I’m Requesting More Hours In The Day and I’m A Glutton For Punishment: Our New Refugee.

I’m having a hellofa time keeping up with everything lately. Remember back when we were in lockdown and how we hated it? Well, I’d give my left middle finger to be locked down for a few weeks. I’m tired of going to the places AND doing the things.

Oh, and this:

*sigh*. We’re fine, just some rain & wind & wind & rain. None of which, is good for my hair.

I’ve not had time to write a proper blog post and when I’ve had a minute to do some blog reading, my blog reader is FULL of new posts. You are some talky people, aren’t you?

Can You Volunteer For A Lobotomy?

We added a small amount of chaos into our lives this past week.

Sure, she’s adorable looks like a fruit bat mated with an opossum when she’s sleeping. But that lasts about 10 minutes and the rest of the time she’s peeing, begging for food or peeing.

I’ve said forever that I would never get a puppy, nor would I ever purchase a dog.Well, I didn’t purchase, but she IS a bonafide puppy. She’s a rescue refugee from Ukraine.

To answer a few possible questions:

She’s an almost five month old French Bulldog that doesn’t speak French, Ukrainian or English.

After much debate we named her Peanut. Who would have thought naming a dog would be so hard…I mean, I had to share creative control with the Coach or else she’d be named Sasha or Nikita. He might have thought he was a rapper for a minute when he wanted to name her Shawty. Shawty?

Lillie has been fine with her; mostly indifferent, but she also has a little spring in her step.

Watching the damn rain.

I’ll share all the details soon, but first, we are busy with friends, family, Thanksgiving. You know, All The Things.

I’ll catch up (or not) with you guys later in the month, or when I have a free moment.

If you need me, I’ll be found wandering the yard (potty training) carrying training treats in my sports bra or in the house cleaning up pee.


32 thoughts on “I’m Requesting More Hours In The Day and I’m A Glutton For Punishment: Our New Refugee.

  1. Oh my goodness! So damned cute. I love those big bat ears, the constant peeing not so much. I don’t think I’d have the energy for puppy training these days…. but I’m definitely looking forward to your future Peanut posts.

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  2. Peanut is very cute. Those ears. Does Lillie have full-unbitten-off ear envy? I love that Lillie has gotten a spring in her step with Peanut’s presence. What choice did she have? Keeping up with a puppy is BUSY.

    Enjoy your family time and have a great Thanksgiving. Let me know if you figure out how to add a few hours to the day.

    I am a talky person, how did you know?

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  3. Puppy!! Oh, my goodness. I have sworn never to get a puppy, but whenever I see baby dogs, I must admit that a small part of me feels so jealous. Why will I never have this precious time with a baby dog?!

    Have a great holiday season and enjoy time with your friends and family! And the dogs, of course.

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    1. Never say never! I prefer to adopt older (potty trained) dogs because they’re less likely to find a good home, so this was a huge departure for us.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!


  4. M

    Awwww….Peanut is soo adorable! Look at those ears! I didn’t realize French Bulldog puppies have ears like those (although I must admit I’ve only seen a puppy in person once — my niece got one last year)! Such a lucky puppy she is!

    We got my son’s dog when he (the dog) was about 4 months old — and we had to do the house-training and the leash-training/walking (we didn’t do such a good job there because he likes to pull and my husband thinks it’s a cute habit! Maybe when you’re a 6+foot strong male but not when you’re small/short like me!), and I swore I’d never do that again. But they are so adorable at that stage, too! Enjoy!!

    Looking forward to hearing more story how Peanut got to be yours and more pictures, of course!

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  5. bibliomama2

    Omg, she’s insanely cute, but yeah, I am too old to be dealing with baby humans or baby anything elses at this point. Lucy sometimes pees on the landing of the stairs in the middle of the night (even when I let her out last thing and get up VERY EARLY to let her out again) when my husband is away and that’s annoying enough. I don’t know how you folks manage to do Thanksgiving and then do the whole shebang over again like a month later. But Happy Thanksgiving!

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  6. Pat Birnie

    We were cross-county visiting my son & his girlfriend when I read this. They have a 5 year old French Bulldog (plus another dog & 3 cats!) & were gaga over the pics of Peanut. Their frenchie (Bruno) snores & makes so much noise. It’s quite hilarious. In fact if I’m talking to my son on the phone I can hear when Bruno hops on his lap – it is SO loud!

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    1. Well, Peanut is quite the snorer too. I awoke one night during her first week with us, and I was wondering WHO was snoring in our room:
      Was it, Coach? Was it Lillie? Was it Peanut? BINGO: it was ALL THREE.
      Lucky me. 😳😜


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