What’s New? Peanut’s Boyfriend, Stressing About Non Life-Altering Decisions And Looking For A BOGO Discount On Spaying; Which Is A Life Altering Decision.

We had a lovely weekend on the East Coast seeing our good friends Don and Kelly. Two of our songwriter friends were at a another friends’ house, two doors down playing a party for 50 of her nearest and dearest. It was a good time for the humans, and even better for Peanut.

Peanut had a blast playing with her friend Louie. It was 24 hours of non-stop foreplay; for Peanut, not me. All the nibbling, chasing, rolling around, cuddling, etc..for our entire visit.

She was completely exhausted for the next 24 hours after we departed and since Louie is snipped, we didn’t end our weekend needing a Plan B.

I’m really not that stressed, just busy. But who else wakes up at 3am and contemplates every decision you’ve ever made and the ones you still need to make?

What is consuming me lately? Thanks for asking.

~I’ve got to make lots of decisions on the redo of our beach condo; thank you Hurricane Ian, I had it just how I wanted it aside from one thing which of course I will share with you. Floor tile, countertops, furniture. New windows? Do we want to do wood shutters again? I’ve spent about 79 hours trying to decide on the couch/chairs for the living area. Do I want the slipcovered couch with chaise or do I want the upholstered couch with the return bumper?

Do you also wonder these things? I sure hope so.

I’m fretting over the couch situation because as pretty as the last couch was, it wasn’t comfortable and I complained about it at least 79 times in the four years we had it. I found it to be stiff and shallow; don’t we all know someone one like that? The funny thing is, we’ve had lots of guests there as well as renters and not one other person complained about the couch. Goldilocks who?

RIP stiff, shallow couch and lovely deep, comfy swivel chairs.

We will do most of the condo exactly as it was, but a few things we’re going to change up, you know, so I can stress about new choices.

I know it’s only 1400 square feet, but it’s consuming me.

Please, Baby Jesus do not let us have another hurricane with storm surge until I’m in heaven eating rocky road ice cream on the daily!

~I scheduled Peanut for her hysterectomy, but now I think I have to adjust it because Louie is coming over for another playdate and there’s no ‘keeping her calm’ when her man is in town.

~Also, and maybe the biggest thing, I need to schedule a hysterectomy for myself. *sigh* I’ve known I needed to to this since November, but I’ve been putting it off. I know I’ll be ok, but I’m still avoiding the necessary. I’ve not written about it because I know some people are freaked out by ‘health talk’ and I don’t want to be the one to freak someone out. Well, today anyway. But, the mechanical parts of my lady kitchen no longer serve me and they’re causing slight issues now, and hopefully by removing them, I won’t have bigger issues later. (My Mom had a hysterectomy at 40, was left with one ovary; which became cancerous and took her from us.)

**Edited to add-I am post-menopausal, so my hormones have already left the building.

So, how did you enjoy my rant that started with Dogs making out, moving onto couch talk and ending with my upcoming major surgery? Can you imagine how things ‘swing’ inside my head if this is only a blog post.

Have any of my friends had her interior Lady Parts removed and can share any good advice. I mean, aside from avoiding it altogether? (Mark, don’t worry about answering 😜)


38 thoughts on “What’s New? Peanut’s Boyfriend, Stressing About Non Life-Altering Decisions And Looking For A BOGO Discount On Spaying; Which Is A Life Altering Decision.

  1. Peanut is so adorable it’s hard to shift gears and talk about lady kitchens but here goes… I had undiagnosed uterine fibroids which grew so large I had to have a full abdominal hysterectomy when I was 51. I wasn’t even peri menopausal so it threw me head first into hormone hell. Not having issues “down there” anymore was nice ( yes, that’s how my asshole doctor referred to it) but to be honest, it wreaked me. Raging hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain…. I swear I don’t recognize my body anymore. The surgery itself was fine and recovery was quick, though I do have a whopping scar. If you’re having a full hysterectomy? Don’t try to tough it out with no hormone replacement like I did. My first six months were utter hell, then I went on the patch and it took the edge off. Never underestimate hormones. They rule.

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    1. Ughh…you went through hell and with a Dr. with no bedside manners. I feel for you.

      Yes, I will have everything removed. My uterine lining keeps ‘thickening up’ even after two years post-menopause. If she gives me hormones now, it will only cause more bleeding, so it’s best to have everything taken out; then, we can discuss hormone replacement if I need it. I’m glad to hear that your recovery otherwise was quick.

      Since my Mom was diagnosed back in 2015, I’d wanted to have all my parts taken out…but my Dr. told me to wait until after menopause, and in November, I started having issues and had an impromptu and painful biopsy. She and I both said: This is it; what are we waiting for?

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  2. Bijoux

    ‘Eating rocky road on the daily’ OMG, that’s hilarious! I do lie awake at 3 am fretting, so much empathy from me. I’m sorry to hear about the need for a hysterectomy. I thought I sailed through menopause, but now everything else has gone to hell, likely due to a lack of estrogen (osteoporosis, A1C, calcifications, thyroid). No wonder none of us can sleep! I think blogging about female issues is good because we can all learn from each other.

