Lillie~Loves~Popcorn Update, Sunrise Or Sunset, Someone Has A Birthday

Thank you all for your good wishes last week regarding Lillie.

I wish I could say it’s been smooth sailing, but that would make me a liar and I’m not a fan of my pants being on fire. We’re still in the thick of it and my heart hurts on the daily.

Lillie enjoying happier days last year.

We’ve had some setbacks and you don’t need to know the not-so-fun details, but one funny, well, kinda funny thing I’ll share: Her lack of appetite. It’s been an issue since surgery and I need her to eat so I can hide her meds in the food. For a day chicken breast worked. The next day, it did not. Then I went to cheddar cheese; it worked for a day, then it didn’t. One night the Coach was eating Smart Pop and shouted from the next room: I’m eating popcorn and she wants some!

I mixed a bit of popcorn with some of her wet food. She picked out the popcorn, but then ate some of the wet food. The next day, I did the same thing with some of her kibble and wet food. She ate fairly well, I mean, it’s about 1/3 of what she generally will eat, but I feel like when she eats, I want to give myself a Gold Medal. This ‘win’ generally only happens in the evenings, not in the morning. Who knew that Popcorn is a meal incentive? Well, I mean, I knew that, but I didn’t know she knew that.

I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and hoping my little snickerdoodle heals and proceeds to live out a long life with us.


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A few weeks ago I went to a family birthday party for a two year old; my first cousins grandchild. My second cousins child. Actually second cousin calls me Aunt Suzanne, so she’s also my Niece. So my great nieces 2nd birthday party.

Are we as clear as mud?

Anyhoo, my almost niece, second cousin introduced me to one of her friends who is about her age; 28-30ish. My almost niece/second cousin always lived on the East Coast of FL until a few years ago, now she lives on my coast; The Cool Coast. I asked the Friend if she was from This Coast (pointing to the ground) or The East Coast (pointing behind me).

She looked puzzled so I thought I would make it easier for her.

Do you watch the sunset at your beach or do you watch the sunrise at your beach?

She looked even more perplexed by this complicated geography question I just threw at her; she shrugged her shoulders and replied that she didn’t know.

My almost niece/second cousin let me know that her friend lives on the East Coast, but she doesn’t wake up early enough to see the sunrise.

I thought to myself: she should still have a general idea where she resides.

I guess if you can’t see it, it just doesn’t happen; similar to that elusive refrigerator light. Does it go off after you shut the door? It’s just one of those universal mysteries I suppose.

I hope that little story made you giggle and you’re not depressed over Lillie. Leave that to me.

I have a birthday on Saturday and generally, I’m very excited about My Day. This year? I’m feeling very meh.

If we were to meet in person this weekend and finances weren’t a bother, what would we do together?


40 thoughts on “Lillie~Loves~Popcorn Update, Sunrise Or Sunset, Someone Has A Birthday

  1. It’s hard to chuckle at the lack of geographic knowledge when my heart is shattering over your sweet Lillie. Did your vet suggest jarred baby food to stimulate her appetite? It’s smooth and easy to digest when pets are ill. Mine survived on lamb, beef and turkey purée while healing, it was a godsend. Please give her an extra gentle hug from me and know that my thoughts with you.

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  2. Bijoux

    We seem to mostly go to wineries or breweries for flights, so come along!

    So sorry about the stress of feeding Lillie. That sounds difficult. I hope she gets hungry soon. And yes, I chuckled over the girl not knowing where she lives. My sister-in-law has lived in this area her entire life (she’s 59) and she has no clue where any nearby suburb or city is that I mention. It’s like she’s never looked at a map (or been anywhere!) in her life. It confounds me.

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  3. Sorry to hear about your little Lillie. I know the anxiety over trying to get a pet to eat and trying to give them their meds. Worse than a child because at least with your children you could talk to them and reason with them.
    Bijoux already beat me to it, as I would have taken you to a vineyard and we would have had lovely flights and something to eat.
    I think when we were of an age, we knew how to read maps. No GPS when we were driving around on road trips. If you didn’t drive, you were the navigator, even if you did have to turn the map so it made sense in your brain. I think the “younger generation” (don’t I sound old?) understands maps about as much as they understand clocks with hands. -Jenn

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    1. I keep telling her: If only you could tell me what you need.
      She doesn’t answer me, though…

      I’d love to visit a vineyard with you. We would have a lot to talk about!


  4. Oh, poor Lillie. Hooray for popcorn, but hoping she wants to eat more than that soon. Sending lots of soft hugs to her and bigger ones to you. Hope her mending process speeds up as I know progress would be a godsend.

    I know people who are directionally challenged. I can’t imagine. Doesn’t she know which way to position her lounge chair so she gets the right amount of sun? Oh, wait – that’s just me, maybe.

