Where The Weekend Went: Early Out/Early In, Comedy Is Still Funny And Stomp It!

It was so glorious to NOT have anything planned for the weekend which has not been the case for the last 4 months or so.

On Friday I had a Dermaplaning facial; I’m totally addicted to The Razor and I swear by it. This procedure keeps your skin youthful. Most people are surprised that I’m about to have my 85th birthday and I can thank my aesthetician for that. Anyhoo, we generally have a Friday Night Date that consists of going to dinner, and I insist that he pays because I’m old fashioned. But since I had my facial that afternoon, I didn’t want to wash all the good serums off my skin and apply makeup. You should have heard me explaining this to my husband; he looked like I do when he explains just about anything that has to do with math. So, we ordered in dinner because date night be damned; why miss an opportunity to be served.


I purchased some tix for a comedy club that is literally minutes from our house and has probably been there for 15 years. Have we ever been? Have I signed myself up for Open Mic night? Nope. Even though I know I missed my calling as a stand up comedian.

*I vow that in my next life I’m going to be a comedian and an interior designer; hell I could probably do them both at the same time*

The Coach mentioned as we were leaving the house: “I’ve not been to a comedy show in at least a decade” (we used to go all the time as youngsters) I replied: “Me too, I hope comedy is still funny.”

We decided to have a bite to eat first at our fave little Sushi/Thai restaurant which is on the way. Y’all we left our house at 5:35, had dinner and then a comedy show and we were back home at 8pm. How’s that for living large?

The good news: Comedy IS still funny. We laughed our azzes off and I’ve got some new material to work on.


On Sunday we went to my BIL’s for a last minute/impromptu birthday party for my Great Niece who turns 5 next week, she is indeed great.

We got her some elbow/knee pads to go with a bike that she’s getting but I also (impulse buy) picked up a Stomp Rocket for her because it.looked.like.fun and guess what? FUN IT IS!

I know what I’m asking for when my birthday comes around. Honestly though, she LOVED the knee pads so much. Who knew that would be the hit from her gift pile?

Anyone ever have a dermaplaning facial? How about a Stomp Rocket?

Have you ever had a facial WHILE Stomping a Stomp Rocket? 😜


31 thoughts on “Where The Weekend Went: Early Out/Early In, Comedy Is Still Funny And Stomp It!

  1. What a great idea, to go see a comedian. We haven’t gone for ages, and let’s face it; we could use a good laugh.

    I think the StompIt Rocket is a great gift for yourself. It’s therapeutic and cathartic (the stomping), and good exercise (the retrieving). You could always say you got it for a dog toy, too.

    Speaking of–how is Lillie?

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    1. We had such a great time laughing in unison with others.

      The Stompit was so much fun, and what a simple toy it is. No batteries, and we put it together in minutes by looking at the photo on the box.

      Thank you for asking about Lillie. After a bajillion tests/lab work/ultrasound/Xrays, finally last night a conclusion came via email. Today we are going to have a consultation with a surgeon. I will update with a post soon, but she is doing well.

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    1. Absolutely! It wasn’t until later that I realized there were many versions of the StompIt. Her’s only went up to 200 feet, but they have some that go up to 400Ft. I’m holding out on one of those…😜


  2. M

    Oh, what a fun date night! I love comedy! My husband has to be in the mood for it but when he is, he is the loudest laugher in the room! LOL

    I remember buying one of those for my son but I don’t remember it going up so high. I’m sure they’ve improved since then. I want to get a couple and have a contest!

    One of my friends swears by dermaplane. I should give it a try because you and I are about the same age, and it sure would be nice to have people not believe I’m 85 because I look so good! LOL

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    1. The Stomp rocket I got has two sides, so two people can compete for height. I did win while playing against a five-year-old, so I felt good about myself.

      I, too swear by Dermaplaning; it’s like I’m turning over cells and ridding my face of dead skin each time I do it


  3. Bijoux

    I’m weird about people touching my face and nails. I’ll leave it at that!
    I think someone gave my grandson a stomp rocket, but I’ve never tried it.
    Isn’t going to a comedy club fun? We’ve gone twice this summer, but before that, it was 2003. Crazy!

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  4. Learned about 2 things today that I did not know existed and now need to research further: dermaplaning facials and stomp rockets!

    I have not been to a comedy show in forever (wait, not true: I saw Bianca Del Rio last March – a drag queen comic counts, right?).

    I used to go to local shows in my uni days when the comics were oh so blue and you daren’t sit anywhere near the stage (and get picked on). People could still smoke in bars then, so the air was blue from that as well as the language!


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    1. Please look into the Dermaplaning. I’m addicted. But do your research and find someone good at it. Although I’ve never had a bad dermaplaning, I’ve also only used two different estheticians.
      No smoking any longer in public places: YEAH!

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  5. I love that you went to a comedy club. I’ve been to a few, but not in forever.

    I woke up the day after the ER visit with Reg and decided I needed to add doing a stand up routine to my list of things to do. I even wrote down my material. Not like the day prior had inspired me to be funny or anything. A little weird, but there you go.

    Our kids had a similar toy a long, long time ago. It did not impress us. I think the air leaked out of the side, so when the kids stomped on the thing, it didn’t have a lot of force to really take off. I’m not at all surprised that you brought the fun gifts and were clearly the life of the party.

    I think I had a facial once. Did you say there is a razor involved? Huh? We saw a group of old friends yesterday at a luncheon. One of the men, who I haven’t seen in years, told me that I look the same as I did 20 years ago. Day, no year, made!

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    1. We should take our show on the road! 😜

      Yes, there is a razor involved….she gives me a clean shave with a sterile razor; it removes all the peach fuzz and dead skin. It’s awesome.


  6. The last comedy club visit had to have been when Man-Child was either in elementary or middle school. We were in Pigeon Forge for Spring Break and I took him to a “family friendly” show and had a blast. At one point, he turned to me and said, “I think I’m going to throw up from laughing so hard!” Thankfully, he didn’t. But that is one of his all time favorite memories from that trip.

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  7. Anonymous

    Love stomp rockets!!! We used to take them to the beach at Lake Michigan —the kids each had one and would have stomping contests. I think you’d be a great stand up comedian…you’re an excellent blog comedian ✌️✌️

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  8. I only had a regular facial, but it was amazing. After that, my face felt like a baby’s bottom.

    I love that you and your husband have a date night every Friday. That is something Mike and I hope to do when the girls are older. ❤️

    You’d make the best aunt EVER. Your family is lucky to have you.

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    1. You are so kind!
      We started our Friday night Date thing back when the girls were in high school. It was challenging during football season because Lindsay was on the dance line and performed every Friday, but we went out to eat before or after. Those kids are always trying to cramp our style…

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