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    1. Can you go on estrogen to help combat your issues? I’m sorry you are dealing with all of that too.

      My Dr. mentioned that after my surgery we can start on some hormones to make me feel better than I am now, but if I go on them now, it will cause more bleeding.

      Sleep is essential for all of us, and it seems that most of us don’t get the quality sleep we need.


  3. Oh man they could give some lessons in foreplay. I’m sorry you need that surgery, but I’m sure it will go smoothly and then it will be one less thing on your mind. Also for whatever it’s worth, we have bought 4 Lazyboy couches and they have all been so super comfy.

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  4. Your condo was fabulous before, and I’m sure you’ll have another fabulous one! My thinking of the one thousand thoughts happens before I can even get to sleep. And then a snoring husband shows up… sigh. Haven’t had done what you’re thinking of having done, but holy cow, hormones are some serious players, aren’t they? I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for you. Hugs! -Jenn

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    1. Jenn, thank you so much. Snoring husbands are an issue, and now I’ve added a small, snoring Peanut! HA. I’ve been using a white noise machine which helps a tad bit with that part. You are so right about hormones….they can be wonderful or a nightmare!


  5. Oh, goodness. Peanut – so stinking cute. Love that he has a bestie. The weekend sounds like so much fun.

    Next time you’re up at 3 am, call me and we can chat about our all-consuming concerns. I kid, sort of. Last week I didn’t sleep as much as I’d like. I think my gut was to blame, but I can’t deny that getting ready to send Tank to Ireland to study for the semester weighed on me.

    Sorry about your need to have this surgery. It sounds so unpleasant. It sure is hard to be the keeper of a lady kitchen. I have no advice, but I hope it is easier than expected and that your recovery is smooth sailing.

    For the record, I like the non-slipcover couch. But is the slipcover couch easy to clean? We bought couches for the family room when I was pregnant with Reg. 17 years ago. I’m ready to replace them, maybe when I’m done doing daycare. It was winter in Chicago when I was couch shopping, and I sat up and down on a ba-zillion couches to find the right height for tall folks. My skin was so dry and the friction of my maternity pants so unforgiving – I wanted to be dipped in a vat of lotion. Good luck, Goldilicks.

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    1. 3 am parties all around! Sorry about your gut issues; hoping you can keep honing in on the cause.

      The slipcovers are fairly easy to clean….they go in the washing machine!

      Thanks for the picture of you buying a couch while not feeling great in the dead of dry winter!


  6. I went from a “family sedan” to a “sports car” 😉 in my early 40s and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. No more having to consult the calendar first to plan vacation etc. My Aunt Flo had turned into a huge bitch who far overstayed her welcome and ruined my clothes and bedding as well as left me life-threateningly anemic. I was sooooo happy to see the last of her. I kept my ovaries though…as I didn’t want to be thrust into menopause that early. The recovery took longer than I expected but that was due to being so anemic at the time. No lifting or strenuous activity for at least 6 weeks. The freedom I experienced after this surgery was incredible. You got this Suz, and I highly doubt you will ever regret it.


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    1. Family sedan to a sports car. Vroom Vroom!! Thanks for that visual!
      My monthly visits from Aunt Flo were wreaking havoc in my life too; most of my life. I was so happy to be in menopause. I really need to ditch my ovaries so I can avoid my mom’s fate. (even though, I tested negative for the brca gene)
      Thank you for chiming in; I’m glad this was a good outcome for you my friend.

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  7. I like your ability to tie a variety of topics together into one blog post. That’s what all the best blogger do, you know! Peanut is adorable and has enough energy for 5 dogs. I fret over furniture decisions, always. It’s the only way to make sure your final decision is perfect. I don’t know much of anything about the surgery you mention. I’ve had bits and bobs removed along the way but not the lady bits. I will say that recovery from my surgeries took longer than anticipated BUT when I was back I felt good.

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  8. Did you ever imagine your life would end up like this? Having a hysterectomy at the same time as your dog. 😂

    I still have all of my original parts, and my gynecologist hasn’t mentioned the H-word to me yet, so I’ll keep you updated because, HELLO, BLOG. I know my mother said hers was simple compared to my grandmother’s, so I am confident yours will be as well. 😘

    Your condo was beautiful, and it was nothing like the condos we rented in Destin. I recommend that you start working as a condo decorator because the tourism industry is in desperate need of help. I’d also like you to write a post about comfortable couches because we’re looking for one. Were those white couches difficult to keep clean? Because I really want white couches, but dogs….

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    1. Having a hysterectomy at the same time as my dog is weird, but better than having a baby at the same time as one of my kids! HA. Can you imagine?

      Your moms being simple is music to my ears. My mom struggled, from what I remember, but I was living in a different state than she was at the time.

