The Lillie Saga~

*Let Me Get This Out Of The Way.

*I’ve started this post a few times over the past (goes to calendar) almost three weeks and I need to just put it on the blog and move onto sunshiny things.

Lillie’s surgeon, who removed the large mast cell tumor said she probably didn’t need any further treatment, but said I could visit an oncologist just to be sure.

I don’t know if I fully expressed how much of an ordeal it was getting her prepped for the mast cell removal and all the complications prior to and after surgery. IT WAS A LOT. I was so happy when it was all said and done and didn’t want to take any chances of having to put her (or us) through it again, which is why I decided on a consultation with the oncologist.

Well Dr. Doggie Oncologist said she should be fine, but let’s keep an eye on her for recurring lumps and come back in one month.

The night that we had to put Callie down, I was hugging on Lillie when I felt some lumps. New lumps. It was just two weeks prior that I’d had a consultation with a Doggie Oncologist. TWO WEEKS.

We started her on an oral chemotherapy three days a week; along with Prilosec (to ward off stomach ulcers) and Benadryl. (the tumors put off histamines) she was doing fairly well, aside from her appetite decreasing.

Coach and I were gone for 12 days and my amazing mother in law became The Full Time Dog Nurse/Nanny.

When we got home, I found an even larger lump on her back and the others were increasing in size. Rapidly.

I’ll never tire of that photo.

I took her back to Dr. Doggie Oncologist yesterday and she confirmed my fears: The cancer was back and this time with gusto.

I had two choices. Put her on Palliative care for the duration of her days.

Or try another chemotherapy that she gets at the office once a week for four weeks, then every other week. She assured me that the injection takes less than 15 minutes and 80% of dogs have zero side effects; therefore she will still have quality of life as opposed to when humans have Chemo.

I opted for the injections. Even with those, we are just buying time.

You should have seen me in the Dr’s office yesterday. A blubbering mess. Wait, maybe you shouldn’t HAVE seen me. Anyhoo, I’m wrapping my brain around it all and we will move forward as best as we can.

Not looking for sympathy, really, but it’s something I need to blog about since it’s part of this blog’s history.

I have some funny shit to share and I’ll do it very soon. Like, maybe tomorrow.


34 thoughts on “The Lillie Saga~

  1. Cancer is an evil disease, all the more so when it consumes our four legged children. Quality of life says it all. Love her, spoil her, hug her… for as long as you can. Deciding when she’s had enough is the hardest decision we animal lovers ever have to make. Please know that when that time comes, we’re here for you.

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  2. So very, very sorry to hear this especially close to Callie’s moving to her eternal home. My heart hurts a lot for you especially because you are so heart-invested in any living creature – – from the beautiful delicate butterflies to most all other creatures. Praying Lillie’s last days are the best they could possibly be and her passing is pain-free and peaceful.

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  3. Oh, no! I’m so sorry. Give yourself some time to grieve and give Lillie all the walks and hugs and cuddles she can stand! Whatever you decision you make (and whenever), Lillie will have always had a true advocate on her side and will have lived her very best, most loved life.

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