Denver, Live Aid, Retro Christmas

I finally started listening to Christmas music this week even though I’ve not put up our tree. It’s a two man job getting the Christmas Paraphernalia out of the garage storage and my man has been so *extra busy; maybe this weekend it will happen. I’ve thought about NOT putting it up and when everyone arrives on Christmas Eve, just have them do it. How’s that for a gift?

*I don’t think that I’ve shared that Coach is not only re-doing our condo from Hurricane Ian, he’s taken on NINE units in our small condo complex. NINE units from top to bottom! Yes, he’s insane and I told him so. Turns out working with FEMA is actually worse than dealing with the County with permits/inspectors.

Anyhoo, the song Do They Know It’s Christmas came on and it reminded me of a story I’d heard recently. I listen to the podcast MObituaries with Mo Rocca (have you listened? It’s a great podcast) and he did an episode on John Denver. I’ve always loved John’s music and it was so interesting to me to learn how he was once very controversial to some people, (unwarranted, by the way- Rocky Mountain High was NOT about weed!) and how he was doing humanitarian work before it was fashionable to do so. He was feeding the hungry, but, he was snubbed from the BandAid movement and it hurt him terribly. See, even grown men have their feelings hurt…not just me.

I remember watching the Live Aid Concert; not only because it was a great cause and great song, but because ALL MY BOYFRIENDS WERE THERE TOGETHER!

Simon LeBon, John Taylor, Bono, Sting, George Michael (don’t act like you didn’t have a gay boyfriend!) Adam Ant and David Bowie.

This was just a month before I met The Coach, so I would’ve given all my meals to feed the hungry if it meant I could be there in person. I mean, if they didn’t see me in person, how could all of them propose to me? Wait, what am I talking about?! At the time my daily food requirements consisted of toast dipped in coffee for breakfast, a snickers bar and diet coke for lunch and probably a pop tart for dinner. That’s not a humanitarian effort.

Speaking of Christmas songs, I think I shared this last year. Or the year prior? This is my favorite Christmas song; I adore Kacey Musgraves; her voice is angelic.

And just for shits and giggles, a few vintage Christmas photos of Mark and Suz; remember, he’s the cute one. (that was a great Christmas post!)

Have you finished decorating? Do you remember Live Aid?

Did you also want to marry one of my boyfriends? If so, we would be Sister Wives today.


36 thoughts on “Denver, Live Aid, Retro Christmas

  1. Live Aid was epic! I doubt you could ever assemble that amount of talent again but man I wish they could. And while I loved a lot of musicians for their music, I never had that boyfriend, hang posters on the bedroom wall and drool kind of crushes.
    Adorable old Xmas pics! But from the sound of your husband’s schedule you might be dragging those decorations out of the garage yourself this year. Yikes. There’s busy and then there’s crazy…

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    1. It was an epic event, and you’re right; the chances of ever assembling that much talent in one place again are slim to none.

      If I don’t have help, there will be no decor as the items are UPPPPP high and very heavy. I’m not built for high and heavy. 🙂

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  2. Bijoux

    OMG…..of course I remember Live Aid! Move over, Sister, cuz John Taylor was all mine!!! I watched it on my little black and white TV in the room I was renting in college. The house where it was 7 strangers who chose to live in a house, but not have their lives taped. That song makes me cry every single time I hear it. And I just finished Bono’s book and yes, he talks about it! I’m going to do a post about the book. At least I know you will be interested in it! And Kari! Probably no one else.

    That’s sad about John Denver. Poor guy didn’t get a lot of respect.

    Love the vintage Xmas photos. I’ve found a few recently and they make me so sentimental. Have a super weekend, Suz. XO

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    1. Goodness, John Taylor! I saw him recently on the Rock and Roll hall of fame induction, and he is STILL A HOTTIE. Albeit an older hottie, but you know what I mean.
      “The house where it was 7 strangers who chose to live in a house, but not have their lives taped.” Well, you missed the boat on that one! 😜

      Critics were not nice to John Denver; they said he was too soft, too folky, etc…I think the world needs more John Denver music to calm our asses down.

