I’d Like To Get My Day Back, Apparently My Love Is Worth Fighting For and Synchronized What?

I had such high hopes for Saturday.

Our Christmas Tree is supposed to reside where the three Sansevierias live.

Ahhhh, the weekend, time get all our shit in order!

Our first assignment was figuring out what replacement appliances we wanted for our hurricane ravaged Condo and get them ordered. My biggest dilemma was replacing the washing machine; the dryer survived because it’s a stackable unit, but I considered upgrading from GE (wasn’t overly enthused with it) to an Electrolux set. (I LOVE my Electrolux washer that we have at the big house) After much research, I still couldn’t make up my mind and ended up just getting the same model that we had. Meanwhile, as I was entrenched in the rabbit hole for ONE item, the Coach found and ordered the dishwasher, microwave drawer, range, fridge and fridge drawers for the bar area. He’s obviously impervious to rabbit holes.

We intended to bring ALL the Christmas stuff from the big garage into the house, then we’d plant some ixoras I had bought earlier in the week, spread 10 bails of pine straw and 50 bags of mulch, all before 4:15 because we had VIP tickets to a concert. (38 Special, Jake Owen, Brad Paisley)

I woke up ready to tackle the world, and sadly all I tackled was conceding to the same washing machine because by 11:00 a.m I was back in bed with a headache, sinus pain and achey bones. I laid around the rest of the day unhappy and fretting about bed sores.

An entire day wasted!

Fortunately, I was feeling much better on Sunday and all the Saturday things happened, aside from the concert because musicians are selfish.


We’ve hit a milestone here at Casa De La Busy Bee.

But first: Bitches be tripping.

The dogs are mostly getting along, but we do have a ‘possessive problem’ with Peanut; meaning she is possessive of Coach and I when it comes to Lillie.

This is how it happens: I or the Coach are on the couch (or bed) sitting with Peanut, Lillie approaches to get on the couch (or bed) and Peanut loses her shit and attacks. Lillie attacks back. If Lillie is the first dog on the couch or bed and Peanut joins us, it’s all hunky dory, so it’s apparent who the problem child is.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing more frightening than two crazed dogs baring teeth, barking, snaring and ready to kill each other over your love. Well, I guess two Large Crazed dogs might be worse.

*Before I finished writing this, I was putting the tree skirt under the tree, Peanut was investigating my every move, Lillie approached and chaos ensued.

Here is Lillie letting everyone know she is A Gift and Peanut is in timeout.

Anyhoo, back to the Milestone

Much like women who live together for any amount of time, you start to have synced cycles. (either that or we’re just bitchy at all the the same time)

There is also a phenomenon known as Synchronized Pooping. I might be the only person who knows about this until now, but I’m declaring it a thing right here, so it’s now official.

I used to marvel at this Magic Trick with Cocoa and Ozzie, then Cocoa and Callie, then Callie and Lillie and on Monday morning, I witnessed Lillie and Peanut pooping in unison; it’s like they were putting on a well practiced ballet for me.

Are you gonna break up with me because I didn’t document this magical event with a photo or video?

Have you had anyone (humans or pets) fight over your attention?

What about Simultaneous Pooping. Have I opened your eyes to something new & magical?


Your friend Suz, who might be injured at the hands paws of those who adore her, so I’m wishing you a magical Christmas now while I still have all my digits.

35 thoughts on “I’d Like To Get My Day Back, Apparently My Love Is Worth Fighting For and Synchronized What?

  1. First – thank you for summoning the super human strength it required not to post a photo of the synchronized pooping.
    Second – as with all animals, a hierarchy must be established. From the picture of a triumphant Lillie under the tree, I think we can cross that off your list.

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    1. You know it took much strength not to photograph the event; after all, I’m a blogger!

      I can’t belive the amount of FURY that comes out of both of them after Peanut starts it; it’s frightening.

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      1. We had a stray cat wander in a few years ago. He was beautiful and we happily adopted him… but our resident feline hated him from day one. They fought ferociously for two solid years. They could never (ever!) be in the same room or someone was going to the vets. It was unbelievable and sadly only ended when the stray died. On that depressing note I’ll keep my fingers crossed yours grow to tolerate if not like each other.

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  2. I’m sure there are some things you do with great speed where Coach would hesitate and overthink it. Coach: SHOULD I RELEASE THIS BUTTERFLY, OR DOES IT NEED A LITTLE MORE TIME? SHOULD I PLANT THE MILKWEED HERE, OR MAYBE OVER THERE?

