Welcoming 2023, Getting Close And Personal With The GA Healthcare System And Learning Something That’s Probably Common Knowledge.

Peanut writing her first blog post for 2023.

The Coach and I rang in the new year at our place in GA. We’d arrived on the Wednesday prior along with my Brother In Law. We didn’t have much planned aside from relaxing for me, and *some projects for the husband.

{*My post later this week will cover what the projects pertain to–I’ve been holding out on you!}

We were supposed to fly out around 3pm, but we had some delays and finally took off shortly before sunset. This is the benefit of flying later:

A few weeks ago the Coach started having some stomach issues and was worried it might be a flare up of diverticulitis which has ailed him a few times. He ended up in major pain, but by the time he got to the emergency room it had slowed down a tad which was good because the ER was packed and it appeared he’d wait all day for care, so he came home and waited it out. The next day, he was a bit better and carried on like normal, ignoring the aches.

The 30th of December he again started not feeling great, and by Saturday the 31st, after conferring with Teledoc, he needed to visit the ER.

The Dr’s did an ultrasound to confirm either diverticulitis or a kidney stone and diverticulitis was the clear winner.

IV pain relief (fentanyl) and antibiotics were given. We arrived at the ER at 11:30 am and were back home by 5:15 pm; that included going to CVS and waiting 30 minutes for prescriptions and a forty minute drive each way.

The hospital staff were all so wonderful; it truly was an amazing hospital experience compared to what I’ve heard/seen from other places. The place was clean and every single person we encountered was friendly and helpful. (which is what we’ve found mostly of GA people; I’m not counting Atlanta people as GA people)

Saturday College basketball doesn’t care about your diverticulitis!

Aside from our successful visit to the ER, I’ve been enjoying myself with daily walks with Peanut, a challenging puzzle, reading, watching movies, missing Lillie and generally just enjoying the mountain views.

Oh, something fun that I learned this week. Peanut and I encountered a very large deer and she waved her tail at us like this:

When I got back to the house I told the Coach: NOW I KNOW WHY THEY CALL THEM WHITE TAILED DEER!

He looked at me like I was crazy. But really, it only took me 55 years to learn this about the white tailed deer because when the tail is down, it’s tan, not white.

Did anyone make it past midnight to ring in the new year? How about the white tailed deer…have you ever seen them waving the white flag at you?


35 thoughts on “Welcoming 2023, Getting Close And Personal With The GA Healthcare System And Learning Something That’s Probably Common Knowledge.

  1. Sorry to hear your husband was in pain, but thankful it wasn’t anything serious and you had a good hospital experience.
    We have white tail deer visit nightly so yes, I’ve known the reason for the name since I was a child.
    And now? I shall look forward to Peanut’s blogging debut.

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  2. I had to google diverticulitis and poor Coach! That looks very painful. I love that he was able to stay up on the basketball though.
    Happy New Year, my friend! I gave my husband a puzzle board for Christmas and I think of you and your portable puzzle case a lot. “What happens in puzzle club stays in puzzle club.”

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  3. Sorry Coach had to deal with that. I still think that I have something similar (maybe just a really mild start-up case?) and that’s why I was in the ER on Halloween. Glad your ER experience was a good one.

    That pic of Peanut makes me think that Peanut is sending you a message: I’M WORKING HERE, CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?

    Freakishly a deer ran down the street here yesterday morning. It was very bazaar. They wander onto the nearby golf course from time to time, but we’ve never seen them in our hood. Yes, I did know about the white tails.

    We had to be ready to pick up a few kids, but we went to bed at 11 (after I fell asleep on the couch) and Coach left his ringer on. He picked up Mini and Reg got a ride home. I heard lots of fireworks in the neighborhood at midnight.

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    1. I hope you can figure out what is ailing you and tackle it this year.

      Peanut had actually just woken up from sleeping against my back while I typed…when I got up, she was a bit disgruntled with my interrupting a good nap. I’m pretty rude like that.

