Extra Large What? You Can Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, But I’d Rather Sleep

I took Peanut to have her hysterectomy spaying on Tuesday morning. I kind of knew I was pushing it on the timeline as she’s seven months now, but we been busy man!

The Nurse had the nerve to ask me:

Is her Vulva always that large?

Have you heard of a ruder question in your life?

I said “they’re like Snowflakes, no two are alike.”

Then she and I had a giggle. The nurse and me, Peanut found none of it entertaining.

I did notice the weekend prior some tiny red spots on our couch, but assumed she or Louie might have had a little cut on their paw. Since I’ve not had a puppy in many years, I didn’t notice the signs that the nurse shared that would indicate Peanut was in Heat.

  • Needy (she’s been clingy-er)
  • Nesting (she’s digging in blankets to get comfy)
  • Grouchy (she went all Gremlin on Louie a few times when he pissed her off)
  • Low Energy
  • Wants to run away from home
  • Doesn’t like female dogs
  • Wants the attention of males

My poor little hussy, Peanut.

Now that I think of it, I exhibit some of these signs; maybe I’m in Heat? If you see me wearing a crop-top and stilettos anytime soon, please call the authorities. Oh wait, my spaying is scheduled for 3/9, so I’ll be off the streets soon!

I’d Push Down A Puppy If It Meant I Could Take A Nap.

I noticed a few weeks back that mid-morning, even after having my regular two cups of coffee, that I was, and I’m not exaggerating, having a hard time keeping my eyelids in the open position. I started to wonder if our regular coffee beans had been sucked of the caffeine without my knowledge. Eventually, I started having THREE cups of Joe in the morning with an iced tea with lunch, but I was still dragging.

This tiredness continued each day even though I felt like I was getting my regular (not so great, but enough) sleep. Occasionally the sleepies hit me in the afternoon as well as mid morning. I started wondering if I was dying. Like, isn’t tiredness a sign of impending death?

It’s been about 9 months since I had bloodwork, but I wondered if perhaps my Vitamin B levels were low; Off to the Vitamin Shop I went. I purchased some sublingual B’s and immediately popped one under my tongue before a moment could pass, or before I fell asleep at the wheel as I was heading to the gym. It’s hard to workout when you really want to lay on a weight bench and catch some Z’s.

It’s too soon to tell if the extra Vitamin B is helping and I have bloodwork scheduled for next month, so hopefully I can hang on until then. Send thoughts and prayers.

**Call me Slow Suz, but it dawned on me after I started this post that I started taking Nutrafol (for thinning hair) a while ago; one of the ingredients is ashwagandha which can cause sleepiness. *smacks slow, tired hands to tired head*

I suppose my motto is ‘ingest things now, research later’.

I explained this to the Coach and he said, so you can either have hair or be awake.

I’d really like to have both.

I’ll start taking the hair supplements with dinner instead of breakfast and see if that helps; I’ll update you as I know you’ll not be able to think of anything aside from my hair and my tiredness.

Anyone else inadvertently take something to ruin your days?

Has your lady Dr. or Veternarian been as rude as Peanut’s nurse?

Signed, your tired AF friend, Suz


33 thoughts on “Extra Large What? You Can Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, But I’d Rather Sleep

  1. So basically all the women in your house are sleepy sluts who need spaying? Interesting…
    My energy level has below zero for two years now. I blame my hysterectomy and a bad knee. I don’t nap, but on many afternoons the couch is my best friend. On the plus side I’m ripping through my Goodreads annual book challenge in record time.

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  2. Bijoux

    How rude!!! But pardon my ignorance, as I’ve never had a pet . . . . Are you saying the blood on the couch was her having a period? I had no idea, nor ever considered it.

    Extreme tiredness is a sign of hypothyroidism. But bloodwork will show that. Hang in there!

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    1. Yes, female dogs in heat basically have a period, but they’re open for business!
      I’ve never had any issues with my thyroid, but I suppose that could be the case?


  3. I’m so grateful right now that Finnegan is a boy. That question. So funny. Trying to imagine anyone having an informed response . . . after looking around there regularly?

    I spent YEARS being incredibly tired. I used to bring a pillow and blanket in my car and would take a serious REM sleep in the parking lot, while the kids were at Irish dancing classes. That was compliments of undiagnosed celiac. Or I would arrive at work after a 25 minute drive and need to close my eyes in my car at 9 am before entering the building. Being tired is challenging. I’m better now but still welcome a glorious nap now and then. Good thing my work now includes nap time.

    I hope you figure out what is going on soon. And hoping it is something simple.

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  4. Poor Peanut. What a rude question.

    Our cat Zelda had bladder stones once. She had been to the vet about a month beforehand for a well kitty check and was given a clean bill of health. A different vet did the surgery than had done the well kitty examination and when she came out of surgery, she said, “she could stand to lose a few pounds – I had to use TWO layers of staples,” and I was mortified. My poor kitty was being weight shamed in her time of need! (She has since lost almost three pounds and wanders around the house crying pathetically for food for hours before mealtime because she’s hungry all the time.)

    So maybe veterinarians just have different ideas about bedside manner and diplomatic questioning?

