Not Exactly A Heart Of Glass, VD Stuff & Loving Time With My People While Doing Good.

Back in the day, I decorated for almost every holiday. The last few years I was SuziSlacksALot. But this year, I went all out with a tablescape for VD.

And by All Out, I mean one little tray on the dining room table and a few odds and ends. Sunday morning I saw Peanut chewing on something and I assumed it was one of the 327 toys that she has at her disposal, but then I noted it was shiny and NOT a chew toy. That B*TCH! She climbed up on a chair and helped herself to whatever her heart desired…and her heart desired my sparkly heart!

SPOILER ALERT: It turns out that the interior of my heart is just plastic. 🤣

This is a vintage piece of artwork (the heart spins) made by Lolo about…hmmm...I have no idea how many years ago, but she signed it in childlike chicken scratch, so I’ll guess it was 22 years ago?

My sweet Lindsay gifted me with these adorable kitchen towels. She didn’t even know that I often refer to Peanut as Peanut Butter! How sweet is that?

On Friday night I shared one of the best nights of my year with Lindsay and Coach; they volunteered with me for Tim Tebow’s Night To Shine. (this is my fifth year) I knew they would both love it; we had such a good time. We were in charge of organizing the guests into the Limo’s and party buses as they traveled from one area of the Church property where they were staged to where the actual prom was held. Coach was great as a Hype Man…getting the guests pumped up about their night as they patiently waited for their transportation turn.

It was a lovely way to spend our Friday night, made more so by dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a well deserved cocktail after our roles were finished.

How was your weekend? Do you decorate for Valentines Day? Are your surprised that my heart is actually plastic?


30 thoughts on “Not Exactly A Heart Of Glass, VD Stuff & Loving Time With My People While Doing Good.

  1. Like you, I used to decorate everything that stood still for every holiday except Presidents Day… sorry Mr.Lincoln. But over the years VD and St. Patrick’s Day were dropped. Then the Easter Bunny went AWOL. Now the goblins and turkeys have been retired as well. Christmas is the only season I make an effort for now, and that’s only if we’re not traveling.
    Depressing. But so is my menopausal energy level.
    Love the kitchen towel. And Peanut… even if she does chew your heart out.

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    1. I can only blame myself, I inadvertently left a dining chair pulled out, and Miss Squatty hopped on the chair and then the table. Lesson learned.

      She’s a girl, so she’s attracted to Shiny objects. 😉😜


  2. Bijoux

    I have a long side table in the family room that hosts my holiday decor. I have about the same amount as you. We are going out to a fancy restaurant this Friday night. I figured it might be less crowded after the holiday, but who knows!?

    One of my friends volunteers for the Tim Tebow night every year and loves it. I enjoy seeing her photos of the event on Facebook. I know my limits, so I don’t volunteer, as I’d be crying the entire time. I salute you and yours!

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  3. I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day, but I do send out A LOT of snail mail cards to all my peeps, wishing them a happy day. Wishing you a lovely day and that Peanut behaves herself with your decor!

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  4. That towel is so perfect – those dogs. When my youngest brother used to walk in the kitchen when he woke up with his curly hair sticking straight up, my dad would holler Peanut BUTTER! Lots of emphasis on the butter. No idea why. This reminded me of that.

    What a great cause. I’ve never heard of it. I imagine that was a great time. Your heart is solid gold, don’t let anyone tell you different.

    I’ve thought of lining up all of the things I’ve saved that Finn has chewed and writing a post on them. It would not all fit in one photo. Peanut, you little stinker.

    Oh, and HELL NO – I decorated for Halloween a few times when the kids were young. Christmas – yes, but only because of social pressure. Nothing else ever. Insert the GIF of that woman saying AIN’T NO ONE GOT TIME FOR THAT.

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    1. Laughing at the Peanut BUTTER comment by your dad. So funny.
      Thank you for my solid gold heart comment. 🙂
      Finn….he’s a chewer! They do that when they get bored too, so *someone* needs to take him on more walks/runs. And that someone isn’t you.


    I love that candle with the sweet heart candy-like things on it. How cute is that. I don’t decorate for Valentines, although now I’m wondering why not? The community centre where I teach was all decorated yesterday because there’s a senior’s Valentine event today, complete with “punch and dancing” in the middle of the afternoon. MY PEOPLE. I would love a dance in the middle of the afternoon. Something to look forward to in my golden years.
    I love your Friday night. That sounds wonderful.

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    1. That sweetheart candle is vintage too; I think my MIL gave it to me when the kids were teeny, tiny.
      Dancing in the middle of the day with punch and friends sounds just lovely! Sign me up too.


  6. M

    We don’t do Valentine’s Day here, either. We have many birthdays in the month, including one the day before Valentine’s Day, so we are celebrated out! LOL I would like to be able to decorate even just a little — like a few throw pillow or something. Your table inspires me even more so maybe next year! (Would you please remind me a few weeks before? LOL)

    That’s a very worthy cause you guys supported/took part in last weekend! I can’t even imagine how happy you made these people and their families!

    Ohhh, Peanut!! I wonder if she learned her lesson that many women learn — not all things that are sparkly are worth having! Ha!

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