All The Birthdays At Once; A Rubik’s Master And I’m On A Shrimp Roll.

July is a busy birthday month for our family.

  • July 6 MIL Judy
  • July 13 Lolo
  • July 17 MIL Sue
  • July 25 Aunt Trisha

We met Linds and Lolo for dinner to celebrate Lolo’s birthday last week. Sadly, Nathan is in California for a few weeks for Marine training, so he missed seeing us.

What does a 29 year old woman ask for? Naturally, a Rubik’s cube.

Backstory: A few months ago Lolo hurt her elbow while training on a Police Mountain Bike so she was on light duty for a while. During that time she picked up a Rubik’s cube off her supervisors desk and proceeded to master it. As one does.

Linds bought her two different ones; she mixed up one and handed it off to her sister while we waited for our meals…Try to ignore our witty banter, I dare you.

I timed her and she completed the “generic” cube in just over four minutes.

In hindsight, we’re gonna have to blindfold her next time.



I’m sure I mentioned it before that I have amazing MIL’S. Yes plural. Thanks to the beauty of divorce and remarriages. I have two. 😜

Sue, Coach’s mom lives just over 2 hours away and we meet halfway in a little town for lunch when we can. This time she chose a new-to-us Brewery and the food was great and the company amazing. (I had an apple walnut salad with grilled shrimp)

My MIL Sue, Coach and FIL Bill.

We were out of town for Judy’s actual birthday, then she was out of town celebrating her 60th when we came home, so we finally got together for dinner; about five hours after lunch with Sue. (I had grilled shrimp over risotto and roasted red peppers-I’m gonna grow a tail!)

Linds and G’ma Judy

Judy is so funny. I’ve known her for thirty years, but I didn’t know she has always wanted to go skydiving and she did so just before her birthday this year. I joked that being married to my FIL might make one want to jump out of an airplane. Kidding! I love all my outlaws in-laws!

We had a great day catching up with both sides of Coach’s parents and I got to see Lindsay three times this week; twice in ONE day. That is always a good thing.

I wish I could say I’d be with my Aunt Trisha for her birthday next week, but we’ll have to settle for phone calls and texts.

Does your family have a busy birthday month? Has anyone jumped out of an airplane, on purpose?


28 thoughts on “All The Birthdays At Once; A Rubik’s Master And I’m On A Shrimp Roll.

  1. My husband has 8 siblings and their birthdays cover 9 different months. It’s exhausting. And as much as I’ve wanted to push a few out of airplanes, none have willingly jumped that I know of.

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    1. Same here. It would take me all day. Ok, maybe all weekend to work on it. And I don’t have the patience for that since I’m busy with puzzles. 😳


  2. (Watch all that shrimp–they’re very high in cholesterol!)

    I’m impressed by her Cube Skilz. I am not a Puzzle Person at all, unless it’s a crossword. Even as a kid, I didn’t like jigsaw puzzles or those goofy bent nail puzzles. I do not have great eye-hand coordination, nor do I find that kind of stuff to be Fun. It’s too much like Work.

    You’re very fortunate to have great rapport with your In-Laws. That makes things so easy and loving for everyone.

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    1. Every time we go out to eat, I peruse the menu looking for low cholesterol choices….but every once in a while, I must get something that I really enjoy, (like shrimp or french fries or both) or else I’ll be a crabby girl.

      I’m a lucky girl; I love my inlaws as if they were my blood; they’ve always been very good to me and my side of the family as well.


  3. mbmom11

    September is our busy birthday month. Three kids, 3 siblings,one nephew, two BIL, one MIL, one SIL, myself. There are also 2 wedding anniversaries. August (5 bdays)and October (6 bdays)are also busy.
    However, as everyone is spread far and wide, email greetings are our go-to for noting the special days.

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    1. You have a full Fall season with celebrations!
      I’m 9/10, and my brother Mark (RIP) was 9/17. Other than us, we didn’t have any other September birthdays.


  4. January is a busy birthday month for us with it being my birthday, my husbands birthday and our grandson Maxwells birthday! Also 2 nieces and one nephew! All right after Christmas which kind of sucks!

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  5. Wait, she said something about how hard that version is to move, as she moves it in lightning speed. HUH? Those were all the rage when I was in 5th grade and there were a couple of whiz kids who did them in a flash. (Finn added a non-sensical phrase here. I deleted it, but he says HI!).

