had no idea of this story as it was actually happening back in 2018 because I generally like to keep my head in the sand. This “German Heiress” had the mindset: Fake It Until You Make it to the nth degree. It was interesting, but I wanted to shank the main character because of her weird Russian/German accent; it annoyed me to the nth degree. But considering the actress also plays Ruthie on Ozark, well I was scared of her.

Physical Apple TV. This was your basic bored housewife with a horrible husband finds aerobic exercise to be a big fill in her life and goes on to become a superstar instructor. Picture Jane Fonda in the 80’s. It is set in the 80’s, so the clothes and backdrops are a lot of fun. Only one season right now, but another will be coming. LOVE *edited-the second season is now available, but I’ve not started it.

Pic borrowed from here

Severance Apple TV. WOW. Who comes up with this stuff? It’s a dystopian thriller where people choose to have a procedure on their brains to sever their work brains from their NOT work brains. Basically when they’re at work, they know nothing about their personal life and vice versa. When I was telling the Coach about it he responded with: Wow, I wish I could do that to our employees. LOVE

I think he was kidding, but I’m gonna keep a closer eye on him…

Invasion Apple TV “Earth is visited by an alien species that threatens humanity’s existence. Events unfold in real time through the eyes of five ordinary people across the globe as they struggle to make sense of the chaos unraveling around them.” Fantasy, Drama, Sci-Fi. But is it really fantasy? Aliens have probably done drive-by’s of our planet and thought: No, thanks. But in this series, they are really coming. It doesn’t have great reviews, but I enjoyed it, so I don’t know what that says about me.

The last days of Ptolemy Grey Apple TV. WOW. The Coach and I loved this series. It was thought provoking and some of the characters made you want to spit with anger, but Samual L Jackson played his part beautifully. He should get some sort of award for it. Do they do that? Give actors awards? 😉 LOVE

Home Economics ABC Or Hulu. This is a typical, ‘old school’ family friendly sitcom. I really enjoy the banter between the three siblings who are in totally different income brackets and family lives. LOVE

pic borrowed from here

Life & Beth Hulu. In general I’m not a huge fan of Amy Schumer, but I did enjoy this series. “Through flashbacks to her teen self, Beth starts to learn how she became who she is and who she wants to become.” She rids herself of an unhappy relationship and explores all aspects of her personal and work life, while still kind of screwing up. I think we can all relate to some aspects of Beth.

Pivoting Hulu/Fox This is another half hour sitcom that I stumbled upon. “Set in Long Island, N.Y., three women — and close-knit childhood friends — cope with the death of the fourth member of their group.” It’s a cute, easy to watch show. LOVE

This Is Us. This amazing show has been around for a while and is in the final season. I would declare this is the BEST WRITTEN AND ACTED TV show ever. Wait, I think I felt that way about Thirty Something too; but I was in my twenties then and I couldn’t foresee the future. The characters, the story lines, the intertwining of the past, present and future. I’m here for all of it. If you haven’t watched it, you are missing out. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Photo borrowed from here.

A Million Little Things ABC/Hulu This is another series that has been out for a while and I’ve been watching it since the beginning. It’s along the lines of This Is Us with lots of characters and intertwining story lines, although not as impactful to me as T.I.U. Still, It is a favorite show of mine. (trigger warning-there is a big story line that includes suicide) LOVE

Picture borrowed from here

Anatomy Of A Scandal Netflix. I generally refrain from watching British based shows because I have a hard time understanding them. I know, it’s still ENGLISH, but for real, they talk funny. 😳

*I hope you’re laughing with me*

Thank goodness for subtitles.

This series was good and proves my belief that having an affair is never cut and dry. There will be all sorts repercussions; not a fan, don’t recommend. There are a lot of twists and turns in this one season series that ends with ‘Hell, I didn’t see that coming’.

Speaking of affairs, a few weeks ago the Coach told me he had a dream that I had an affair. This was shocking because he never remembers his dreams. Plus, you know, I wouldn’t want anyone else to see this body without clothing. Oh, and those vows. I take stuff like that seriously.