      I think the deer have been hiding their special spot/special talent from me for a long time, but now the gig is up!


  4. I’m glad Coach is feeling better! If it was anything as painful as a gallbladder attack, he has my complete sympathy! I have known about white tail deer! I love seeing them in the wild! Happy New Year to you and your family. Looking forward to lots of posts from Peanut!

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  5. Too bad about your husband. My father lived with that condition for many, many years (and bowls of cream of rice), so I understand and sympathize.

    I’m looking forward to Peanut’s first crabby post about being Flicked Off by a deer. Then again, I imagine most of her posts will be crabby. But that’s just me, judging by appearances.

    Shame on me.

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    1. Gosh, diverticulitis does affect a lot of people. Hoping a good Gastro Dr. can assist with his future.

      Peanut always looks grumpy, but since she lives with me, I refuse to think she’s actually unhappy. I mean, who could be unhappy living their life with me? 😜😳


  6. I’m glad that Coach’s stomach issue has been resolved. I hope he feels better.  By the way, that emergency room is the nicest one I’ve ever seen! It looks like a fancy nightclub.
    Your Georgia office is really lovely! I love your view; including Peanut.❤️
    We stayed up until 12:45. I’m not sure how or why. It was just E, Mike and I, but it was fun.
    Happy New Year!

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  7. I once had to spend New Year’s Eve in the hospital. I didn’t even see Tara at all on the first day of 2015, as she had come down with the flu. It wasn’t an auspicious start to the year, but things turned out pretty well in the end. I’m just glad Coach didn’t have to pull an all-nighter there.

    Cracking up about the white-tailed deer. Did you think they were named that to be ironic? 🙂

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    1. I’m glad that 2015 turned out well after the not-so-fun start.

      Mark, I honestly can’t tell you that I ever thought about the ‘white tail’ part of the deer before. Chalk it up to having some blonde moments on the daily.

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  8. Ha ha ha! We see deer regularly on our walks and I know why they’re called white-tailed deer! We actually have a herd of albino white-tailed deer in our town and they are fun to spot when we’re out and about, too.

    I’m glad they were able to help Coach with his pain and hopefully there’s a way to treat it? Google suggests rest/changes in diet all the way to surgery, so I’m hopeful it’s somewhere on the less invasive side of things!

    PEANUT! You are too cute.

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  9. Bijoux

    Ugh on the ER, but I’m glad it’s not a kidney stone!!! Lol about the deer tail. I guess I figured that out around the time we bought our first home and the deer were all over the place. Hey, it’s always good to learn something new, even if it’s only new to you! Lol!

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  10. Yes, I have been “waved at” by white tailed deer many a time, when I lived in Ontario. I don’t know anything about diverticulitis but it sounds like a quick recovery was made, and for that I am glad. I did make it to midnight this year, although I was in bed reading a book. Yay me!!!!


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  11. bibliomama2

    Ugh, it’s so wretched being sick during the holiday season. I’m glad it turned out as well as could be expected. I think I knew about white tailed deer, but I always feel like I should know what diverticulitis is and I do not. I will look it up now.
    Somebody needs to get Peanut an espresso and a cigarette! She’s on deadline!

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  12. So sorry for Coach…my mom suffered for so long and finally had surgery and never had a flare-up again. I wonder if Coach and his doctors would consider this? I always have moments where I realize something everybody else apparently knows, so I feel you. Though I think there was a time when they first learned that too, they just probably didn’t announce it to everyone. But we’re sharers!!

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  13. My husband had his first bout with diverticulitis at the beginning of December 2019. I felt so badly for him. Now he only has occasional flares if he eats too much of fatty foods. Learning portion control and not giving in to what tastes super delicious is still a struggle for him most days. I have learned what sets him off . . . . . (even healthy foods like boiled cabbage) . . . . . and know when to give him Culturelle probiotic to help his stomach not hurt that night. He doesn’t even argue with me about it anymore cuz he knows I’m right with “dosing” him even if it wasn’t his choice. Funny how a little pain can make a man listen to his wife.


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