Let’s Talk About Our First Record Purchased.

A few weeks ago while driving this song came on and I remembered that This was the very first 45 that I’d purchased for myself; my Brother and I rode our bikes to the mall and the single was purchased in Spec’s music. I was eleven years old and I believe it set me back about .95 cents.

Is that an appropriate record for an eleven year old? Not even a little.

This was NOT my first 45 though; It was the first one I paid for. You see, I had an inside to free music and I’m not talking about The Columbia House Records where you got 49 records for a penny.

My Mom was a waitress at a local restaurant and they had a Juke Box. When the 45’s were swapped out for newer songs, Bev brought home the old 45’s and I thought I was The Shit with my amazing collection of 45’s. Not only did I know the A side of each one, I also knew the B side and I believe that right there made me extra cool. In hindsight, it makes me wonder what Bev did to earn those records…*hmmmm*

I had a decent little record player and when friends would come over to visit I would make them listen to both sides of my records. I know that sounds bossy because it was.

Anyhoo, I loved music back then, just as much as I do now. I wonder if I still have my first Purchased 45.

*runs to upper cabinet where old records are stored*

Snap. I don’t have the Exile 45, but I do have a few others.

Randy Newman, Steve Martin, Rod Stewart, Melanie, Meatloaf, Lipps, inc.

I wrote my name on almost everything I owned back in the day…I needed a label maker before they were invented.

THIS was one of my favorite songs and I can’t help but sing along still to this day.

some people say I’ve done all right for a girl…😳

BTW I fell down a rabbit hole while looking up Melanie and her Brand New Key song. She wrote that after eating her first meal coming off of a 27 day fasting. This song has absolutely no innuendo; It literally is about rollerskating.

Anyhoo, I’ll be mostly MIA this week as we have our Big Charity Event this weekend and we’ve got a not.so.healthy.dog that I’m hoping to get some resolve on this week. Please send good mojo in Lillie’s direction.

Do you remember either of those songs? Do you remember your first record that you bought?


44 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Our First Record Purchased.

  1. I remember both those songs and while I had a decent 45 collection, I was always more of a full album girl myself. 33 1/2’s cost $3 more than 45’s but I’d spend hours reading liner notes and looking at band photos. Can’t honestly remember my first record purchase but Sam Goody’s was always my first stop at the mall.

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    1. I love, love, loved reading all the notes in albums. Lyrics. Photos. You name it.
      I have a decent album collection, but I can’t tell you for sure the first one I purchased and don’t hold it against me, but it might have been Adam Ant.

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  2. The first 45 I ever bought (for 89 cents) was “Hitchin’ a Ride” by Vanity Fare in 1969 or 1970 when I was an adolescent. And I DO still have it! Sentimental me. I play it every once in a blue moon. I have no idea what the B side is. I was never a big fan of Melanie but her rollerskate song has recently popped up in some national ad on TV so it’s been a bit of an earworm for me lately.

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  3. Bijoux

    Hilarious! I loved that Exile song!! I also remember loving Four Seasons’ song ‘December 1963/Oh What a Night’ which was also inappropriate fora 7th grader. Oh, and what about ‘Afternoon Delight’??? Lol, dirty songs of my junior high years!

    My husband always complains about the Melanie song because his older sister had the record and would play it nonstop when she was getting ready to go to the local disco! Cracks me up how much he hates it, but has never been a fan of that sister, either!

    I believe the first 45 I bought was Elton John’s Philadelphia Freedom.

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  4. I do know and love all those songs! To the best I can remember the first 45 I bought myself was “Take A Letter Maria: by R.B Greaves. I was 12 years old and bought it with my babysitting money! I think I may have paid 49 cents for it but I can’t remember for sure. I bought enough 45’s to fill two cases and I still have everything! I think I will do a future post on them and some of the albums I still have.

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  5. This is so fun. Cracking up at bossy you ordering her friends to listen to the B side. What a lucky girl you were to get all of those 45s. Who needs a company car or good medical coverage through work? 45s was a good perk.

    Meanwhile, when I grew up, we didn’t live close enough to a store that we could go to on our own. We listened to my mom’s Neil Diamond, John Denver, Elvis, and Barry Manilow records on the enormous piece of furniture (can’t think of the name) record player.

    I don’t know if we owned any 45s. My sisters owned the Grease album. Any maybe Andy Gibb? I feel like they had a record called Summer of ’76? When I was in high school, I bought a tape of the Kinks because it featured the song LOLA. After I listened to it, I decided I hated the rest of the songs. I was distraught that I’d parted with my hard earned money. I managed to return it for a refund. So, maybe part of the reason I was never into music . . . I was too cheap to invest in it?

    I vaguely remember that Exile song and I have heard the Melanie song recently and I do enjoy it. Centerfold was popular when I was in 5th grade – slightly inappropriate.

    Best of luck with the fundraiser, and hoping for good answers and easy fixes for sweet Lillie.

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    1. I’m not saying we lived that close to the mall. It was about four miles away, but since we were generally unattended, we did what we wanted.

