Unremarkable What? And It’s Time For Me To Leave You.

Lillie’s surgeon suggested we look into an oncologist in case auxiliary treatments might be needed for her tumor/cancer.

I was hesitant. The Coach really thought it was overkill and worried they would want do do ‘something’ no matter what. But I had this intense desire to NOT to go through what we’ve just gone through again if this resurfaced; which can happen. It was a daunting time for all of us, but mostly Lillie. And me. Ok, mostly her, but I do have a bit of PTSD from that ordeal.

What always happens when I bring her in for an appointment (if there are NO other critters in the vicinity) the techs, Dr’s, receptionists can’t stop oohing and awing at her cuteness.

This particular visit was no different.


A few minutes into us being in the exam room with the Dr, after she declared Lillie to be The Cutest Ever, Lillie heard none of that, and proceeded to pee like she’s not pee’d in days. Thanks girl, that’s not embarrassing.

Then as we are checking out with the receptionist, a gentleman walks in with his large docile dog and Lillie proceeds to lose her shit and go all Cujo right there in the lobby. I can hardly get out my credit card while holding my 14 pound beast who wants to eat this sweet 90 pound innocent dog. Thanks girl., that’s not embarrassing.

Funny how no one said she was cute while that was happening.

The good news is the Dr. said nothing needed to be done now, but I’ll take her back in a month and have them look at a semi-enlarged gland.

A few hours later they emailed me details of her exam and this was one part that caught my eye:

Lillie was bright, alert and responsive on presentation. Lillie was well hydrated. No obvious oral tumors. Eyes were within normal limits.
She is missing the majority of her right pinna, otherwise ears were unremarkable.

Um, excuse me? Unremarkable? They might be the MOST remarkable ear(s). But I do understand the ‘well hydrated’ part as she did create a puddle.

my all time fave pic of Cujo Lillie.

I’m shocked they didn’t note her aggressive behavior and penchant for peeing in public.

Well guys, I’m leaving. I’ve had it up to here with all of you.


I am leaving though. Lillie and I will be in GA all next week (she requested Mountain Time) and I’ll be gone most of October to parts unknown. Although, truth be told, I do know the parts.

I might pop in and read when I have a moment and I might pop a post in if time is on my side, but I also might not. I make no promises, but please promise me you won’t do anything fun or exciting while I’m away. Or else.

*Edited to add: I will be prepping our house for a hurricane prior to my departure. 😏


Does your pet ever embarrass you?

33 thoughts on “Unremarkable What? And It’s Time For Me To Leave You.

  1. I love how she proved she was well hydrated and that the doc took notes on it, but didn’t seem bothered by the evidence. And the ear, ha ha. Hoping she continues to feel healthy enough to do her thing, even if that might lead to behavior that is aggressive towards dogs way too large for her to handle.

    Finn acts the fool whenever he sees a bunny. He got off the deck recently and was in chase-bunny heaven. I was not dressed to run through the yards, but that didn’t stop me. I’m sure the neighbors got a good chuckle especially when I took a flying leap in order to tackle him.

    Enjoy your travels. Hope that hurriccaine decides to avoid your area.

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  2. When you gotta, you gotta.

    In Lillie’s case, I’m talking about peeing.
    In your case, I’m talking about taking some time away.

    Have a restful and rejuvenating break. I hope these storms don’t make a severe impact.

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  3. My dog is so inconsistent! Some dogs she absolutely ignores, even if they’re barking at her. Particularly if dogs are, let’s say smaller than our cat, she doesn’t even seem to notice them. But then there are dogs she just doesn’t like the look of and she loses her doggie mind, barking and lunging. It IS embarrassing and I try to set her up for success by avoiding most interactions with dogs over the size of ten pounds.

    Have fun on your trip! Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back.

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    1. I’ve always heard (and assumed regarding Lillie) that they lose their minds over other dogs mostly out of fear. Who knows really. Funny that your girl picks and chooses when she might not like another dog. She just likes to keep you guessing. 😜


  4. M

    Ha ha! I love the well-hydrated part!

    When I first read that “unremarkable” term describing me and mine, I was a bit hurt. What??? But I realized that medically speaking, it’s much better to be unremarkable! LOL

    It’s funny how our dogs react to other dogs. Ours doesn’t even respond when dogs turn all barky when they’re smaller than him. There are many little ones who want to get at him and he’s like, “You’re not even worth my time.” Then there are the little ones who have a big crush on him — they squeal and dance and just act like groupies when they see him and he’s nice enough to humor them and play with them for a few seconds! LOL But bigger dogs who bark at him, specially those that are off-leash, he’s not going to ignore. There was this one “remarkable” incident where this guy had 2 dogs off-leash across the street. The dogs looked at us, looking like they wanted to cross the street to get to us. The guy said to his dogs, “Hey, think about it, guys. Do you really want to do that?” One evidently thought he really wanted to, and he came charging. Dimitri wasn’t even paying attention at first; he was in his zone sniffing at bushes — and then all of a sudden, here’s a dog charging at him. I couldn’t stop the fight; Dimitri felt he had to defend himself. He’s small (less than 40lbs) but he’s very agile and knows how to defend himself — and the poor dog went running back across the street whimpering. And the guy told him, “See? What did I tell you?” Arghhh!! I wanted to whoop that guy!

    Have a wonderful time in GA. And I hope the hurricane doesn’t pose a problem for you or anyone.

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    1. So funny about the neighbors’ dogs! I love that he trusted them, but one still decided to take on your pup. HA!

      Thanks for the good wishes. Looks like hurricane Ian is coming for us even though he wasn’t invited! 😳


  5. Bijoux

    I remember seeing ‘unremarkable’ in one of my mammogram results about my breasts and I thought, ‘How rude!!!’ Lol, but it’s a good thing.

    Enjoy your time away. We are going away for a long weekend next week and I can’t wait!

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  6. I recall having a dog decide to expel some gas as soon as the vet tech bend down at his rear end to help lift him onto the table! Nothing embarrassing about that! I’m glad Lillie is doing well and enjoy your time away!!

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  7. Melanie Galliano

    Lillie is the cutest! I’m glad she is doing okay. OH once we had a very nervine dog named Buddy. He would shiver and shake and roll on his back & pee in the air. One day a salesman was over and talking to my Mom and Buddy was groveling at his feet for attention. He promptly rolled on his back and peed and it went all over the guys’s shoes! The guy was “oh it’s ok, I like Buddy.” LOL!! We were so embarrassed.

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