    Well this is easy, I’d invite you to my tailgate at Notre Dame this weekend. I’m working to figure out how to mount Coach’s giant Gumby costume that I made him years ago on top of our car (once we arrive at our parking spot). As in “come to our tailgate, it’s the one with Gumby on the roof.” You and I would enjoy the comments from passers by and we’d snack on the tasty treats I’ve been whipping up all week. And of course we would be working to de-stress Mini and meet whoever she brings along to meet her nutty mother with the Gumby-decorated car. *Tried uploading a pic of Gumby but have had no luck.

    I hope your birthday is more fun than you are anticipating. I will have a drink at my tailgate in your honor. (This week has been a lot here in Shenanigan-ville. I’ve warned my SIL who is coming with me that I might go streaking on the quad).

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    1. Thank you for your good wishes.
      Oh, we would be in so much trouble together! I’m sure your kids would be totally embarrassed, making it even more fun.

      Do you remember the SNL skit with Eddie Murphy? I’m Gumby Damnit!


  5. Oh, how I wish we were closer. I’d come over and help you in getting through the days with Lillie. I understand how you feel because our pets are our kids.

    Lake Michigan serves as my guide here. I understand that it is East. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know where N, S, E, or W were.

    You know how I feel about birthdays, so I’ll wish Lillie a full recovery and all the best for you. I’m sure Coach has something special in store for you.

    This weekend isn’t out of the usual in any way. Probably just in the garden and maybe a day trip around the area. I wish you could come with us. ❤️

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    1. I wish I could join you too!

      I use the ocean as my guide whether I lived on the East Coast or, now, on the West Coast. But I suppose when we lived in Phoenix, I didn’t know where the heck I was going. If only there was a body of water to use as my guide. 😳

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  6. I’m behind on blog reading (reading them newest to oldest), but I hope your dog recovers. For the most part, when my dog was sick, I was able to sneak her meds in her food no problem. I was lucky that way, I suppose. She was highly food motivated.

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  7. Sending healing thoughts to Lillie and hugs to you!
    I always knew where the sun rose and set no matter where I lived, and lately I am very aware of the moon phases too. As in “Let’s plan to go see the Christmas lights on such and such night because then we can take in the full moon too!” It’s my witchy side finally coming into full (moon) flower, I guess 😉.
    I hope you have a lovely birthday, Suz.💕


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    1. I’m a fan of your witchy side! I love looking at the moon, but I couldn’t tell you if it’s going to be a sliver tonight or a full moon. Maybe that will come with time, and I, too, can be witchy.

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  8. My dog has a chronic condition and is on a limited diet because of allergies/intolerances AND medications that suppress her appetite. So, I feel you on trying to get a reluctant dog to eat. It has taken me up to half an hour to get my dog to eat 1/3 cup of kibble and those are some frustrating days. Sending cuddles to Lillie and good thoughts to you!

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  9. M

    Awwww….poor “Lillie” jelly-belly! (I made that up just because I wanted her name to be longer and all rhyme). I hope she’s feeling better soon! It’s understandable she doesn’t want to eat when she’s not feeling well.

    Our dog is a Siberian Husky and was (and still is) notoriously picky and not food-motivated! I have to entice him to eat some days — then he’d remember that he is actually hungry! I can never hide a pill in his food because he’d spit out anything bigger than a piece of rice (a bit of an exaggeration but he is talented that way!) So I’ve become an expert in hiding a pill in a gob of peanut butter and putting it in his mouth, toward his molars (do dogs have molars? But you know what I mean — towards the back…between his cheeks and his back teeth.) I read that somewhere…but of course, it’s probably not something you really don’t wanna do when the doggy isn’t feeling well already….seems like something more mean to make them put up with this method of taking a pill!

    I’m behind reading because I was a bit busy with a long weekend with friends. We went to the beach (Coronado) for a few nights. It was supposed to be our annual long-weekend-together for the girls but a couple couldn’t make it and so we ended up inviting a husband to help drive so we had two husbands (mine is the 2nd) with us….they built us fires on the beach, etc, so we may invite them from now on! LOL We had such a great time. So, anyway, I was going to say come and fly to SD and have some beach time with us! But you’re right by the beach, too….so this is probably not so enticing?

    Happy (early) birthday! Enjoy!!

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    1. I rhyme all the time.
      Our Lolo has a Husky; Mattis is also not food motivated.
      I even tried peanut butter with Lillie, and she said No, thank you.

      How fun to have a girl’s (and boy’s) weekend away. It sounds absolutely delightful!
      A girl’s night at the beach, whether it’s on this side of the US or your side, sounds perfect to me!