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    1. That’s crazy! Poor Zelda; she’s hungry.
      Not to distract you from anything else, but have you had her Thyroid checked lately? If it’s out of whack, she might always feel hungry.


  5. Reading all of Peanut’s symptoms made me grateful to be in menopause.

    I’ve been exhausted as well. It could simply be exhaustion from life.  In addition to being a woman, society itself is exhausting.

    When I heard Ernie mention REM sleep, I wondered if you had an Apple Watch/Fitbit (I have no idea what it is called). But I know it can tell you everything about your sleep and give you an idea if your sleep is the cause of your fatigue?

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    1. You are correct, life can be tiring, but it beats the alternative.

      I do have an apple watch, and just a few weeks ago I decided to check my sleeping patterns. I get less than an hour of deep sleep a night; not sure if that is normal or not, but it made me realize I don’t need the data to tell me I’m a shitty sleeper. :0 I think this is how I’ve always slept though; so nothing new to make me extra sleepy during the day.

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  6. M

    OMG — how rude! LOL Poor Peanut!

    It must be the time of the year — because I’m also having a hard time staying awake these days. I unfortunately cannot nap (work calls!) but I found myself in bed by 8pm last night. 8pm!! I tried to watch a Seinfeld episode to see if I can find my 2nd wind, but I fell asleep. Thinning hair — yes, that’s me, too. I hope you find a way to have both energy and fuller hair! I’m interested to know if the Nutrafol works for you!

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    1. 8 pm is early, but your body and brain apparently need extra sleep, so why fight it?
      I will certainly keep people posted on the Nutrafol; I have high hopes, but I also expect I might be disappointed. Does that make sense? :0


  7. bibliomama2

    Yeah, hair or awakeness is NOT A FAIR CHOICE. I have had insane levels of dry mouth lately, like sometimes I feel like I can barely talk or swallow, and even though it’s winter and there’s no moisture in the city I was kind of worried that maybe I was diabetic or something (even though I had no other symptoms). Then I realized that like four out of the five medications I’m currently taking have mouth dryness as a side effect. So yeah, I’m with you on ingest now and research later – perimenopause makes you dumb, it’s not our fault!

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  8. Poor Peanut and Poor You. It’s not fun to deal with being a lady person sometimes. . . but at least we don’t have to kill the roaches or clean up the pet poop (in my house that is). It was a good suggestion to request a complete blood panel from your doctor. Thinning hair and extreme tiredness is a common symptom of hypothyroidism. Also iron deficiency anemia can cause tiredness, so also request a hemoglobin test. Your fans want both you and Peanut to be feeling good.

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    1. Eileen, for years I wanted to blame so many symptoms on my thyroid; weight gain, tiredness, etc…but generally, my thyroid levels always look good. (it was an issue for my Mom)
      But I will ensure we recheck them this time, just in case. Also, my blood count. Thank you so much for caring!


  9. SUZ WHY ARE WE TWINS! I am taking Nutrafol too. I haven’t noticed any tiredness though, but I’ve been taking mine at noon. I don’t know why. I started in November and I have really noticed a huge difference. My hair fall is so much less and it really does feel like it’s working. Ooooh I want to talk to you about this!

    Lol, poor Peanut and her enlarged vulva. Is that what we would call vulva shaming? Not cool, vet! So I was in the OFFLEASH park (that part is important) and Rex was running around like the maniac he is. Anyway, there was a guy there with a dog on leash and he asked me to call Rex back. It took me a minute to grab him, meanwhile he’s yelling at Rex, who is running in circles around him. I get Rex and leash him (DID I MENTION IT’S AN OFFLEASH) and the guy tells me that his dog is in heat, and so I need to keep my nasty male dog away from her. a) Rex is neutered, b) IT’S AN OFFLEASH, c) why would you take your dog who is in heat to an offleash??? I am VENTING.

    If you’re in your crop top and stilettos, I’m calling Coach.

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that you are having good results with Nutrafol. I think it said I’d not notice anything for at least three months. Right? I’m on my second bottle, and I do notice less shedding. (really don’t attribute the tiredness to it, since that just started) I also, at the same time started using Zenegen Shampoo on the advice of my hairdresser; it’s for thinning hair. So I’ll not be sure which one (or the combo) is really helping me. Have you heard of that?

      I can not believe the dude at the dog park. What an asshat! You don’t take a dog in heat out and then chastise all the males in the park!


  10. Extreme fatigue is a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency, but you live in The Sunshine State, so…probably not.

    Gosh, I wish I could nap. I’ve never been able to. Ever. It was always so annoying when people would say, “Nap when your baby naps so that you can get some rest.” Yeah, right.

    My cats are always fat-shamed at the vet. They’ve been on diet food unsuccessfully for 12 years. Sigh.

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    1. I can’t imagine my Vitamin D being low, (I’m outside every day) but I suppose my blood work will surely tell us.

      I’m not a great napper unless I’m really sick. I am really good at sitting still for about 20 minutes with my eyes closed and kind of reviving myself.

      I think most cats are just supposed to be chunky. Maybe they have big bones? 🙂


  11. You can either have hair or be awake.

    You know these are the adult decisions no one prepares you for. It’s a wtf situation. Of course you want both, yet… life has thrown an odd conundrum your way. Maybe you should sleep on it. 😁


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