      Yes, would love to hear your thoughts on Bono’s book!!


  3. So funny you should ask about decorating, one girl I sit for shamed me on Tuesday with her: WHY YOU NOT HAVE ANY CHRISTMAS DEOCRATIONS UP? Spoken with a lisp and her very expressive, future-cheerleader voice.

    Yesterday I crawled into the crawl space and dragged all the bins out while my little fan club cheered for me. Opening the bins and setting things up around the house was our activity for the day. This made more sense than waiting for my Coach to pull them out. He’s bust but not your Coach’s kind of busy. Goodness. I can only imagine the FEMA ordeal.

    I love John Denver and his music. He’s part of the reason I know very few other artists. We only ever listened to my mom’s records: Denver, Neil Diamond, Elvis, and Barry Manilow. I did not know he was snubbed by Live Aid. I sort of remember the concert. I recognize some of the artists. I’m a U2 fan (count me in as another person to read Bijoux’s post about Bono’s book). I was more into Larry Mullins, the U2 drummer, than I was into Bono.

    Love these sweet photos. Good luck orchestrating your workforce to get your tree up.

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    1. I love that you enlisted your little people to help you—genius! If I could reach our decorations, that would be a different story. They are up REALLY high and it takes a 10-foot ladder to get them; even with that, it’s not easy for Coach to reach, so I’d never make it.

      I remember you enjoyed U2! Funny, I couldn’t tell you who the drummer is, but I know Bono and The Edge


  4. No Christmas here yet, either. We’ll put up the tree on the weekend. And that will be it. I hate how Christmas becomes a part-time job.

    We were painting rooms in our just-purchased little house during Live Aid. We had just had Jared in March, and we were able to go in and do some fixing up before moving in. (And it needed LOTS of fixing up.) We listened to Live Aid on the radio as we worked.

    I had so many little sophomore girls who were crushing on Duran Duran. They had notebooks and folders plastered with pictures, mostly of John Taylor. And yes, I thought he was The Cute One, too.

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  5. This was a super fun and funny post! Love your idea of a surprise tree-trimming party…why didn’t I ever think of that???
    I wish the Coach all the best (and much strength) with his renovation project. Dealing with government bureaucracies has never gone smoothly, in my experience.


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  6. mbmom11

    Live Aid was so big – as seniors in HS, we all wanted to give our money and care the most. I lived in a suburb of Philly( across the river) and Live Aid was a nightmare of a day. Traffic never-ending. At the McDonalds that I worked at, the people never stopped coming. And now there’s all the news stories about how all the money was wasted or went to the warlords…
    And my favorite John Denver record is actually the Placido Domingo record where he sings several of John Denver’s songs and John joins him for some duets. Annie’s Song has never been so moving.
    Thanks for brining up the memories!

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    1. I can’t imagine being in the area on the day of this event; wow!

      I didn’t recall hearing about the money not going to the correct places, but that doesn’t surprise me either. That’s sad.

      I’ll have to look up the Placido Domingo songs with John. I still love hearing Annie and Take Me Home Country Roads will never get old!


    1. LOL! It would be fun to be your Step Mom! John wasn’t the one I wanted to marry, So your G’ma could have him to herself. I’d love to have had him as a brother…which would have made us relatives in some way.


  7. I’d have married Sting, but I had a crush on Bowie. We’re finished decorating because we don’t do much of it anymore. About a third of what we once did when we had the big house parties, but now… my goodness how nice it is to NOT invite the entire work department over to the house.

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    1. We also used to have big house parties; prior to Covid. That always put a lot of pressure on me to get everything done sooner than later.