      I could have a lucrative career as a Condo Decorator. But who could afford me? No one! 😜

      They were slip-covered, and I LOVED that part. The chairs were comfy, and the couch was meh to sit on but looked great. I washed them quite a few times, and always came out nice. We had dogs there, and by dogs, I mean Max or Lillie who slept on the furniture, and Callie and Cocoa who leaned on the furniture. The white worked out well for us; that’s what I will do again.

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  9. Pat Birnie

    I’m sorry you have to go through this surgery but I bet in the long run you’ll be happy you did. I cannot comment from personal experience (I was one of those annoying women that had 3 day light periods, every 35 days and never a cramp. Then I cruised through menopause with some hot flashes and residual sleep issues). I feel for you with all of these issues. No fun. Peanut is so cute! I love the multiple topics and quick changes.

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    1. Pat, thank you so much. I know I will be happy when all is said and done because it won’t be that ‘cloud’ lingering over my head; you know, one less thing to worry about.

      You were blessed with your easy menses…mine were a nightmare from day one! I must have been a really bad human in my last life.


  10. I really want to call Peanut “Natasha.” Just throwing that out there.

    It’s awful to have so many things to think about. You have my sympathy/empathy on that. I spent most of December stressed out about a variety of things, and it’s a crappy way to live.
    Once you can get things Decided, Scheduled, and Over With, I hope you feel (and sleep) a whole lot better.

    Here’s a little something: my mother never did go through menopause. She was still having regular periods at the age of 68. And she had her very first at the age of 9. She once took a pregnancy test at the age of 57. Her doctor finally had mercy and gave her a hysterectomy.
    Imagine how terrified I was as I was waiting for my own menopause, which thankfully did come at 52.

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    1. I really wanted to call her Sasha! But let me tell you, she isn’t the classiest of girls, so Peanut suits her.

      Yes, you are correct; once I make the Decisions, I’ll be better off all around. I’m getting there, and I’ll keep everyone posted so they don’t lose any sleep.

      My jaw dropped reading about your Mom. WTH? She must be in the Guinness book of records! That’s not fair for anyone to deal with IT for that long. As we say in the south, and without any sassiness, Bless Her Heart. I can’t imagine!!
      It also makes me wonder if her mom also lived with having a cycle for that long?


  11. Peanut has a boyfriend! Yay for her! It’s interesting that she gets along with him – maybe she’s a dog who only likes certain other dogs?

    Oh, lands. My sister had to have a hysterectomy in her 40s and apparently the recovery wasn’t pleasant, but she has felt so much better since, so there’s that. I don’t think she loved the actual surgery, but she has felt like she has more quality days each month since.

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  12. Cheryl

    Had fibroid removal at 42 and I wish I had done a complete hysty at that time. Fast forward to my 49th birthday and I am in the bathroom, doing the pre-clean out prior to surgery. (They want everything clean in case they accidentally nick your bowels) Thank God my doc wanted a closer look see in late February 2003, since a D&C showed uterine cancer. Thankfully, it was Stage II in the wall and never traveled any further, like lymph nodes, etc. It will be 20 years since the surgery on March 13th, and I am still glad to be alive. It was an easy surgery, I always get the best sleep when they put me under and I was outta Strong Memorial in 3 days. They may even spring you sooner nowadays. Get it done, you won’t regret it and when they slip the “good stuff” in your i.v. you will wake refreshed. I do have a scar from both surgeries, but that’s okay, I can always use filters like the Kardashians, right? Give yourself a chance to heal for a few weeks, drink lots of water, the anesthesia stays in your body for a bit. making you sleepy headed.

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    1. Cheryl—-thank you so much for chiming in!
      I’ve had several D&C’s for fibroids, they keep coming back and I have several now.
      Amazing that your cancer was found as early as you did since there usually isn’t many symptoms, which makes it a scary cancer.

      I’m so happy you had a happy outcome!!

      My Dr did say that the tiredness will last a few weeks too.

      There’s a Kardashian filter? You mean they have scars and pores? 🥴🤪


  13. Whew! Thank you for letting me off the hook. I was really sweating it there.

    We had one of those couches with a return bumper, and while it was super comfy, we couldn’t wait to get rid of it. That type of configuration really limited our options in the living room. THAT was the real reason why we moved to Wisconsin: we needed an excuse to have a garage sale and sell the damn thing!

    OK, fine. Cheese also played a part in our decision.

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  14. I cannot even count high enough to tell you how many nights I lay awake thinking of everything and trying to solve all my problems overnight! I personally have not had a hysterectomy but several women I know have and they all said it’s the best thing they ever did! Hope your sugery goes well!

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  15. Melanie Galliano

    I often wake up thinking or remembering all sorts of crazy things!!! I’m sorry to hear surgery is on your agenda, but I hope you feel much better after it’s all over. I hope you can get your condo back in order. We’re still not fully recovered from Ida here. Lots of people still living in campers and their houses haven’t been touched.

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  16. bibliomama2

    I usually overthink all my life choices before falling asleep or while trying to fall asleep.
    PUPPIES PLAYING, so cute.
    My sister had a hysterectomy at 45 and says it’s the best thing she ever did. I understand being apprehensive – hope it’s easy and recovery is quick.

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