My Favorite App, Can We Stop Division In The Grocery Store & Who Will Win The Bread War?

Gigi turned me on to this grocery app and I absolutely can not live without it. I keep separate lists for everything under the sun; the great thing is you can share the lists via the app or you can text the list to someone within the app, if say, they are going to Costco for you, which is my favorite love language.

What Happened To Grocery Inclusive & Finally an Orgy On The Pasta Aisle

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here, but my husband is the Condiment King. He can’t live without something added to his meals; spicy mustard, hot sauce, his own creation of mayo with some sort of hot sauce. After hurricane Ian, we had to clean out the fridge and start fresh. Honestly, I liked the look of an almost bare fridge; uncluttered and clean. But since I’m the Self Appointed Best Wife Ever, I’ve slowly been recouping his favorites, but for so long I couldn’t find sriracha. I’d looked for it on the condiment aisle every week and it was never there. Finally, this past week I opened up my Publix App to see what I was doing wrong, and all along I should have been on the international food aisle and not the lowly Basic Condiment Aisle. I was put off by this; why must we segregate nations at the grocery store? It’s 2023 for heavens sakes!!

Another fun shopping thing happened on the same day: I’d had orzo on my grocery list app for so long, I’d forgotten what I wanted it for because the stores were always out of it. I’m talking six months at least. Finally, last week I found orzo; they had so much orzo and I declared it was an Orzo Orgy!

Let’s Break Bread (over someones head)

There might an egg shortage happening OUT THERE, but there’s a Bread War happening IN HERE. *Suz waves hands towards the kitchen*

We don’t have much use for bread in our house and generally I don’t buy it at all, but occasionally, I’ll keep a loaf of Dave’s bread in the fridge on the off-chance someone decides they could use it. (Like when I get a hankering for an egg Sammy) I specifically keep it in the fridge because it will last weeks without getting moldy.

My husband is 100% against bread in the fridge; says he doesn’t like the way it tastes. Which is weird because if I don’t even buy it, he never mentions the taste. Sassy much, Suzanne?

About six months ago, I bought a loaf and I let it sit on the counter after he filed another complaint about Fridge Bread.


One morning the coach came in from the gym rushed, he had to clean up and run to a meeting so he asked me to make him some eggs and a piece of toast while he showered. If you could have seen my EAR TO EAR GRIN when I opened up the Countertop Bread and it was moldy. Why must that bring me such satisfaction? Marriage. Marriage is the only reason.

This past week I purchased a loaf of Dave’s bread and I separated half of it to a ziplock bag and put it in the fridge for me. The other half went into the pantry drawer for him. (To get moldy, I can only assume)

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Are you on Team Fridge or Team Counter?


49 thoughts on “My Favorite App, Can We Stop Division In The Grocery Store & Who Will Win The Bread War?

    1. Team Freezer? That wasn’t an option, Deb! 😜
      I remember that back in the day we kept some bread in the freezer; somehow, I’ve chilled out a bit (pun intended) and moved to the fridge.

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  1. Bijoux

    I’ve never heard of that app, but I see how useful it could be. That’s bizarre about the missing orzo, but I had to go to four stores to find large pasta shells for stuffed shells. Do people not make those anymore?

    I also eat the same bread as you! I like its carb/fiber ratio. We are Team Freezer here, since only a few slices are used per week. They come right apart from the loaf for me and then a quick microwave.

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  2. I am not an app person usually because from a techie standpoint I might be 80 yrs old. BUT that app sounds useful.

    We go thru several loaves a week when all the fam is home. I have a bread drawer, and the bread lives there. When the bread is gone all the heels are in the almost empty bags that people are afraid to throw out. I toss like 10 empties when I notice but I DON’T EAT BREAD.

    I now have a loaf of GF bread in my freezer. If I have a bad-gut day, I take a few pieces out and YUM.

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    1. As busy as you are, you need the app. It’s a lifesaver because I rarely go anywhere without my phone and always have my lists with me.

      I imagine nothing does bad at your house. I mean, food wise. 😉


  3. Oh, I’m Team Counter all the way, baby. Coach is right — bread kept in the fridge tastes weird. So does bread kept in the freezer unless it is eaten within a couple of weeks of freezing, and is only okay if toasted. My solution is not to buy big loaves of bread at all but rather very small quantities of buns or bagels from the bulk bins. That way they can be eaten fairly quickly while they are still fresh or toasted if getting a little stale.

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  4. My bread is on the counter. I buy commercial (Home Pride or Sara Lee) wheat bread for Rick’s sandwiches; I don’t often eat bread at all.

    Being a regular consumer of sriracha, I’m surprised that your husband didn’t know about the big sriracha shortage. Huy Fong Foods halted production back in the summertime due to a lack of chili peppers caused by drought conditions for the last two years.

    The more you know!

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    1. Well, maybe he knew but didn’t tell me. I rarely know what’s happening outside of my circle; surprisingly, I DID know about the egg issues.

      Sometimes in my case, the more I know, the more I worry. 😉


  5. Maddie

    I did not think I could heart you more and then you wrote:
    “Marriage. Marriage is the only reason.”