    I swore I wouldn’t have any babies near Christmas, since my b-day is Dec 30th and it isn’t the greatest day to celebrate a b-day. I guess I’m not in charge, because I have three kids born in Dec/early Jan. Lad was born June 25th, and three of my four siblings copied me . . . every other day (June 21, 23, 25, 27) we celebrate cousin/Lad birthdays.

    Envious of great two sweet MILs. I haven’t pushed anyone out of a plane, wait – was that the question? I have a list though. 😉

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    1. I remember being able to get one or two sides, but never the entire cute.
      Lolo said there is an algorithm to it. Don’t ask me what that means either.

      HI FINN!

      Christmas is tough for birthdays; Lindsay’s is 12/27. But we always try to make it extra special for her.

      My MIL’s are amazing women who I adore.

      Don’t we all have a list of people who should be pushed out of a plane?


  6. Bijoux

    I have never mastered a Rubik’s cube and I think I’m good at math and jigsaw puzzles. They confound me. I mean, how do these people, like your daughter, spin them so fast??? Maybe I just have poor dexterity?

    All three of my grandkids have August birthdays and yes, my daughter did that on purpose. I have no idea why.

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    1. It’s a brain/hand/coordination that I lack.

      Maybe your daughter wanted them to have birthdays just before school started….then she wouldn’t have to invite the whole class? 😳😳 That works for me!


  7. Pat Birnie

    Not to brag but one of our grandsons can do a Rubik’s cube in minutes!! He is 12 but this skill this happened over a year ago. He just sort of picked one up…..and got it. As a large (22 people & growing) blended family there are a lot of birthdays…his 2 sons and 1 of mine are Dec 8, 9 & 10. From feb 12 to Oct 5 there are a total of 6 birthdays. Gift buying gets exhausting!!

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    1. Your Grandson must be a genius!
      You have many people to keep up with; I’m kind of envious of your big family.
      So funny about the run in December…isn’t that like Gin Rummy? Or maybe I’m thinking of something else…


  8. M

    Wow, Lolo rocks! Just as I don’t have the patience for puzzles, I don’t have the patience for the Rubik’s cube, either — but I wish I did!

    I have a very large family; I’d have to pull out the calculator to add the people in my immediate family. 6 siblings and their spouses, their children and children’s spouses and grandkids. I’ll bet we have close to 50! And I still have at least 5 nieces/nephews still too young to be married so we’re still going to grow. So yes, we have many busy months but the busiest is February followed by July. My husband, on the other hand, has very little — you can count with 2 hands (maybe even 1 hand! Okay, 1 hand and 1 finger. LOL)

    Your husband’s family are so lucky to have that type of relationship; it’s rare, I think, so it’s even more special. My husband struggles with the parents divorced/remarried issues and it’s so hard.

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    1. I can’t imagine having such a large family. It was only my brother and me from my parents, and since I’m the only one left, I sometimes feel like an orphan. Although I have six cousins, I only see them on occasion.
      I feel so fortunate that I have such great in-laws. And on holidays or special events, they are ALL there, and they all get along- amazing. No drama in this family.


  9. nicoleboyhouse

    Wow, you have TWO amazing MILs? I knew you had one but TWO! Okay, I think you’re hogging all the amazing MILs, Suz. Maybe think about sharing once in a while? Hmmm?????

    I am so impressed at the skydiving MIL! That is just inspirational. Get those dreams, MIL!

    When we had relatives from CA visiting us a few weeks back, one of the kids (okay, he’s 22) was a Rubic’s Cube master. He told me he watched a YouTube video, and then just practiced a lot. I was astounded, watching him. It was really amazing. I’m not surprised your Linds is just as incredible, she’s a smart cookie!

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  10. I’m going to make your MIL my own because I don’t have a good one, so tell them they have a witty DIL in Illinois.
    Rubik’s cubes are incredibly hard. I am so impressed.
    I bet the shrimp down there is AMAZING. We get shrimp that has been sitting in a truck for two days.
    We don’t have a month for birthdays. Instead, we have a month for deaths. June/July. I’m so excited for August to come. Which is fun because my mom and my husband’s birthdays are in that month! So I guess we do have a birthday month after all.

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    1. Fresh seafood is the best!

      Ughhh..having a death month is the worst.
      I have a death day: The Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Both my Grandpas and my Father…different years of course.
      Yay for August and celebrations!

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  11. Sounds like you hit the MIL jackpot. I also have/had two, and let’s just say I’m not a big fan of either. I’ve done better with FILs.

    Next time she uses the Rubik’s Cube, put on a Flock of Seagulls record. That’ll really get her into the whole spirit of the ’80s.

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