Louis, Louis, Part Two. A Ring Grabber & Delayed Celebrations.

I gave you my first impression after arriving to the hotel in Louisville and our interesting conversation with the receptionist; I still giggle when I think about her. She was sweet, but obviously didn’t have a lot of life/social skills.

While we were checking in, I was reading a placard on the wall about the Famous dish that this hotel is known for: the creation of the Hot Brown.

I can’t tell you where my brain went when I first read Hot Brown…but that’s only because inside I’m still 13 years old.

Ten minutes after unpacking we headed downstairs to the restaurant because this girl, as usual was hungry and now I needed a Hot Brown.

We walked up to the hostess stand and upon my quick gaze across the restaurant, I’d noticed the place was pretty busy which is a good sign even though, the place looked like our room: Tired.

The hostess sat us down and she stood in front of our table (and me) for a moment when a waitress came around the corner, saw the Coach and said: Hey Gentlemen, I’ll be right with you.

We smirked, I said in my deepest voice: THANK YOU, as she passed the hostess, then caught a glimpse of me who is indeed not a man. Hell, I’m not even a manly girl, but stuff like this does not offend me.

A few minutes later the waitress who mistook me for a man approached our table with a bazillion apologies OVER AND OVER; not necessary, but could you please take my food order before I nibble on your hand?

Speaking of hands…

All of a sudden, she looked at my left hand, GASPED and then GRABBED my ring while my hand that was still attached, followed!

I was caught off guard by her reaction, but decided that if I shanked her for this infraction, it could possibly delay my lunch.

She told me how gorgeous my ring was, I thanked her and explained that it was a gift ‘from this guy for our 25th anniversary,’ as I pointed at Coach.

Finally, after she thought I was a man, apologized profusely, grabbed my Rock and took our order, (we both ordered a petite Hot Brown), she was gone.

THREE MINUTES LATER another waitress dropped two petite Hot Browns on our table.

We were surprised, as the other tables around us, who had been there before we sat down still didn’t have food.

We let the waitress know immediately these must not be ours and she quickly took them to the next table. Those people said: nope, not ours. She continued to the next table: those people also said NOPE, not ours.

Finally our Ring grabbing waitress came by and said that the Now Traveling Petite Hot Brown’s were, in fact, ours.

Our Hot Brown’s were delicious; I gave my perfectly crisped and cholesterol filled bacon to the Coach.

We started eating and the Coach noticed one of the tables behind me started complaining to the waitress that they were waiting forever for their food.

ME: Just keep eating. I’m not giving up my plate again

We enjoyed our lunch and I felt a nap coming on. I was ready to get to our Deluxe Celebrity Suite, so we asked our weirdly inappropriate waitress for our check. She said: PLEASE, JUST HOLD ON, I HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU.

Can you even guess what she had for us?

I think I should hold off sharing and let you guys guess.





I can’t wait any longer!

She proudly brought us a flaming anniversary cake. Mind you, our 25th anniversary was 6 years, 4 months, 26 days ago.

That’s hot.

We just gave each other ‘a look’, thanked the waitress and nibbled on the cake that we didn’t really want. We’re not rude.

Some other highlights from our weekend: My girlfriend Aimee’s shirt said: I’m 50 Bitches! Which made me laugh every time I looked at her. We hung out at an inside/outside bar for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. It was fun to people watch; I had my first Moscow Mule and I wasn’t even in Moscow!

We had an amazing dinner at Repeal Steakhouse. We’d ordered way too much food. I had the waiter wrap it up for us and on our Uber ride back to the hotel we had the driver stop and Coach delivered the food to a very appreciative homeless gentleman.

I was shocked at the amount of homeless people in Louisville. It’s not the norm in our town.

We noticed there were NO police officers seen over our weekend. I’m not a fan of that since there were shady characters on every corner and I’m not referring to our friends. Did Kentucky defund the Popo?

Anyone celebrate a fake holiday to avoid an awkward conversation? Have you had a Moscow Mule while in Moscow or anywhere?


27 thoughts on “Louis, Louis, Part Two. A Ring Grabber & Delayed Celebrations.

