Humans Are Weird, But Maybe It’s The Heat.

Lillie has a kinda-large lump on her side. I called the Vet to make an appointment to have it looked at. (BTW, Can I have an animal without issues for at least ONE year?)

Me: Hello, this is Suzanne SugarBaker. I need to make an appointment for my dog Lillie; she has a lump on her side.

Girl Who Answers The Phone Asked me eleventy thousand questions about the size of the lump, the location of said lump, how long has the lump been there, etc…I answered all her questions and then she asked me:

SO, do you want to bring her in?

Me: No, I just wanted to tell someone.


Yes, yes, please let’s schedule an appointment.

hoomans r weerd

It’s Hot Ya’ll

Last week I got into my car after a visit to Publix and my car was melting. 109*. And remember, since it’s Florida it’s a MOIST HEAT.


I use Bloglovin’ as my blog reading feed. A few months ago I just could not get it to work so I started using Feedly instead. Sadly, I could not get ALL the blogs that I read to work within Feedly, so then I was using both when Bloglovin’ finally worked. NOW AGAIN, Bloglovin’ is not working for me and I feel like I’m missing some blogs. WHAT DO YOU USE to keep up with people?

Spill the beans.

Are you melting? What do you use to keep up with Blog Reading?


32 thoughts on “Humans Are Weird, But Maybe It’s The Heat.

  1. Oh dear, I hope Lillie’s lump isn’t serious. It’s hot up here but not nearly as bad as you’re having it down there. We finally put the air conditioning on yesterday when the “feels like” temperature hit 90. But then again, we’re less than a mile from the ocean and have a refreshing sea breeze most of the time. I use simple old-fashioned email subscriptions for the blogs I read. Works for me. I tried WordPress Reader for a while but missed seeing the colorful blog themes each blogger chooses.

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  2. Still one of the best Dog Photos of all time.

    We are getting FLA weather here and I hate it. 90s and awful humidity, like we’re wrapped in a wet sponge. It’s a hostage situation.

    I don’t use a feed reader or anything; I am an old fashioned girl and check in IN PERSON to each spot every morning as part of my lengthy routine. It’s a Retirement Luxury that I allow myself.

    Fingers crossed for Lillie that it’s just a simple fat deposit or something. I know you’ll keep us posted.

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    1. It’s my fave pic of her too. I will keep everyone updated on her well-being.

      I don’t know If I could reply on my brain/memory to remember who to check in with. Maybe when I’m retired, I will be able to dot that? 😜😳


  3. Laughing at your phone call with the vet person. I wonder, could she be blond? I do hope sweet Lillie is OK.

    It is hot here, but I was in Georgia a few weeks ago and holy smokes. That was some serious heat. I may hate the winters in Chicago, but I’m not sure I could survive that on the regular. I love the ‘no one in your backseat’ saying . . . some people are just super funny.

    Have we met? I’m the clueless person when it comes to links and sites and tech savvy stuff. You might be speaking in foreign tongues as far as I know. I follow blogs that are updated over to the side in my blog (is it called blog roll, or feed, or something – see what I’m saying?) . . . and a few that aren’t there yet, I try to remember to look for those.

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    1. The Vet office girl certainly has blonde in her genes.

      The only upside about Blogger is the blog roll feature on your site. WordPress offers a reader that you can add blogs to follow, but it’s only suitable for WordPress blogs. If only I could get everyone to convert…


  4. Pat Birnie

    Suz I can always count on you for an actual laugh out loud (no, I just wanted to tell someone). I do hope the lump is nothing serious. Most of my links are at the side of Ernie’s blog; there are one or two more that I check occasionally- just relying on my brain to remember.

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  5. M

    Ha ha ha! “I just wanted to tell someone!” Poor girl. Maybe she’ll rephrase her segue to “book an appointment” part of the discussion now; thanks to you, she’ll be a better communicator. LOL

    Boy, that’s hot! My husband claims it was the continuous 100+days of 100+degree degree that finally broke the camel’s back and made us run back to CA from TX. It took a few years of being-on-the-fence but those days pushed us over to do it. One of my friends in TX posted the other day that it was 94degrees at 8am, and I remembered but don’t miss those days! We’re not melting here yet — it’s been quite comfortable indoors (and we don’t have A/C; the house is piped/ready). It’s 66degrees right now, with a high of 73 forecasted. Our hot days are usually August and September so there’s hope yet! Ha!

    I don’t read many blogs so I just start typing the first few letters of the blog name and my computer recognizes it and takes me there. Like magic! 🙂

    Hope Lilie’s vet appointment gives you good news and I hope you guys stay cool!