    Overall, team you-guys got shit done, including the tree, so you’re winning.

    I’m sitting here counting my lucky stars that Finnegan is the only dog in my home. HE IS ENOUGH. So, I have no jealousy incidents to report. BUT – Finn is overly obsessed with me. Even when he hasn’t seen Lad all dang day . . . he’s begging me to love on him. A synchronized pooping occasion over here would necessitate a human doing things in the yard that would cause Mary Ann to have a fainting spell – so, thankfully NOTHING TO REPORT THERE.

    I do love that photo of Lillie, looking like she’s smiling. She seems to be saying WHO ME?

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    1. I’ve found that some dogs prefer one sex over the other, like Finnegan might be into the ladies. LOL. Callie was obsessed with Coach even though I was with her 90% of the time. Hell, she might have been sick of me.

      If I saw your toddlers pooping in unison on your lawn, I’d crack up. But Mary Ann? Not.so.much.


  3. My dog is the bouncer of the cat. The dog is particularly a fan of me, the girl human. If the cat tries to get on my lap, the dog tries to prevent it from happening at all costs. If the cat is being naughty (getting on the counter, for example), the dog will immediately run to the scene of the crime to police the cat. I do not know what to do about this dynamic, so I’m eagerly awaiting your stories about how you are going to stop Peanut from human possessiveness.

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    1. Hannah is a Bouncer! That’s hilarious.
      I’ll keep you updated on our progress; sadly, Lillie’s days are limited, so I might not see a resolve to this situation.


  4. M

    Oh, so sorry to hear about your wasted day! I do like to feel lazy and spend some hours in bed lounging but definitely not good when I’m not feeling well and can’t enjoy my lazy day in bed. 🙂

    Ha ha! I love how different your two pooches look in that side by side picture! Peanut is definitely sending out dagger eyes! Lillie, such a sweet face!

    We only have one dog here and he’s not a lap dog – doesn’t cuddle. My sister brings over her dog sometimes but there has been no jealousy with sister’s dog sitting on our laps; if anything, our dog probably thinks visiting dog is nuts for wanting to cuddle!

    I have taken many dog-pooping pics to text to my husband — I don’t know why I find it hilarious and neither does he (he being my husband but dog probably also)!

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    1. There are many days I’d LOVE to lounge in bed, but not when I have a bajillion things to accomplish. You know how it is.

      From what I remember, you have a husky. Lolo’s husky is adamant about NOT receiving hugs. He even moans, growls a bit if you hug him. SO WEIRD–it’s like they have not evolved like other domestic animals.


      1. M

        Yes, we have a Husky. So full of personality! He’d allow a little bit of affection. He’d let my young niece to hug and snuggle for just a few seconds but after that, he’s all, “Excuse me! I have stuff to do outside so I’m going to skedaddle!” LOL

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  5. Bijoux

    The pooping thing sounds convenient to those who are pooper picker uppers. This girl is impressed with your magical picture posting ability! My husband spends hours researching appliances. Then we go to the store and get whatever is currently available, as there is rarely a choice unless you can do without for 3 to 6 months!

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  6. Wooo, I hope that Peanut gets over that, because I can just imagine the chaos and yikes. Rex gets a little jealous when I’m at the dog park and another dog approaches me; now I just don’t acknowledge other dogs because a giant dog getting snappy isn’t exactly fun. Barkley was like that too, but at half the size it wasn’t quite as scary. Oh well, I don’t need to pat any other dogs when I have Rex. HOWEVER. I am just imagining how stressful it is with Lillie and Peanut getting into it. At least they poop in harmony?
    Sorry you were sick! I hate feeling sick but mostly I hate having a day (or several) wasted. Arrrrghhhh.

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  7. Your tree is beautiful. I am glad you got that done last weekend 🙂 I got our tree set up as well – but it’s not decorated yet.

    I don’t have pets, so I don’t have any advice or stories to share, but I’ve heard a lot about pet sibling rivalry 🙂 Thank God they’re so cute.

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  8. bibliomama2

    Bleah, sorry for the concert-wrecking sickness. Did the ixoras get planted?? What are ixoras?
    I find dogs fighting, or even sounding like they want to fight, terrifying – I didn’t grow up around dogs and got mine on the blind faith approach, so I should probably know more. But what can we do, clearly you’re worth fighting over!


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