Me: Really? Who was I having an affair with? (inquiring minds want to know!)

Coach: I don’t know. But you ended up pregnant.

Me while laughing: Wow, that’s a nightmare!

Have you watched any of these shows? What are you currently binging?


22 thoughts on “The One Where I Tell You What I’ve Been Watching Round Two. Plus Some Oldies

  1. Bijoux

    Wow! That’s a lot of shows. I have not seen any of them. We only get cable and for the price we pay for that, I’m dead set against paying for any other TV app, so I do miss out on a lot. I tend to only watch reality shows these days. But I do miss shows like Thirtysomething. Wasn’t that such a good one? I think I avoid drama shows now because it’s either sadness or violence, and my mental health can’t take either one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get it on the additional apps and your mental health.
      I’m currently addicted to most of the housewives franchises….and Southern Charm. There’s drama, but it’s not my drama. 😳


        1. We enjoy Below Deck and hope to rent one of those yachts one day! 😳😜
          I’ve not enjoyed cooking shows enough to watch Top Chef, and for some reason, I’ve not watched VPR….which is right up my alley. Maybe one day I’ll start it from the beginning.


      1. Oh yes, she is. But the real thing about Pam is that she is not unique in this world. There are lots and lots of Pams out there. If we’re lucky, we’ll never personally encounter one in our own lives. But there’s no guarantee of that, alas.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. We decided to watch a movie before I left for Georgia. Someone tossed me the remote. I kid you not, I had to ask how to get to Netflix. I watch my morning news, but I’m usually at b-ball games in the evening or grad parties/weekend away with my family. When you’ve forgotten how to use the remote, it might be time for an intervention. Time to take a break from running here and there.

    Oh, wait. I watched a show over Christmas break with Tank and Mini. It’s called After Life with Ricky Gervais. He’s British, so he does talk funny – also, there are lots of bad words, but if you don’t understand his funny way of talking maybe it’ll just sound cute. Anyway, it’s pretty funny.

    I appreciate the suggestions. I do miss the Thirtysomething days when shows were just on a regular channel and they weren’t hard to find. Boy, do I sound old? I’m laughing at Coach’s dream/nightmare.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One day, you will have some time on your hands, and you might be able to sit down and watch some quality television. That being said. Hopefully, we’ve not moved onto something else by then, you know, like Mind TV. 😳

      Oh, I watched Afterlife too! I forgot all about it. I had to use the subtitles because, you know, they talk funny.


  3. M

    Oh, glad to hear I’m not the only one who struggles with understanding British accents! Well, my husband also struggles so we put the subtitles on. We even put it on for regular movies because sometimes they talk too fast for us. OMG, are we old??? 😉

    I think your earlier post was what made check out Schitt’s Creek. I binge-watched it and got done with the entire series in a week! LOL So fun!

    We don’t have Apple TV so I’m focusing on the Netflix and Hulu ones you listed. We saw Inventing Ana and it led us to a few more similar things like Tinder Swindler on Netflix.

    Oh, do we need to start thinking of baby names??? You know….for your affair-baby?? LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do t know what’s happening but a lot of People in movies are mumbling, things move fast and it’s always too dark!
      Is it us or them? I’m going with THEM!
      Was the Tinder Swindler good? I almost started that one.

      If I have another baby I’m naming it Cookie. 😛😂


  4. nicoleboyhouse

    Gosh, I am out of it, I haven’t seen – and in most cases, heard of – any of those shows! I am watching Schitt’s Creek, because it’s all 2015 around my house. I love it a lot. I have also been rewatching Golden Girls, but I’m really slow at watching. My plan is to make it through all the seasons before 2030, I hope that’s not too optimistic.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the list. I’m going to check out Anatomy of a Scandal and The Thing About Pam. I watched the first two seasons of This is Us and had to stop. I was crying through every episode and determined as much as I loved it, it was not good for my mental health. I really enjoyed Love is Blind and Love on the Spectrum. Both reality type dating shows. I am anxiously awaiting the next season of both!

    Liked by 1 person

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