Lillie’s Lump Diary

*I’ve started this post at least four times in the last few weeks, but it was becoming a too-long-for-me post.*

I’ve been putting off on updating everyone about Lillie’s lump. Mostly because it’s a long, drawn out ordeal that includes four, no, SIX seven, doctors appointments in the last month or so. After lot’s of tests, biopsies, ultrasounds, etc, she has a Mast Cell Tumor. Thankfully it has (at least as of two weeks ago) not spread to her lungs, spleen or liver which would be fatal. We are having the tumor surgically removed tomorrow. When we first started on this journey, it was a small, indiscreet lump that has now grown faster than the random hairs on my face.

Lump photo from my phone archives-August 3rd.

At first I took her to my regular Veternarian, but it was actually the Fill-In Veternarian and I had almost zero faith in his ‘guessable’ diagnosis. So, since then I’ve been to a Vet Group that has all the specialists in one office which I thought would be great because One Stop Shopping; they can do ultrasounds, biopsies, X-rays all right there. The trouble is, they are all part time in that office, so getting things done in a timely fashion is almost unheard of.

All this waiting in between is making me nuts because this tumor is growing fast.

~I failed to mention that a few days after the first visit with the internist who took cell samples, her lump started to bleed. And bleed. We were trying to use an ace bandage with gauze underneath to stop the bleeding. That didn’t work great. We resorted to using her Thunder Shirt with guaze underneath and that wasn’t much better. I’d put in a call to the internist for help on Thursday after she worked on Lillie on Monday, but of course, she was gone and would not be back into the office until Tuesday. Did you know that Lillie sleeps in the bed with us? Two mornings, we woke up to what looked like a crime scene on our white sheets. We could not get the bleeding to stop for several days. *sigh*

Lump photo from my phone archives August 9th.

After about a week, the bleeding finally stopped. For the time being.


On Saturday morning she was restless, wouldn’t eat and was shivering; with my not-so-real Doctors license I decided she had a fever. I took her to my regular Veternarian and luckily, it was the ONE Veternarian at that office who I have a lot of faith in. He said she had a mild fever, but her skin/tumor was infected as it was bleeding again. He gave her a shot of antibiotics and some mild pain reliever to use for the next few days.

Later on Saturday and onto Sunday this thing would not stop bleeding. We would take turns just holding her with gobs of paper towels, putting mild pressure on the wound and soaking up the blood.

At bedtime we put gauze on it, then an ace bandage and her Thunder shirt over the top of it.


I woke up around 6:45, rolled over to pet Lillie and her wound had soaked through lots of gauze, a huge ace bandage and her thunder shirt. I decided to take her to the emergency vet (which is also where she will have surgery) and see if they can do anything to stop the bleeding OR to have the surgery today. They explained to me that this tumor is not healthy tissue, so once it starts bleeding, it will not heal. Sadly, the surgeon would not be able to do the surgery today.

The sweet ER Dr. wrapped her up really well and she hoped this would last until tomorrow morning when we drop her off. I don’t think it will, but it’s more fashionable than what we’ve been doing. EDITED TO ADD: The cute, professional wrap made it to 3:50pm before it soaked through. 😩

MEOW. This morning after seeing the emergency vet.

This poor girl has been through hell. Please send up some good mojo, positive vibes and/or prayers to the Big Man Upstairs that her surgery is successful.

Signed, Lillie’s Tired Mom.


45 thoughts on “Lillie’s Lump Diary

  1. Oh my goodness, Suz. I’m so sorry. What an ordeal for everyone. Poor Lillie! Poor you! Surgery cannot happen soon enough. Thank goodness Lillie is in your loving care where she feel secure, safe, and loved. I’m sending all my best for you both.

    I’m anxiously awaiting the pupdate once her surgery is over. XXOO

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  2. Oh goodness. This is heartbreaking. Poor little Lillie and poor you. That would drive me nutty to not have a consistent/responsive doctor to reach out to. I wonder if August is tough because of people taking vacation time?

    I’m thinking of you and saying a prayer that all goes well with the surgery and that she heals quickly. Hope she is back to her peppy self in no time.

    She is a fashionista in her pink wrap for sure.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I think the doctors are only there for a short period because they might have their own practices elsewhere. I wish I had thought about that before this all started.

      The pink wrap was destroyed (wet) by 3:50pm.


  3. Your poor baby! I think it’s hardest on animals because they don’t fully understand what’s going on. They just suffer. I’ll say prayers for her that her surgery goes well and that she heals very quickly! I’ll say prayers for you and your family, too, Suz! So sorry y’all are having to go through this! A huge hug to you! Mona

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  4. OMG. My eyes are leaking reading this. Poor Lillie. Poor you! I can’t imagine the emotional wreak you must be, uncontrollable bleeding is terrifying. The fact that no one could do anything but wrap her up makes me want to scream. Sending much love and positive healing vibes for tomorrow. To you both.

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  5. nicoleboyhouse

    Oh no, Suz. I am so sorry and I’m sending every single prayer and good thought your way. Poor little Lillie, and poor you, what a traumatic ordeal. xoxoxoxo

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  6. M

    Awww….poor Lily! That’s a lot of blood! I’m glad that she has you to take good care of her. Sending prayers for a successful surgery today….and a quick and complete recovery.

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      1. Thank you so much.
        Lillie doesn’t read my blog that often, so don’t worry about the misspelling. 😉

        When I adopted her, they had her name spelled both ways, but we decided to go with Lillie since Callie is with the double L’s.


        1. Anonymous

          Ahhhh ~~ breathes a big sigh of relief! ~~ I’m so glad! I was afraid of hurting poor Lillie’s feelings! 🙂

          What is mommy doing to distract herself while the baby pooch is in surgery? Some shopping? A spa day? Hope the day isn’t too stressful for you worrying!

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        2. I was a busy bee all day today; lots of things happening, some good, some
          But hopefully, I’ll get my little old one-eared lady home tomorrow and all will be right in the world.


        3. M

          Oh, I wonder how I became “Anonymous”? Maybe I forgot to type in my “M”. 🙂

          I am sorry you had some not-so-good happenings. Hope all’s better today!

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  7. Praying the surgery goes better than anticipated – – and they get ALL the cancer. Praying she has a good recovery. She will have to feel better than she does with the tumor for sure.
    Also praying for you and Coach. You love those pups with your whole hearts and are so good to them. They found Heaven on Earth when they landed at your place.

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    1. Thank you so much, Lynda. You are the sweetest.
      This morning I woke up at 3:30 am with the Coach replacing her bandage as she bled through. (again) I was in such a deep state of sleep that I casually watched as he tended to her so sweetly as I fell back asleep; thank goodness I’m not a single mom. 😉


  8. I’m sorry to read about this. Poor Lillie, poor you. I’m glad that you’re on top of this problem, but what a one it is. It’s frustrating and worrying when anyone in your family is hurting. Sending hugs your way

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