Louis-Louis, You’re How Old? Sharing Rooms With Weird Celebrities.

Last weekend the Coach and I took a little trip to Louisville, Kentucky to celebrate a friends 50th birthday. Why Louisville you ask? Well, these particular friends are connoisseurs of bourbon and apparently Kentucky is a Bourbon Mecca.

*Picture me wandering around looking for a wine bar in the land of whiskey.*

The Coach and I flew direct from GA and we were there in no time. I’d never been to Kentucky before and honestly, I had to look it up on a map for reference.

Is Kentucky considered The South? The North? Are Kentuckians considered Yankees? Midwesterners?


This might be the one time Coach booked a hotel room without checking it out first.

Did you know he is our/my travel agent? I don’t generally book rooms. Or flights. Or cars. Or criminals.

Me all the time: Where are we going? What time do I need to be ready? Do I need to pack my Hokas?

Our friends chose the hotel, so the Coach booked a room there. Let me add, we (he) waited until almost the last minute to book and all that was left was a very expensive suite.

A minute before we land. Me: Are we getting an Uber?

Coach: No, I rented a car.

See. I have no idea wha’t going on.

Hey, can someone explain to me what a Kept Woman is?

Anyhoo. We arrive at the hotel about 20 minutes after landing because my travel agent doesn’t eff around.

I had some clues, some red flags, as as you say as soon as we hit the valet stand that this ain’t no Four Seasons. This MIGHT be a Two Seasons on a good day.

This is a Historic Hotel, but that doesn’t mean everything should feel old and unkept. Right?

The Coach and I give our bags to the valet guy and then find the happy-to-help-us, very young, Receptionist. We were exchanging pleasantries as she checked us in.

Receptionist: So, what are you in town for?

We explain that we’re here to celebrate a friends 50th birthday.

Y’all. I’m not exagerattting. Her jaw dropped. Her eyes were bugging out. She was astonished as she said: F I F T Y?

It’s like she didn’t know people lived to be FIFTY.

And then, like a novice in the world as she’d never been told the things you don’t ask people: she asked us how old we were.


And us, being astonished and caught off guard, wondering when she would ask our religious views, political party affiliation and our annual income, well, we told her our ages.

She replied with:

You don’t look over 50!


And Oh, you’re in the suite? That SUITE!

Someone famous stayed in that SUITE!

I have a feeling she wasn’t supposed to gossip, but It took me all of four seconds to get her to spill the beans.

Have you ever heard of: Mel lost.his.marbles Gibson?

Yeah, that celebrity.

The Coach and I, still kind of astonished at what just transpired, head up to our CELEBRITY SUITE and once inside I declared that Mel must have stayed here around the time he filmed Lethal Weapon and this place hasn’t been updated since then.

I’m not a snob. (ok, just a tad) But if this hotel had an emotion, it would be Tired af.

But the funny thing is, we learned later that night that Mel out.of.touch.with.reality Gibson was actually there the weekend prior to us and not thirty seven years ago.

Times must be hard for him if he’s sinking to our level.


The room was ridiculously overpriced and certainly not a place you’d keep your eyes peeled for celebrities. I mean, unless you’re looking an accomplished softball famous Coach and A not-really well known Blogger.

He’s not a regular Coach, he’s a Luxury Coach.

The next morning while I was in the shower, I had a moment where I thought: Hell, Mel showered in here, and now here I am. I mean, it’s almost like we showered together. Right? Dang, I’ve already slept with Gary Busey, might as well add Mel to my Busy Bee Harlot List.

Within twenty minutes of settling into our old, outdated Celebrity Suite, we had another funny encounter in the restaurant, but you’ll have to wait till next week.

I know. How will you get through the weekend?

Anyone else check into a hotel that immediately gave you a bad/weird impression? Are you the one in charge of travel plans? How about people asking personal questions?


33 thoughts on “Louis-Louis, You’re How Old? Sharing Rooms With Weird Celebrities.

  1. Pat Birnie

    I’m just catching up on your posts & commenting (for some weird reason I cannot comment on your blog on my iPad….only yours lol so I have to use my laptop). SO read the Lillie saga and got teary, then moments later read this & chuckled. You are giving me all kinds of emotions this early morning. You showered with Mel Gibson! Your ‘kept woman’ line! That girl was too much asking your age — people actually live to 50??!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s weird that my blog is weird with comments. Um…I suppose I’m a bit weird, so there you go. 😳

      Thank you for always chiming in…I DO look forward to your input in all things, whether they are sad or funny.

      Do you know anyone over fifty? And they’re still out there, walking around the world willy nilly? *giggle giggle*


  2. While I’m enjoying your post as I always do… where are the pictures of the oh so tired but slightly Mel haunted suite? I want to be a virtual snob and look down on it as well.
    As for that crazy receptionist, she’s the type I love to regale with menopause horror stories. Just to give her something to look forward to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HA. I should have shared with her how I need to get the callus’s taken care of on my feet monthly or I’ll need bigger shoes. That would give her nightmares!

      I did take a few pics of the room, but sadly they didn’t do it justice. It was an overall look and I didn’t want to lose my credibility of being a bonafide snob.

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  3. Louisville is the South. Bourbon is Kentucky. Both are great. As for checking into a hotel that gives you a bad/weird impression, have done so but lived to survive. Never had a bad experience in Louisville, though.

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  4. Bijoux

    Now I want to know the hotel! Was it The Galt? That’s the only one I picture a celebrity staying in downtown. It’s iconic and we used the bathroom there 🤣 but it did give off a 70’s/80’s vibe with the metal and glass.