    Suz you are so awesome, you know that?

    We don’t each much bread so we store it in the freezer (I just discovered this possibility and it was life changing!) But after your post I’m Team Fridge. Just cuz 😊

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      1. Oh my Cher!
        I’d watched Moonstruck four months ago, one of my favorite movies, but I’d completely forgotten about the eggs Mom made for her. Those are right up my egg-eating alley.


    1. HA! I also giggled when I wrote that part. See, I can make myself LOL!
      I’m happy to have more people on my Team.

      WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I was worried that you had fallen off the earth!


  6. We freeze half a loaf of every loaf of bread we buy. It stays fresh enough for us. I like the concept of a grocery app, but I try to never look at my cell phone when I’m shopping. I want to be into the moment not staring at my screen… again… still… The grocery is the one place I can be free from screens.

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  7. Because of my husband’s food weirdnesses, we literally never have bread. I’m trying to remember the last time we had some and…I can’t. I am Team Counter, though. I think cold bread is repulsive and bread that has been frozen and thawed has a weird texture. But when we used to buy bread, we would ALWAYS make French toast as a dinner and that would help us to make sure we could get through an entire bag before it went moldy.

    We have our lists divided by store, as well, but I am an Android and my husband is a Mac and so if I go to the store (and let’s be honest, I DO go to the store), I have to write out the list from my husband’s phone where we keep those lists and you’d think we would have a better system than this after a decade and a half of marriage. We do not.

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  8. We go through bread like it’s nobody’s business, but I have “special” bread for me. 🙂 Nobody likes the gluten-free stuff, and there’s no reason for any of THEM to avoid it, but again, I’m special, so….

    And yes, I keep it in the freezer and wrestle a few slices off when I need it.

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  9. I love your bread sass! And I am Team Not Moldy, so in this case that means fridge all the way, baby! However, I am very like your husband in that I always need a sauce or a condiment, preferably spicy.

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  10. I am 1000000% percent on your side here, Suz. #TeamFridgeBread
    For a long time we couldn’t get sriracha here because of the shortage, so I was rationing what was left in our fridge. Then, SOMEONE WONDERFUL AND KIND (who might be reading this and I’m not sure if she wants to be public about it but OMG SHE IS SO SWEET I ADORE HERE) actually sent me some! It was available in the States and wasn’t in Canada, and now I have been, as the Spice Girls say, spicing up my life.

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  11. I had to laugh about that app, Suz. Despite it being amazing, it only lasted about two days here. When he neglects to look at the phone for even text messages, there was zero chances that he would open the app. But we tried…and it’s working for you; so that’s a win!

    We are kinda bread people. I will go through phases where I will want a slice of bread with peanut butter in the morning to hold me over until lunch. But I refuse bread from the fridge or freezer because the texture is off. But we have been buying Arnold’s Whole Wheat bread and not only is this bread DELICIOUS it is miraculous in it’s staying power. Now, I’m not saying it will last a month or more – but it really doesn’t mold as quickly as other breads seem too.

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  12. I keep it in our pantry and it usually lasts a few weeks. Occasionally I throw away the last few pieces but usually we manage to eat it all. If a loaf lasts too long I usually make French toast with it and then put it in the freezer. I’ll definitely check out that app!

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  13. I’m not one for grocery shopping, but an orgy would at least make the experience a little more tolerable. There’d be quite the clean up on aisle four after, though.

    BTW, just keep the hot sauces/Sriracha in the cupboard or pantry. You can free up tons of refrigerator space that way. It’s perfectly safe and I’ve been doing it for years.

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  14. bibliomama2

    The way I CACKLED at your moldy bread schadenfreude – marriage, so funny.
    We are confirmed Luddites as far as grocery lists go – paper all the way. My son also loves sriracha, and I heard there was a supply issue but we’ve always been able to find it, along with sriracha mayo. Whenever our fridge is too full but there’s not a lot of actual food in there we always say we need to do a ‘sauce purge’.

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  15. M

    Ahhh…I have certainly missed your snark, Suz! I’m crawling out for the first time this year and all is right again! 🙂

    I can relate about the satisfaction showing how right we were to begin with….and rubbing their noses (just a tiny bit) in it! LOL

    Anyway, I am Team Counter. But you’re right that bread gets moldy quickly! In the summer, I reluctantly put the bread in the fridge after a day or 2 on the counter. I don’t know why it seems to taste fresher unrefrigerated but it’s probably just in my head. LOL

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    1. And I’ve certainly missed hearing from you!

      I agree it tastes better unrefrigerated, but I’ll give up a bit of flavor to avoid penicillin; I’m allergic!


  16. I am definitely Team Bread In The Fridge! It lasts sooooooo much longer. We, like you, don’t eat much bread on a regular basis. And the toaster bread from the toaster is superior to room temp bread so it’s a win-win in my opinion! I love that you call your husband the Condiment King because I call myself the Condiment Queen. We typically have more condiments than actual food in our refrigerator so I feel your pain.

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