  1. Bijoux

    What did you think of the Hot Brown? My husband really liked it. Ok, that’s so bizarre that she thought it was your 25th anniversary! Maybe they get a lot of those, as I know it’s a popular spot. We did see some homeless folks, but it was nothing compared to San Francisco or Vegas. We’re used to homeless in Cleveland. The police leave them alone as they are generally harmless. That was nice of Coach to give food to someone.

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    1. We thought the Hot Brown was interesting. Not like anything we’ve ever had before.
      We do not have a large homeless population here, so whenever we visit a City, I’m always astounded. The homeless didn’t scare me, but some looked kinda dangerous…you know, the druggies lingering around the corners.


  2. Pat Birnie

    Suz, once again you did not disappoint. How do you find these people? The staff at that hotel are rather unique I’d say. (Perhaps some day you’ll show us a pic of the beautiful ring). I’d never heard of a Hot Brown; I guess it’s a southern thang.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pat, I must have a sign on my forehead!

      The Hot Brown is definitely a Louisville thang…we do not have that way down south where I live.

      It goes against everything in me to show off extravagant gifts; just know it’s a lovely ring, and it took me weeks to wrap my brain around actually wearing it in public. My husband is occasionally over.the.top, but wanted to make up for the very modest ring I/we started with.


  3. Welp, that whole dinner sounds weirdly awkward. I know that like you we’d have eaten some of the free dessert, but still not exactly a relaxing meal. I’ve had a Moscow Mule at a friend’s house at a dinner. I drank it to be polite, but no more for me. Even if I was in Moscow.

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  4. This made me laugh — and I 100% would make up a fake event to get out of an awkward situation. That poor waitress. Sounds like she was really stepping in it! I’m glad you got some cake out of the deal.

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  5. nicoleboyhouse

    I can’t decide what’s the funniest about this: your fake wedding anniversary, that the waitress thought you – YOU – were a man, that you probably got someone else’s food. Okay, the funniest part is the Hot Brown, because honestly people, who is creating these names. Did we not think? It reminds me of when there was a vanity license plate in our neighbourhood that said Hot Carl, and I thought that it meant the guy who owned the car was Carl, and thought he was hot, but THEN I FOUND OUT IT MEANT SOMETHING ELSE, SOMETHING GROSS, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT LOOK IN THE URBAN DICTIONARY.

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    1. The man who owned the hotel, his last name is Brown. The Hotel’s name is The Brown, so the meal had to be the Hot Brown. But still…yes, weird.

      You know I had to look up the Hot Carl and ewwww….my brain is forever scarred! What the hell people? I mean, what the hell Carl?


  6. That waitress certainly was impressed with your ring, once she realized you weren’t a gentleman! I’ve never heard of a hot brown before bit it looked pretty good. And hey, it’s ok to show a pretty piece of jewelry without being a braggart or anything. We’re just curious!

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  7. M

    LOL! Oh, my….that poor waitress! It wasn’t her best day — but kudos to her for trying to help you celebrate your anniversary! It was cute that she was very excited and very impressed with your ring that she forgot her manners! LOL The only person who gushed over my anniversary ring was a sales clerk at Nordstrom, of all places! But she didn’t grab my hand/ring finger…asked nicely if she could look at it a bit more.

    I have never heard of hot brown and had to look it up — sounds delicious! We may have to find excuses to get to that part of the country just so we can try a hot brown at the Brown Hotel. 🙂


  8. Yes, I’ve had a Moscow Mule or three before. But more surprisingly, I’ve had a hot brown or three before. Actually, probably even more! My first job out of college had their U.S. headquarters in Indianapolis, and I’d take frequent business trips there. My first time, a couple of ladies in production took me out to lunch and insisted I try a Hot Brown. Hey, my mind is just as gutter-prone as yours, so I really had no idea what I was getting…but I loved it! Henceforth, every time I traveled to Indy on business, they’d take me out to lunch — and I always got the Hot Brown.

    It’s been many years since, but suddenly, I’m craving one.


  9. bibliomama2

    A hot brown might be a good sandwich but it is a BAD THING to CALL a sandwich, you cannot convince me otherwise.
    My dad is 82 but looks very young, so occasionally when I take him to the doctor or when I’ve been there for his two hospital stays, a nurse mistakes me for his wife. They are always utterly mortified, and I really don’t care, as long as they don’t expect me to make out with him or anything.

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