    That’s actually cool that Gibson had been there the previous weekend. I think the closest we’ve come to ‘sleeping with celebrities’ is staying at the Breakers, Greenbrier, or Four Seasons Maui. Would have been interesting to know who had slept in those beds!

    Looking forward to next part of trip. Oh, and I plan everything. My husband hears what we’re doing the night before we leave.

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    1. The Galt looked nice!

      We stayed at The Brown. I just went to their website, and the photos must be 10-15 years old. While the hotel’s bones were lovely, they’re not upkeeping things. Broken tiles in bathrooms, scuffed-up walls everywhere, and tired furnishings abound. I opened up the closet to use the full-length mirror, which was so dirty that I could hardly see myself. They don’t seem to have high standards of service right now.

      So, I’m your husband in the traveling scenario.


      1. Bijoux

        I did look into staying at the Brown, since my husband wanted to try a Hot Brown, but the reviews were exactly as you described and the place wasn’t cheap. He ended up getting the Hot Brown at a brewery and he really liked it.


  5. The last time I was in Kentucky, it was not Louisville. I was in Lexington for Historical Purposes.

    I have not been sufficiently moved to return to any part of Kentucky since. Even a Mel Gibson Memorial Suite would not do it for me. 😉

    Do you now refer to your husband as Luxury Coach, or do you merely use the initials LC?

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    1. I wasn’t super impressed with Louisville. However, I only saw about ten blocks of the area and would love to see some of the Kentucky countryside.

      We did notice a substantial homeless population which is not something we have here in our town.
      Also, we didn’t see one police officer the entire trip. I’m assuming this is an area that chose to ‘defund the police’, which doesn’t make me feel safe at all. There was still damage from the 2020 Riots, which is sad.

      I generally call him Fancy Pants. But LC would work too.


    1. Lord, I do hope they have good washing machines! I chose not to use any of the glassware in the rooms for drinks because I have a feeling those are rinsed out in the sink with lukewarm water.

      Thanks for noticing my brows. I’m happy with them and would like to feature them more often before they fade away….😜😉

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  6. Years ago my husband and I took a road trip to Atlantic City. I had booked us a room at the Showboat Hotel. Walking in from the parking garage I noticed the floor, walls and the door leading into the hotel lobby were disgustingly dirty! I was freaked out thinking we definitely picked the wrong hotel! Luckily, our room was one of the most immaculate we’ve ever stayed in to this day! You just never know! Oh and as a person from the north, I feel anything more south than Ohio is “the south” !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to know that not all first impressions are off. you’re telling me that anything south of Ohio is south, now I gotta pull up my map and look for Ohio! 😜


  7. You guys look like you are on a private jet, which would definitely translate to your Coach being Luxury Coach.

    I am DYING at this receoptionist. She sounds like a charcter in a movie. For real? I’m surprised she didn’t switch you to a first floor room so you didn’t have to drag your tired bones up to another level. She asked you your age. Stop it. I will chuckle about this all day.

    I’m guessing it is NOT the Galt, because they just renovated. I’ve stayed there for Irish dancing. That’s the hotel that ended up giving the girls and I a room that had a separate party room and where I had to get a special key to access the room with the microwave and the key didn’t work and I almost fainted from starvation in the hallway. Have I mentioned that I don’t miss my Irish dancing mom days?

    I have struggled to make flights – a few times I booked either flights or hotels for am vs pm or the wrong day, etc. Public service announcement: don’t book stuff while tired, when all the kids finally go to bed. Coach tries real hard to book decent hotels since he booked us in a non-name brand hotel when he taught a class in AZ one year and it was AWFUL. He still thinks we can all cram into a room ENTIRELY too small for our family. As a result, I try to book all hotels for family stays.

    What could’ve happened in the restaurant? I’m here for it.

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    1. I know all too well you and your struggles with travel plans. I think part of it is you have so many people you need to plan for and your plans often change. Still, it’s nice to be on the end where I don’t have to do anything but show up.


  8. I’ve stayed in a couple of haunted hotels, but that was on purpose. Naturally, I asked for the most haunted rooms in those haunted hotels. Go big or go home, amirite?

    I’ve been to Kentucky. It’s a weird hybrid – not quite the South, not quite the Northeast, not quite the Midwest. Definitely a bourbon mecca! I hear they have a few horses there, too.

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  9. 50! Might as well book your room at the nursing home because it’s all over now. I think of Kentucky as the South, but I’ve always lived in a state that borders Canada, so I sometimes think of Indiana as southern and I think my metrics might be skewed.

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  10. nicoleboyhouse

    Okay, before I even saw the caption, I thought “OMG LOOK AT SUZ’ EYEBROWS, THEY ARE GLORIOUS.”

    Also, your Coach and my husband, are they the same person? R always does the travel planning. I barely know our destination, and he always has the details.


    I cannot believe you are over fifty, and you are still ambulatory. I hope you guys find the right Care Home soon.

    “And us, being astonished and caught off guard, wondering when she would ask our religious views, political party affiliation and our annual income, well, we told her our ages.” That’s too funny, I’ll be laughing about this all day.

    I don’t know if Kentucky is South, but I cannot think of it without singing Kentucky Rain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for noticing the ‘brows’!

      We will be in the old folks’ home soon, so enjoy my blog while I still have my faculties.

      Elvis did sing about Kentucky; I’d forgotten about that.


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