      I also had the Grease album; it was (and is) such a fun soundtrack!

      You too cheap? Laughing my butt off!


  6. Oh no, not Lillie! I will keep her in my thoughts SO HARD.

    I cannot for the life of me remember the first 45 I ever bought, but I remember being in high school and buying them for 71 cents at the cheapo department store within walking distance of my house. I also remember–as a little kid–sending away something or other and getting FOR FREE a 45 of the Faygo soda song–this one.

    My brother joined the Record Club of America one summer and got 13 albums for a penny. It was one of the happiest summers of my life–filled with music and the four of us kids spending lots of time together around a little portable record player.

    Thanks for bringing up these memories; I wanna kiss you all over. 😉

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    1. Yes, the lump has become a more significant issue than we had anticipated. *sigh*

      I have never heard that Faygo soda song. Thanks for the link!

      I love that you had a fabulous summer, thanks to those 13 albums. I do wonder, is he still a member of the club?

      I giggled at your Exile kissing moment—thanks for that!


  7. Yes, I remember all of those. So funny that you have Steve Martin’s “King Tut”! I remember digging through a bin filled with 45s in either the local Towers or Woolco (Canadian department stores) and buying a bunch of them. I remember “Saturday in the Park”, by Chicago being one of them. My first album I bought myself after buying my first stereo was “Breakfast in America” by Supertramp, although I’m sure I had a bunch of records before that, including some K-Tel hits collection. -Jenn

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  8. I think my first purchase was a cassette tape, probably through the very Columbia House dealio that you wrote about. I got Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Into the Great Wide Open.” I had so many cassettes and now I wonder when exactly I get rid of all of them.

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  9. I clearly remember getting a gift card to a music store and going in and buying my very first CD – U2’s Joshua Tree. My older siblings always played James Taylor at the ice cream shop, so my little sister and I would make little picket signs with a straw as the handle and walk around chanting “No more JT!” Oh such good memories! And yeah I got a ton of CDs through Columbia House, what a scheme that was!

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    1. I remember playing Joshua Tree … so many times over and over and over (and over!) again 🙂

      What I don’t remember is what my first musical purchase was… Maybe that’s good, when I lose my memory, I won’t notice a thing? 😀

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    2. The fact that you purchased your first album with a gift card makes me feel super old. 😳
      BUT, I did see U2 on the Joshua Tree tour–it was amazing. So funny abut your picketing JT!


  10. nicoleboyhouse

    That’s probably not appropriate for an eleven year old, no, but I see you and I raise you. One of my first albums (I don’t know if I purchased it myself but I must have) was Like A Virgin, and I was in fourth grade! Touched for the very first time! Egads.

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  11. I can’t remember the first 45 I bought but it was likely something by 3 Dog Night (Joy to the World, maybe?). The first album I ever bought I will never forget: Electric Warrior by T. Rex. I repurchased it on iTunes a while back and I still love listening to it.


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  12. Pat Birnie

    Such great, hilarious memories! That totally is not appropriate for an 11 years old, but not many songs were in my memory. I don’t recall my first record at all, but I do remember the Melanie song and I loved it! I also live reading all the comments and song memories. Good luck with Lillie and your fundraiser.

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    1. Pat, thank you so much; I’ll tell Lillie that you’re pulling for her. ❤️
      I enjoy these posts, too; we all have such varied tastes and memories tied to music.


  13. M

    Oh, Lillie! Sending hugs to that sweet dog; I hope she’s okay!

    What a fun post; reminiscing is one of my favorite hobbies. So many good feelings returning, making you happy all over again!

    Hmmm…I don’t remember what 45 I first bought. I think I bought mostly tapes but the one record I remember buying wayyy back then was an album of Air Supply! I loved them — and I actually still do! LOL We still try to catch their concerts when they come to SD but since they have been coming every year the last few, I told my husband we can skip this year. It’s fun every so often but it loses its allure/fun-ness when it happens often.

    Enjoy the big charity event! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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    1. Thank you for the good wishes for Lillie. I should have some news soon…
      Reminiscing is my favorite SPORT. 😜
      Air Supply. Wow. That stumps me because I might only know a few of their songs.

      *goes to the google machine to check Air Supply hits*

      Well, hells bells! I know a lot of their songs. I suppose I knew the songs but never made the connection that they were all Air Supply!!


  14. I remember 45s distinctly because you had to have one of those plastic spider thingies to put in the middle of the record in order to play it on the record player. Those spider thingies were like gold. As for the first 45 I bought, I think it was off the discount table and it was The Mighty Quinn by Manfred Mann. Why? I liked eskimos, I guess.

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  15. I bought Sweet Caroline and In the Year 2525 on the same day. I lived in the hinterlands so one had to travel to the big city to buy a record. I must have had a couple of babysitting jobs the previous week 😎


    1. Just the name Loverboy!! The first guy I dated loved Loverboy and had a plate on the front of his car that said Loverboy. My Dad was furious and didn’t know there was a band by that name and thought my geeky BF was referring to himself as Loverboy! Damn, that could be a blog post.

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