That Hinge Made Me Giggle, The Unhinged One Did Not And The *Not So Professional* Scribble Queen

First I need to stretch.

Then I picture myself wearing some bad ass boots while doing the following:

And then I giggle my butt off.

I just realized that Shania’s video was drawing from the Vibe of Robert Palmers Simply Irresistible. Man, I wish I could relive (some of) the 80’s!


By the way, one of our exterior doors, actually DID come off the hinge yesterday.

For a few hours I wasn’t able to shut the door and I had to enact the Fiddle Leaf Fig Security system.

The Coach managed to get it closed for now, but we are down one usable door.

I’m adding to The Building My Case For Downsize without even trying. #thishouse 😳

On Monday I was signing a birthday card to my Cuz Patrick who is turning 40 today.

Happy Birthday Cuz Patrick!

I grabbed a pen out of my pen supply in the mudroom and when I was almost done writing my note and signing our names, the damn blue ink pen ran out of ink. I then went through six pens from the pen basket on the counter looking for blue ink. NONE to be found.

I groaned, grabbed the card and brought it back to my office desk and proceeded to go through 14 pens looking for BLUE. Did I only have one blue pen in my house; a house that houses 492 pens?

Finally I found a blue pen, only to realize that the piece of paper I was scribbling on was a signed Lease Document I’d just got back in the mail from an upcoming renter.


Suzanne, you are so effing professional.

To quote Shania: Man, I feel like a woman nimrod.

Am I the only one that never noticed the correlation between Shania’s video and Robert Palmers but women instead of men? Or am I just imagining that? (Ernie, don’t even try to answer 😜we all know you don’t know!)


39 thoughts on “That Hinge Made Me Giggle, The Unhinged One Did Not And The *Not So Professional* Scribble Queen

    1. I was obsessed with MTV for many years, you know, back when it was actual music videos. I must have missed the Shania video for years; I think I had two active toddlers and was probably watching Sesame Street and Barney. 😜

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      1. SO FUNNY. While I was going through the eleventy thousand pens, I was thinking of Alanis and how Ironic that moment was…I’d meant to incorporate that phrase into the post, but by the time I wrote it (four hours later), it had already slipped my mind.

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  1. Bijoux

    I was MTV obsessed like Rivergirl, so I also noticed right away. They moved exactly the same way. Remember when Heather Dubrow dressed up like a girl in the video on RHOC? I loved that!

    Oddly, I have the opposite problem here and can never find a black pen.

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    1. I’d forgotten about Heather dressing up like that. You have such a good memory!
      We have SO many pens in our house, and I honestly don’t recall the last time I purchased any, so where did they come from?


  2. I was just thinking about Robert Palmer over the weekend and wondering whatever happened to him.

    (I never, ever think about Shania Twain–sorry, but I am not a fan of country or country-crossover music.)

    We are Black Pen Specific here and could not have helped. Sigh.

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    1. Sadly, Robert Palmer died in 2003 at the young age of 54. (heart attack)

      Nance, I don’t recall buying pens in the last five years, but somehow I have a plethora of them, and apparently, *most* are black.


  3. Okay, I must confess, I kept thinking, isn’t there a different video to this song? Then I realized I was thinking about that other Shania Twain song from MTV, “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” With regard to this song — hey, what’s good for the goose…

    I hate pens that stop working. Every once in a blue moon, I go through all the accumulated pens, check them out to see if they work and then toss them if they don’t. I write by longhand and go through a ton of pens. When the pandemic hit, I discovered I could no longer find the purple pens I prefer! So not cool! Mona

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    1. Purple pens! Those sound fun!
      A few years ago, I cleaned out all my office drawers and went through every.single.pen and marker. So, I suppose it’s time again.


    1. What can I say? My only excuse is that I was tending to small people when Shania’s songs/videos came out, and I must have been watching PBS and not MTV. 😜😳
      But I’m so happy to have this Safe Space to share with my friends.

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  4. I am dying over here. Just shared this with Mini who is home packing before she leaves tomorrow. (first I told her about your fundraiser and how you draw big name music celebrities, and I know none of them. Mini nodded, as this is not a surprise to her). Mini enjoyed my music-cluelessness shout out too. Glad to be off the hook, because I was wondering what you were referring to with these video similarities. Fun fact, even if I WAS into music back in the day, we didn’t have cable TV until I was done or almost done with high school. AS a result, I rarely saw MTV. If someone asked me if I lived under a rock, I could essentially answer YES.

    I hate when I start signing a card, or writing a note to someone and then I get interrupted and when I come back I cannot find the original pen. I end up sending goofy looking cards that look like they were sent by a 10 year old.

    Laughing at the pen sample paper that doubles as a lease. Oops.

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  5. nicoleboyhouse

    OMGGGGGGGGG AM DEAD NOW. The lease agreement!

    So when I was probably 14 or 15, my older brother and his male friends all went to a Halloween party dressed as CHIPPENDALE DANCERS, while all his female friends went to that same party dressed as Robert Palmer girls. It is actually a fantastic idea (not my brother as a Chippendale dancer, that was disturbing on many levels) but if we could all dress up like this WE COULD REALLY MAKE A STATEMENT NEXT HALLOWEEN. That statement would be WE OLD. Lol! Just kidding. Well, not really. I don’t think anyone under the age of 45 would get the reference, but you never know.

    This reminds me of when I went to a party with a P written on a t-shirt, and I put black eyeliner smudged all around my eye. Black-Eyed Pea! But someone thought that my husband had hit me (WHAT) and someone else thought that I was DRESSED UP AS AN ABUSED WIFE, WHO WOULD DO THAT.

    Wow, what a weird tangent I just took.

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    1. LET’S MAKE A STATEMENT. And not the old one. 😳😜

      I think your Black Eye Pea costume was brilliant, but it might have also gone over my head for a minute.


  6. I will confess- I didn’t make the connection between the two videos, but in my defence, we didn’t have cable out in “ the sticks” so MTV wasn’t a big part of my formative years.
    Pens- my husband steals them and I find handfuls of them out in the shop.
    I tend to have favourite pens. – Jenn

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  7. I know people say that if you remember the ’60s you weren’t there. I feel kind of that way about the ’80s. I was so stinking busy then, and wish I could go back to the 80s and watch M-TV all day long… because I didn’t get to do that then. I do, however, remember the Palmer video distinctly… simply irresistible…

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  8. I definitely knew there was a connection between those videos, but I may have been slightly obsessed with Shania back in the day!

    I keep putting pens in my work desk and yet when I need one to jot down a note, all that I can find are highlighters. Why do I even have highlighters? They don’t seem useful for anything!

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  9. M

    Hmm…I thought I left a comment here but I guess I didn’t; I must’ve been giggling too much to remember! Anyway, Shania’s video and the Irrisistible Man video have the same vibe going on — good catch!

    LOL about the rental agreement and the scribbles in the back! Seems like something I would do. When we used to use a lot more pencils at work (when the dinosaurs roamed the earth), I’d even have scribbles for my pencils everywhere because I only wanted to write with thin lead — 0.5mm and should be pointy! So I’d have those scribbles to “sharpen” the end of my pencil to get to that perfect size. Funny memory!

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    1. It’s funny how we like a specific pen or even pencil. For many years I would only use mechanical pencils because I like the ‘thinness’ or lightness, maybe? Who knows. But now I can hardly write with a pencil. It feels like too much work…what in the world is happening to me?


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