Thankful, Grateful, Belly-full, Chad-less

We had an amazing Thanksgiving in the Mountains and all my chickens came to roost.. Or visit. Or eat. You know what I mean.

Lolo was scheduled to work, but at the last minute her sergeant gave her some time off; she and Mattis drove up on Wednesday. (She’s on light duty, still recovering from knee surgery, so she wasn’t ‘needed’, for which I’m thankful for)

Nathan has been away doing intense Bomb Squad Training in Alabama for six weeks, so it was only a 3 hour drive for him to come and see us.

My Cuz Patrick came to visit my Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim who are only 8 minutes away. I still pinch myself that they are so close.

Linds, her BF Mike, Coach’s dad and step mom flew up on Wednesday, so we almost had the whole FamDamily.

It had been terribly cold prior to their arrival; mornings at 27*-30*, with afternoon highs of 43*. I know for my Canadian and Northern friends, that’s nothing, but for us thin blooded Florida people: It was freeze random-body-parts-off-cold. On Wednesday, the weather Gods threw us a bone and we were now having temps around 55*-60* in the afternoon. We could finally use our deck and porch area, which is always a good thing.

Wednesday night was Pizza Night. The Coach loves making pizza in his authentic wood fired oven; this is a fun time for all of us. He’s got mad pizza tossing skills!

FUN FACT: Did I ever share that Coach worked in a popular pizza restaurant in our home town while in High School? This place was the bomb and I should know because my Mom was a waitress there for many years; I spent many an afternoon filling up salt shakers and stealing maraschino cherries from behind the bar. We moved from the area only three years before Coach started working there.

Back to present day…

Our time together involved lots of dog holding, lunch on the deck, fire pit s’mores, a ‘when is this game gonna end’ of Uno and lots of laughter. Oh, and FOOD.

Cue the Random Photo Montage:


Recently, we had some trees removed because of invasive Asian beetles and the tree guys took it upon themselves to rid us of our hanging chad. Had I been here, I would have asked them to leave it and let Mother Nature do her thing in time. I had a love-hate relationship with Chad. RIP CHAD.

Our view has forever changed, but I’m really NOT complaining.

So, how was your day?

Did you have endless amounts of fun mixed in with endless amounts of cleaning up pee accidents? Those, by the way were not from the humans laughing, but the dogs.


29 thoughts on “Thankful, Grateful, Belly-full, Chad-less

  1. So, I think what you’re saying is that your mom and Coach were almost work buddies? His pizza tossing skills do look impressive. Some teen talents never fade . . . I can make a mean Whopper if requested.

    Glad your weather warmed up. Near 60 sounds lovely. How wonderful that your gang was all together. Laughing at the never ending Uno game.

    We had a very nice day at my SIL’s house with great food. She went out of her way to cater to the GF person in the room, which was very sweet. We stayed longer than I thought we would – probably because once Coach’s parents left, the mood was relaxed and fun.

    No pee accidents on Thanksgiving, but with so many of my tots potty training – it is a weekly occurance.

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    1. You are picking up what I am putting down. 🙂 Imagine if we had met four years earlier when I was 14. LOL!

      I love that your SIL made sure you had some good Turkey Day options; she sounds lovely!

      You are well-versed in peeing around your house….


  2. I was really hoping for a formal Chad Pool, wherein we all got to place bets on when it would fall of its own accord. I planned to take a secret trip and do a study and everything. Sigh. Oh well.

    Your Tgiving sounds huge, boisterous, and FULL in every way. I’m glad to see that Brussels sprouts were on the menu. I feel like you cannot have a true Tgiving without them. (Maybe that’s just me.)

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    1. There was talk of having a running bet/poll on Chad, but what if he fell while we were gone? If a Hanging Chad falls, and no one hears it, does it matter? Or something like that…

      We just added the Sprouts to the menu a few years ago and it is a crowd favorite.


  3. Oooh I worked at Pizza Hut all through high school! I didn’t toss any dough though.
    What a lovely weekend it sounds like you had! And although that temperature isn’t cold to me, really, I can completely understand how you would be freezing! After all, remember what a “heat wave” is here. It’s all about what you’re used to!

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    1. Do they even toss the dough at The Hut? I have a feeling maybe not, but what do I know?

      Yeah, each time I complained about the cold, I would think of you, knowing you’d be in a bathing suit enjoying the heat. 😜


  4. Pat Birnie

    Wow Suz, sounds like an absolutely amazing holiday — and the food!! I wanted to be there to fill a plate just from your picture! My husband also makes amazing pizza. I cannot imagine how good it would be if we had a pizza oven – but I don’t think that’s in our future. We will have to settle for a very hot regular oven.

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  5. Happy to report I didn’t have to clean up so much as a drop of pee myself.

    I tried to talk Tara into letting me get a pizza oven a few months ago, but she put the kibosh on that. Maybe when we get into our new house we can revisit that subject.

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  6. Bijoux

    Our turkey day was a bit of a bust. My oldest daughter and my three grandkids were all very ill with strep, so our guest list was minus 5 people. We carried on and hubby set up some Tiktok games for the remainder of the crew.

    Looks like a good time was had by all and I love that we have two of the exact same Corningware dishes! I’m guessing you inherited the blue flower one from your mom like I did?

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    1. Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry the plague hit your family; what a huge bummer.
      Maybe you can do a ‘makeup’ with the ones who missed.
      I don’t even know what TikTok games are!!

      The cornflower blue was my Aunt Trishas…but I have some that are a more recent pattern; not sure what it’s called; I’ll have to look into it.


        1. My Aunt Trisha also brought over the Green Bean Casserole; I have some of the French White myself that I believe was part of a wedding gift?

          :Going to check my inventory:

          I just looked in my drawer and I have some off the French white, a cornflower blue (might have been my Mom’s?) and I have a set of the pastel bouquet pattern; which I think might have been a wedding gift. Who can remember at this point?


  7. I’m late to reading this, but at least I can now that we have our zippy cable connection. Our Thanksgiving was the two of us, a small traditional meal, then playing games [Monopoly cards] and doing a jigsaw puzzle. No dog, so no dog pee.

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  8. Uno is so fun for a family game. You can talk and play and don’t have to worry about strategic planning unless you are the one who always has to end. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. So glad you had the group together. It gets harder and harder to gather with the young folks and their busy lives.

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