Birthday Reflections, I Love Presents And Lillie Is Making Strides.

Thank you ALL for your positive comments on my Lillie post; your words mean a lot to me. Also, everyone who shared what ‘we would do together on my birthday filled my heart with love. 

It turns out that my day was all about eating. We met Coach’s Mom, Step Dad, Linds, my adapted daughter Halie, (not adopted since her Mom wouldn’t give her up, so we all adapted) our dear friends TW and Mo for a long lunch that was delicious for our bellies and great for my soul. 

Saturday night, we had dinner with Coach’s Dad, step Mom, and Linds. Linds made out with two free meals on my day! I was showered with thoughtful, sweet gifts, and you know what I realized? I LOVE PRESENTS, even if it’s a little thing like a kitchen scrubber. 

While at dinner, two other tables near us were also celebrating a birthday which I thought was total BS. IT’S MY DAY; STOP TRYING TO BOSS HOG MY DAY! 


Linds gave me the absolute sweetest card with words from her beautiful heart. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I’ll pull that out and reread it. 

Isn’t the written word priceless? We laughed that she could only find a pencil in her apartment. Now I know what I’m getting her for Christmas.

Much to the horror of my MIL, my FIL bought me a kitchen scrubber and dropped it in the gift bag she had with a few other items. He said:  You will love this and he was right. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. *giggle* He knows me. 

I received lovely flowers from my girls (adapted & DNA) and Nathan. My kids know my weakness for Reese’s. I had one cup on Saturday and one on Sunday; I’m satisfied for a while. 


I think it was Thursday when Lillie turned a corner which was a surprise since she doesn’t even have a driver’s license. But as I was feeding the crew dinner (we had Max for the last month), Lillie all of a sudden perked up and was excited about meal time. I was worried it was temporary joy, but she’s been eating her regular food (I don’t have to share my popcorn!) and acting almost like her old self. 

We take her this morning to have her sutures (hopefully)removed and to get an update on the lab results. 

Thank you for all your kind words and love. It means more than you could know. 

Do you have a favorite go-to candy that you might sometimes crave so much that you might push down a human to get one? Just me? 


34 thoughts on “Birthday Reflections, I Love Presents And Lillie Is Making Strides.

    1. I’m a big believer in celebrating birthdays: what’s more important than celebrating the people that make our lives whole? Clearly your daughter is one of those amazing people and the A in adapted is because of how A+ it is for you to be in each other’s lives like that 🥰

      And imo it’s better to get a lot of smaller, meaningful, delighting and delightful gifts than one huge gift 💝

      Happy birthday! 🎁

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  1. Bijoux

    That’s great news about Lillie! And I’d appreciate a pot scrubber as well. I love gifts that are useable and consumable. Your daughter’s note is so sweet. I like dark chocolate anything, but there’s something about bridge mix that makes me think, ‘Move out of my way!’

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  2. Way to go, Linds for scoring two free meals. A girl after my own heart. Her card is so touching. The pencil story, hee hee. I’m laughing at people trying to steal your day. Your FIL does know you. I’d be like WHAT’S THIS FOR? 😉

    So relieved to hear that Lillie has perked up. Hope her progress continues and that it’s both smooth and speedy.

    Well, I like Reeces too – so much. Thank heavens those are GF. I also love candy corn. Did you know these are somewhat controversial? It seems people either love them or hate them.

    Reeces peanut butter cups are Mini’s favorite too and even though she said we could only bring her healthy snacks, my SIL and I brought her a few packages when we saw her on Saturday.

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  3. What a terrific birthday and well-deserved. No better gifts exist than gifts from or for the heart, and you got plenty of both.

    I’m so happy that Lillie has rebounded (and she’s not nearly tall enough to be a basketball center!) and seems headed for good health again. She’ll be her little sassy self in no time at all.

    I’m a Reese’s peanut butter cup girl, too, with a serious peanut M&M addiction lurking in the background. If they were in the same candy dish, it would be pb cups first, though, every time.

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    1. Thank you, Nance. Yes, I’m full of joy right now.

      There was a time when I had a full-blown peanut M & M addiction…there must have been an intervention at some point because it’s been a long time since I’ve had them. I hope this post didn’t trigger a relapse. 🙂


  4. Great news about Lillie feeling better! That’s exciting and I hope it means good things for her.

    I just bought a six-pack of Reese’s peanut butter Halloween pumpkin cups and I am so excited. It will probably take me until Halloween to eat them all, but it’s exciting that they are an option! I might buy a giant thing of peanut M&Ms the next time we’re at Costco because those are also a favorite of mine.

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  5. M

    Yay! A birthday celebration with lots of eating and people you love (and love you) is the best! And the bonus is that Lillie has turned the corner, even if she did it illegally! LOL

    I love chocolate-covered marshmallows….and I have a friend who sends me some every so often, Hall’s Candies. So yummy, specially the dark-chocolate!

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  6. What a lovely birthday!
    Aren’t handwritten cards the best?

    Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallow rabbits are my favorite. They are only available at Easter, but they are my all-time favorite chocolate treat.

    I’m so happy Lillie is feeling better, and what a fantastic birthday present. ❤️

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    1. Handwritten notes are the absolute best. Right up there with healthy puppies!
      Marshmallow bunnies? They sound delightful, and it’s a treat when you can only get them at certain times, right?

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  7. I’m glad to read you had such a great birthday, Suz!

    My favourite candy used to be Reese’s peanut butter cups but now I find them too sweet and not peanut-buttery enough. Obviously they changed the recipe without warning me as there is no way my taste buds have changed over the decades 😉.


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  8. nicoleboyhouse

    Ooooh what a wonderful birthday, from the yummies to the gifts to the LILLIE NEWS! I was just thinking about Lillie today and so this was a very exciting update to receive. Go Lillie go!
    Mmmmmm I love Reece, I also love Reece Pieces. My favourite candy is Lindor truffles though.

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  9. Happy Birthday, Suz! I love that you were surrounded by the people you love the most, showered with love, affection and gifts, and that Lillie is doing better and that you had a Reese’s cup. I love those darn things.

    Sounds like you were celebrated properly! As you should have been.

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  10. Puppy is doing better. Yay! You got a heartfelt card. Yay! You are using a new scrubber. Yay! And as for your question about a preferred candy bar, doesn’t everyone have one that they’d do anything to get? Mine is a Payday.

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  11. I’m glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Who wouldn’t want a kitchen scrubber?! I’m also so glad Lillie is doing better! Ok so I have a weakness for Smarties and I never buy them because I can’t leave them alone until the roof of my mouth is raw!

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  12. What I like best about your blog is your sense of humor. Those unexpected metaphors that catch you off guard and elicit a laugh.

    “Lillie turned a corner which was a surprise since she doesn’t even have a driver’s license” did it for me this time!

    Happy belated birthday. I’m glad it was full of love (and FOOD).

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  13. So happy to hear that Lillie turned a corner and hoping that you will have good news from the vet. The words on your daughter’s card are very heart warming! My go-to candy used to be Hershey’s Special Dark Kisses. I even used to raid my father’s stash to satisfy my craving…

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