The Cutest Whiner Ever And Codependent Who?

Now that we are through the worst of it, I can share a few silly tid-bits from when Lillie was in recovery. (she was addicted to cookies, but we found help!)

Right after surgery she came home with The Cone Of Shame. The girl was miserable; she hated it so much. A few days after later we were using a friendlier version of the Cone Of Shame: The Soft Cone Of Shame. Still, she was not happy about it at all and she let us know. Prepare to die of cuteness.

Note when she pauses and looks to the side, Lolo’s dog Max was under the table calling her out on her whiny BS. (*please ignore the random dog kibble and tore up area rug, thank you, Callie)

A few days later I found some Recovery Suits for her instead of the dreaded soft cone.

She still didn’t like them…maybe I should have got a different color, but I enjoy polka dots.

One of my biggest issues while she was recovering was keeping her from jumping on/off on the couch and our bed. She sleeps in our bed every night. I just knew if she slept in the bed with us, she might get up in the middle of the night and jump off. I was so worried about her ripping her sutures.

You know how fun it is to try and sleep while worrying about things? Yeah, super restful.


The Coach was going out of town and I decided to make sure I was able to get some quality sleep while nursing the wounded baby. I moved one of the twin mattresses out of a guest room and put it on the floor between the family room and dining room.

I slept there three nights and Lillie mostly stayed in the bed with me, but when she decided to get off/on, it wasn’t a big leap.

Y’all, I slept so well. I told the Coach I might keep a bed right there for eternity.

Imagine finishing a good meal and taking four steps over to your resting spot. I’m kind of annoyed that I didn’t think of this sooner.

By the way, I laid down those new area rugs in September 2021, minutes prior to Lolo and Nathans surprise wedding shower. I’d bought them months before, but was waiting till the last minute to put them down because Callie has taken a liking to digging in the carpets when I’m not around.


I have some new rugs in my shopping cart, but I vow to not put them down until Callie decides to depart this Earth Ship.

That’s all I have for you.

Tune in next week; I’m finally ready to talk about something very deep and personal that I’ve been putting off…

My eyebrows.

Have you given up your own bed to lie down with dogs? I’m not referring your dating days because that is almost as personal as your eyebrows.



21 thoughts on “The Cutest Whiner Ever And Codependent Who?

  1. That fussing session was heartbreaking! No wonder you went and bought her some dog jammies. Poor little girl.

    I’d have been on the floor with the quickness, too. It wouldn’t have been the first time. I remember sleeping on the floor when the boys were sick.

    (I’ve been putting off waxing my brows for way too long. Thank heavens for bangs. And I have my own wax kit! Sigh.)

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    1. I’ve never had a dog that could whine/whimper; She know how to tug at my heart strings.

      You’re such a good mom! I don’t remember sleeping on the girls bedroom floor before, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

      I stopped waxing my brows years ago only because they stopped growing. 😛


  2. Oh my goodness, those pathetic little grunty whines! She is clearly SO Over the cone. Your bed solution is GENIUS.

    And I am Very Eager to read whatever you have to say about eyebrows!! I have serious eyebrow angst! Currently, that angst is related to the fact that SOMEONE (cough cough my child) stole my tweezers and cannot remember where she put them! Argh! I have had these tweezers for a thousand years, give or take, and have never been able to find any as good as they are. Hmm. This seems to have gotten quite ranty, my apologies. I await your eyebrow post with bated breath.

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  3. The soft cone of shame? I’ll never feel the same about those neck pillows for flying again 🤣. Recovery suits are a great idea, and I do love me some polka dots. Lillie looks like a little fashion plate, to me!
    Bowser goes for his…a-hem…procedure tomorrow morning so there will be a cone of shame happening at the Badass compound this weekend. I may add to the shame by taking lots of pictures for a future blog post 😉.


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  4. Biscuits wore his cone of shame for 30 minutes after getting fixed. When it comes to doggy whining, I am a total wimp.

    If I had a bed like that, I’d sleep on the floor with my dogs as well. Slumber parties for dogs are the best type of slumber parties. ❤️

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  5. nicoleboyhouse

    Oh my god, I cannot wait for your eyebrow post. That sounded sarcastic but I am so much in earnest. I HAVE FEELINGS. Did I ever tell you someone shamed me on instagram for my eyebrows? They said I had a pretty face but my eyebrows are really ugly. IMAGINE TELLING A STRANGER THAT THEY HAVE UGLY EYEBROWS. What must that person’s life be like?

    Anyway, you are the cutest ever with your slumber party!

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    1. Who the hell said you had bad eyebrows? Let me at ’em! That is terrible, and I just know they are a horrible person no matter what their eyebrows look like.
      It was a fun slumber party, but I’m glad it’s over because Lillie is healthy now!


  6. I am loving those dog jammie/recovery suit thing. Of course your dog is a fashionista. She must be the talk of the neighborhood. Oh, that video. Those sad little sounds she is emitting. Goodness. She was probably telling you that the pillow thing around her head was really only something she planned to use for an overseas flight.

    Look at you with the convenient bed. If you put a fridge in your dining room like me, you will have restructured the entire home layout the rest of humanity is accustomed to. Trend setter, I say.

    I would not lay down with dogs, because of allergies. I did sleep on the floor in my bedroom with 4 year old Tank when I was 8 month pregnant with Curly because he had the worst stomach bug known to sweet little boys. He puked every like 25 minutes or something for about 7 hours. He could no longer stand, Coach would jump out of bed and I would roll myself up so that we could carry him to the toilet that was steps away. It was honestly scary. A night I will never forget.

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    1. Luckily, the fridge isn’t that far away from the makeshift bedroom. I say YOU need a bed in your dining room, then we’ll be even. 😜

      Lillie is the best-dressed dog on our street. Well, at least in our house. 😉

      I can’t imagine dealing with a toddler with a stomach bug for that long. Poor Tank!


  7. Oh doggy jammies are the best thing I’ve seen all day. I feel like your worrying resulted in something healthy and fashionable– so IT WAS NOT IN VAIN. Looking forward to learning about your eyebrows next week. I mean, who among us isn’t?

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  8. Oh poor Lillie! That certainly is a pitiful whine! I’m so glad she’s doing better now! I would have slept on the floor too and see how well you slept when you weren’t worried about her jumping off the bed!

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  9. M

    Awwww….poor baby! Such a pitiful whine!! And yet she was a bit embarrassed just a short time when Max called her on it! Too funny! I’m so happy to hear she’s doing wonderfully. Such a big load off your mind!

    Ha ha ha! You’re too funny! Lying with the dogs during the dating days!! I have not — our dog does not like cuddling…he’ll tolerate it for a few seconds, minutes if he’s being generous.

    I am guilty of lack of eyebrow care….I haven’t gone back to get them cleaned up (threaded) since COVID arrived. So I’m all ears (or eyes!), looking forward to your post.

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    1. Huskies are not people dogs. They are dog-dogs and don’t love the affection of their humans.
      We’re so happy that she is doing well, thank you.

      Who knew we needed to discuss eyebrows?


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