  10. nicoleboyhouse

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND. For one thing, if we were together I’d walk around with a sandwich board that had an arrow on it pointing to you, and it would say “It’s Suz’s birthday.” Then we would do a puzzle. Then we would have wine and sit by your pool and have people bring us food. And wine. Because you know what, I’m a bit of a “sit by the pool” kind of girl. Oh and I would bake you a cake because I make really delicious cakes.

    I was wondering about Lillie and I’m so sad that it’s been a hard road. But I do feel a strong connection to her because I too love popcorn and if Coach was eating it in front of me, I’d look at him with sad eyes until he gave me some.

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for making me laugh!
      I’d love to do a puzzle, drink wine, and lounge at the pool all weekend with you. We’d have a hoot of a time, and I’d get my fill of cake and laughter. XO


  11. I was going to chime in with peanut butter, but someone beat me to it. Zydrunas loves the stuff, and he takes his daily med happily off of Sam’s finger as long as it’s surrounded by a glob of pb.

    I’m sorry that Lillie is having a slow and tough recovery. If she’s taking water and resting comfortably, that’s a positive direction. She’s been through a lot in a short time; I’m sure she’s doing what she feels she can. That sure doesn’t make it easy on you, I know. I get it.

    I am terribly directionally challenged. My mother used to always say, “Nance, remember the lake is always north.” I found that extremely unhelpful. Like, what am I, some seventeenth century Native American? If I can’t SEE Lake Erie, then how can that orient me? Just give me landmarks: it’s over there by the CVS, or it’s next to where the Putt Putt Golf used to be. And never, ever tell me “it’s south of the park.” That stuff means nothing to me. I have no clue. ZERO. “It’s right after the park if you’re on your way to the lake.” Fixed it for you.

    Let’s run up to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the weekend and visit my favourite winery and then take in a play at the Shaw Festival. Since it’s your birthday (Happy Happy XO), I’ll buy you a case of your fave and take you to dinner before the show.

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    1. Nance, I did try peanut butter, and she would have none of it. *sigh*
      That was last week. I think it was Thursday that she turned a corner; she is eating and acting almost normal, and my heart is FULL.

      Thank you for your good wishes for Lillie and my birthday.
      Your plan for us sounds absolutely perfect; what’s the dress code and what time should I be ready? 😉😳


  12. Pat Birnie

    I’m a little behind on my blog reading – hoping Lillie is doing a little better, day by day. For your birthday you should come visit me and we can get a limo and tour the Niagara wine region (just 30 minutes from me:). I’d pepper you with questions because I think you are hilarious and you’ve probably got a million more great stories to share! Happy birthday Suz.

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    1. Pat, she has improved so much, and I appreciate your good wishes.

      Well, you, myself, and Nance should plan a weekend since she also suggested the Niagara wine region. We would have such a good time, and I’ll try to keep my stories to a minimum…but if the wine is flowing, there are no promises.


  13. I agree with you that this chick should know a little something about the place she lives, like where the sun is on her side of the state. I am raising my eyebrow on that one.

    As for what we’d do this weekend, I’d like to go to a farmers’ market, have a late brunch, then go for a walk on the beach. Followed by an adult libation of your choice.

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    1. People continue to baffle me. But I’m sure some things about me might confuse someone else.

      Wait. I take it back. I’m perfectly normal. 😳😜

      I LOVE a farmers market! And brunch. And a nice walk too. Why wouldn’t we have an adult libation? We earned it with all that walking.

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  14. Happy Birthday, Suz! Looks like Lillie has some rough seas ahead but with your tender loving care and the magic of popcorn she should be on the mend soon.

    Similar the geography question, we were astonished when our little visiting granddaughter asked us what time it was. “Look at the clock,” her Grandpa suggested, which hangs conveniently above the TV. Turns out she has no clue how to tell time on an analogue clock. We must seem like a couple of antiques to her without a digital clock in sight, except over the stove and on our cellphones.

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    1. Thank you for your good wishes.

      I suppose they no longer teach you how to tell the time in school? If so, that is a pity. I clearly remember doing that, and also, in High School, I remember learning how to write a check and balance my checkbook. I don’t think that is taught any longer as well. What is happening? 😳

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  15. Oh goodness I hope Lillie continues to heal and eats more for you! Poor you and poor baby! We kind of have the same deal here in Michigan with the sunrise/sunset. We just call them the sunrise side and the sunset side if the state.

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  16. The only times I ever lived near the ocean were on the West Coast, so it’s always been nothing but beachy keen sunsets to me. The idea of the sun rising over the Atlantic is a difficult concept for me to grasp, actually. Though I suppose I could now drive out to Milwaukee and watch the sun come up over Lake Michigan, which might as well be an ocean considering how big it is.

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