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    1. I’d like to think I assisted someone with learning better communication skills, but I’m a realist. She’s probably WHO she IS already.
      I’m very envious of your current temperatures. I honestly don’t know what life is like without an a/c unit.


      1. M

        Oh, funny! I guess you’ve only lived in the hot states of FL, TX and AZ. There’s probably a couple of days a year that we wish we had air conditioning; and since the house is already piped/ready to go, all we have to do is get the outside units. I don’t remember if we even had days hot enough last year. We open windows and turn on fans upstairs (rarely do we turn the fan on downstairs). But I guess we’re used to non-air conditioned house. When we lived in TX, our A/C was usually set on a higher temp but turned it down/cooler whenever my in-laws visited but I remember one day, my MIL’s husband said, “77 degrees??? That’s not air conditioning!” He was so hot and I was already freezing!!

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  6. Hoping Lillie’s lump is just a benign cyst. We had a dog that was loaded with them and she lived a long healthy life.
    And I’m sorry, but you can have Florida. Parts of it are beautiful, I’ll give you that. But the heat would end me. Last time we visited was Xmas 2018. We were in Palm Coast and St. Augustine… 95 degrees in December. Ugh!
    As for blogging I use the WordPress reader, but that’s probably because it’s the only site I post on anymore.

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    1. Every dog we’ve ever had ended up with some sort of cyst here or there. Crossing our fingers, it’s nothing. It doesn’t seem to bother her one bit, even when we check the size of it.

      You are a minority in your ‘you can have Florida’ thinking. People are moving here in droves, and I wish they’d refrain. 😳

      The WordPress reader is great if everyone used WordPress. I’m gonna see if I can get all my people to convert…

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  7. Bijoux

    I use Blogger Reading List. It’s one of the few positive things about Blogger, though it can do weird things, like mix up the order of posts, or suddenly show an old post at the top in my feed. I suspect it happens if people edit a post after posting.

    Yeah, it’s hot and humid here, but not 109 degrees. More like low 90’s. Omg on the person answering the phone at the vet. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

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    1. I agree, that was one of the positives of using blogger. I love WordPress, but I wish I could add a blogroll on my page.

      Cuckoo for sure! But I’m sure she’s ‘pretty’. 😜


  8. I actually use blogger follower feed. I now have trouble following People who don’t have a follow button I used to add their blogs manually to a blog list on blogger that doesnt seem to work anymore.

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  9. I’ve heard of Bloglovin’ but never used it. I use Feedly for some bloggers (mostly the professional kind) and also click people’s Follow button (if using WordPress). There are a couple of people I follow on Blogger and I sign up for email notifications from them.
    I hope Lillie’s lump is nothing serious. Hope you can keep cool (as possible, given your location).


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  10. Sending good thoughts that the lump is nothing to fret about. And you get 10 gold stars for the “No, I just wanted to tell someone” line!

    The Husband looked at our upcoming forecast and said, “It’s going to be hotter than hell for the next few days.” I looked at him and said, “No, it’s not. That is reserved for Texas.” And I’m not wrong. Yes, we are hot and humid here but I remember Texas summers VIVIDLY, so I try not to complain TOO much about the summer weather here.

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  11. nicoleboyhouse

    First of all, having had a lumpy dog myself, I hope she’s okay. But I did spit out my coffee at “no I just wanted to tell someone.” SUZ. As you know, Barkley’s lump was so big near the end that people STOPPED THEIR CARS, ROLLED DOWN THEIR WINDOWS, AND ASKED ME ABOUT HIM. That wasn’t fun. I hope she’s okay though; Barkley was quite advanced in age when he became lumpy and it wasn’t really removable. Well, technically it was, but the risk he could die during surgery was super high.

    Your heat! Well, I just wrote about our Heat Wave and I think you would probably cry laughing. We had an actual heat advisory, and that was for temperatures in the 80s, nighttime lows in the 50s. ARE YOU DONE LAUGHING.

    I use The Old Reader for my blogs. I could never get Feedly to work for some reason.

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    1. HEAT ADVISORY FOR 80’s?
      NO, I’m not finished laughing.
      Hopefully, Lillie’s lump isn’t anything too bad or anything that causes people to stop me on the street. Poor Barkley, may he RIP.


  12. I hope that lump is nothing serious with Lily! That receptionist at the vet deserved that snarky answer! What a dumb question! I used to use Bloglovin but somehow one day it dropped all my blogs! I just put everyone on my favorits in my browser and click on them one by one! Also updates will go on my blog page too so sometimes I use that!

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  13. Oh, that is an adorable photo of your dog. I hope the lump is nothing serious and she continues on with her fabulous life.
    I use Feedly and have since the demise of Google Reader (RIP).

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