Hurling Sharp Objects As A Family & I’m Nuts About Banana Pancakes

Since the Coach and I had been globetrotting seeing the south (GA, TN, KY) we weren’t home to celebrate Coach’s birthday (10/14) with the kiddos; this past weekend we rectified that. The girls and Nathan treated us to Axe Throwing, Whiskey and Dinner.

I skipped the whiskey part and I probably should have skipped the axe throwing. I might have thrown 100 axes, and only ONE axe stuck in the wall and it wasn’t even close to the red bullseye which were the only ones we were counting.

I was contemplating getting mad about not landing the axe, then I remembered that maybe my strengths are limited to raising butterflies, sorting recyclables like my life depends on it, writing witty blog posts and doing laundry like it’s an olympic sport.

I was the bonafide loser, but I still had fun; to quote that asshat Charlie Sheen: WINNING!

My girls were good at this, as were Coach and Nathan. Nathan was doing so well, that he started throwing underhand to challenge himself. If I didn’t love him so much, I’d say that was annoying, but it was really entertaining.

I played two rounds of pool; one with Coach (he kicked my azz) and one with Lolo. (a lucky win for me) We had a nice, casual dinner together filled with witty banter. Oh, how I love witty banter.

It’s so nice to see our people, even for a few hours. We have so much fun and I appreciate our time together. I know that many families have strained relationships with their kids, in-laws, etc and I can’t imagine NOT having what we have, which is a boatload of laughter.

Recently, I heard someone mention on a podcast about a banana/egg/pancake easy peasy recipe and I was intrigued. I fell down a rabbit hole of videos for said recipe and I’m obsessed.

*I use one banana, two eggs, a dash of cinnamon, a small scoop of vanilla plant protein and whatever nuts I have on hand, because I’m nuts. And I enjoy being nutty.

They are very tasty, filling and take about four minutes to make.

That’s all I have to say about axes and pancakes.

Have you thrown any sharp objects lately? What are your thoughts on NUTTY banana pancakes?


30 thoughts on “Hurling Sharp Objects As A Family & I’m Nuts About Banana Pancakes

  1. I have not thrown any sharp objects lately, but it could be a goal. I wouldn’t like these particular banana pancakes. I’m not big on bananas, but put a few slices on top of a normal pancake and I’d eat it. Especially with nuts. I like nuts.

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  2. I don’t actually care for bananas at all, so I’m pretty sure that the nuts would make it better.

    I was visiting my mom over the summer and there was an axe throwing place that was getting all these rave reviews. My mom and I decided axe throwing was not for us, but you’re making me doubt my choice now. Maybe next time we’ll try it!

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  3. Jared and Sam and Emily (Sam’s gf) went to our local brewery for axe-throwing, and Emily did so well that they wanted her to sign up for a league. My first reaction to that was, “There’s an axe-throwing LEAGUE!?”

    Then I was super-proud of Emily. Of course.

    Banana pancakes sound worky to me. Just give me the banana and a jar of peanut butter, and I’m all set.

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  4. M

    Oh, that looks/sounds like a lot of fun! I usually end up being the loser but I don’t mind because as you say, the hanging/chatting/laughing is how I win.

    I have not ever played axe-throwing — but I’m sure I’d be like you! My son didn’t inherit his throwing skillzz from me!

    I don’t like bananas much — I only eat them when they’re just right-ripe or slightly under-ripe. I put them sometimes in pancakes for my husband (and I’d have mine plain) — but that sounds like something he’d like. I’ll have to give it a try sometime.

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      1. M

        I like just-ripe or barely-ripe bananas fine, to eat fresh. I’m not a fan of mushed ripe bananas; I didn’t like banana bread before, too….but I like it fine when I cook it (maybe I can control it better??)

        I, unfortunately, passed on the distaste for bananas to my son. When he was a baby just starting to eat baby foods, I opened a jar of banana baby foods and tasted it — and OMG! It was so awful to me and I refused to give it to him! I don’t know why I didn’t think to mash fresh just-ripe bananas for him. Bananas are full of good stuff so I wish he’d like them!

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  5. There’s an axe throwing place downtown but since I’ve quit work the idea of hurtling sharp objects through the air has lost its appeal. Not sure why 😉. I’ve made those kinds of pancakes in the past and they are tasty and super handy if you’re avoiding wheat products. I’ve not added protein powder though. I have added leftover cooked squash or yams or to the batter, and that makes for a tasty breakfast as well.


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    1. It’s lovely that you don’t have any anger lingering from your working days, but if you feel the desire, axe throwing was a fun time.

      I love leftover squash(es) in the skillet with breakfast too.

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  6. I think we have axe throwing somewhere nearby. It sounds like fun until a mad lunatic shows up, at which point it turns into a Netflix documentary. You were fortunate to have two cops with you. 🙂

    I’ve made banana pancakes before and they were delicious! I have discovered another recipe that I’d like to try as well. I think there are lots of methods because the banana makes it runny. But it is far better than the old method, personally. 

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

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    1. Believe me when I say I also thought about the ‘lunatic axe thrower.’ Because why have fun when your mind can wander to the worst-case scenario? We are the same.

      Mine were not runny…even the first time when I didn’t add in the protein powder. Maybe Illinois bananas are thinner. 😳

      I just made myself lol.

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  7. Bijoux

    I’d try those pancakes. How many do you get out of one banana? I’d also like to try the axe throwing. Is the skill aim or strength? I don’t know how you figure out how to make the blade hit the target rather than the handle?

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    1. Mine makes about 4-5 smallish pancakes. For me, it’s one meal. 😳

      When you’re axe throwing, it’s about finding your sweet spot. That being said, I had an hour and never found mine. I’m guessing you need both speed and strength…I thought I was strong, but obviously, I’m not axe- throwing strong.


    1. I was surprised that they served you whatever you wanted WHILE throwing axes. One glass of white wine for me…whisky for some others, and I’m wondering if that gave them the upper hand? I’m gonna go with that.


  8. I have been known to release a bowling ball behind me while trying to knock down pins in FRONT of me by accident, so I think I should be banned from this sport. I’ve never tried. If Finn doesn’t start to behave, I might throw a pillow at him. He ate Alexa yesterday. I wasn’t home, but I’m guessing she was saying: I DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS.

    I used to make these banana pancakes, but haven ‘t done so in awhile. I HATE bananas and I feel like your readers could start an anti-banana support group. What in the world? As much as I don’t like them, I will eat them if they are mushed up in something else, plus syrup. This is obviously because of celiac disease and my wish to still eat pancakes. I had not thought about adding nuts, but that might make it interesting.

    No suprise that you love witty banter. You are the master at writing it. I’d venture to say that your witty blog post writing surpasses your olympic style laundry skills.

    Happy belated b-day to your Coach. You all do know how to have fun. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving because I do enjoy my immediate crowd and they will all be home.

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    1. LOL at tossing bowling balls in the wrong direction. Are you ever NOT FUN? NOPE.
      FINN. Eating Alexa is a crime.

      I had no idea about the banana thing with my people…I love them!


  9. bibliomama2

    I actually love throwing axes – the first time I wasn’t great until one of the instructors said something that really clicked, and then I came in second. The next time was also good. Then I threw axes with the young ‘uns at our friends’ cottage and it was fun but buggered up my shoulder good and proper, and now my axe-throwing days might be over.
    I feel the same way about our family – I know my one of my mom’s sisters is not at all thrilled with her sons in law, and my parents would probably pick our husbands over me and my sister, if only narrowly (they’re better at fixing stuff and computer shit).

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