      I have a feeling Sting is a good husband, but I’d have to research the Tantric stuff more deeply. 😜

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  8. There’s very little musical agreement in our household, but we both agree that George Michael was awesome. There’s a collective glee when “Faith” comes on. That is all. I do not remember LiveAid and I think Do They Know It’s Christmas is sort of a terrible song, but I appreciate that it kickstarted the trend of large groups of famous people getting together to raise money for worthy charities. Also, I’d never heard that Kacey Musgraves song and now I’m obsessed with it.

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  9. I LOVE MO ROCCA. Have you seen his show My Grandmother’s Ravioli? That is Ella and my favorite show. I don’t know if I can find old episodes. I’m not sure if I can find older episodes. I need to listen to his podcast with Ella in the car. She’ll be so happy.

    I’m sad that John Denver was left out. It makes me dislike Do They Know It’s Christmas Time even more. John Denver’s Christmas album is the only Christmas music I will listen to. Well, besides Dolly Parton’s. 😂

    Also, I’m not sure how Simon LeBon could’ve been your boyfriend and mine at the same time…

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    1. Nope, I never saw that Show. I remember seeing him on the CBS Sunday Morning news program over the years, and he’s very charismatic.

      John has a Christmas album?!

      Surely Simon had a lot of love to spread. 🙂

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  10. I love John Denver! I do remember Live Aid, but none of those were my boyfriends. At that time, I had a giant crush on – wait for it – Ralph Macchio from the Karate Kid. Well, I was ten, what can I say. Hmmm. I did have some actual gay boyfriends in my time, though. Well, they weren’t out when we were dating, things were a lot more constrained back in the 90s.
    We are all done decorating, our house is a Christmas explosion.

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    1. I might have had a ‘pull-out of a Teen Beat poster’ of Ralph at one time, but he was probably too soft for me. I had a thing for musicians. LOL!

      Yay for Christmas Explosions!!


  11. M

    We have some Christmas decorations up. My husband pulled the boxes down but I’ve been taking my sweet time putting things where they need to go; maybe I haven’t felt Christmas-y yet. But — I went to my first Christmas party yesterday and I listened to Christmas music on the 2hr drive to and 2hr drive back home so I should be in the mood for it now, eh??

    How have I not heard that Kacey Musgraves song?? My sister tells me I tend to live under a (huge) rock, so that’s probably why. Ha!

    Oh, your husband is crazy-busy! I hope that it slows down a bit for him enough so you can get your decorations up! But honestly, the thought of doing it together with your daughters sounds great, too. It’s the first year my son is not home this time of the year so we could decorate the tree together (well, except for that time he was in FL for a year and came home a few days before Christmas), and I’m wondering if I’ll leave the Christmas tree decorating until later when we’re all home before Christmas. We’ll have one night ….will it happen then?? If we don’t, the tree won’t be decorated until Christmas morning when we’re all home together again.

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    1. Taking your sweet time decorating is the best! You drove two hours for a party? You must love those people. 🙂

      Sometimes I like to go to Kacey’s youtube channel and let all her songs play one after the other.
      Listen, I too live under a rock, so it’s a miracle I know anything outside of my home/family/office.

      I would love for my girls to help decorate and I know they would make the trek here if I asked.. But, I finally got most of it done between yesterday and today. Having everyone at your home at once while doing the tree sounds delightful. Let me know how it goes!


      1. M

        Yes, I guess I do love those people! LOL It was my brother’s alumni association Christmas party and his last event as president of such association so I wanted to support him. I kept telling myself, “My last one to attend this association’s events!!” I had been to several the last few years.

        Oh, you got your tree decorated — awesome! I thought you were considering waiting until Christmas Eve when everyone comes over. I have not put the decorations on the tree myself…maybe on Friday night! We opted for our old small tree again this year (we usually get fresh but have not since 2020) so I will put the lights on it later today and then we can all put a few meaningful (read: old) decorations on it when my son comes home from on Friday night.

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  12. I love Mobituaries and did, in fact, listen to the John Denver episode a few weeks ago. I was pretty outraged over his being snubbed from Live Aid just because he wasn’t “cool enough.” They could have found a spot for him next to Boy George or something, come on!

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